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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sunday April 15, 2018

Liz Crokin on YouTube 

John Kerry, Assad and a motorcycle ride in 2013,  sounds about right

North Carolina - tarantula burgers  WHAT:????????

Someone needs a diaper change, 

Warning all women

Make up found to contain feces  beyond belief

 Republican National Committee pledging $250 Million to preserve house majority

London, you can't get "knives" to cut your food before passing a background check in a restaurant   OMG

Morocco - elephant lifts a rock and it hits a 7 year old, and it killed her, 

Somewhere wall is going up 

Rockefeller created feminism to enslave humanity

Overprescribed in USA antibiotics

Annonymous warning us not to download or post the Hillary video and recent pedogate

if there was any tape Edited screen shots would have been transferred... I warn you DO NOT download anything, you are going to get yourselves in trouble! Please RT

Liz Crokin - worked in the Whitehouse when she was 21

Liz Crokin on Jay Z  (Beyonce)  Very deep state

South Africa Attack - senseless,  leaves pregnant woman alone w/ small children that saw these men murder their father

Wikileaks emails show that Hillary colluded w/ Facebook during election

Indian Tribe refusing to let National Guard there to block illegals,  high drug trafficking location at the border?


The news now is that many are into watching rapes in the deep state, and there have been some people that have busted up these sites, including some w/ Jack on twitter that reveal that they watch rapes and sick abuses and suffering

They are at the core of the sickest people in the ring, and those people still want to continue to have this operation going.  That is why it's getting more tough to even report any of this stuff, and that's why Annonymous is trying to warn us not to download or report on it,  I won't be able to be posting any of that stuff on this blog,

Syrian army

Obama - Facebook  Obama harvested over 100 million users data

Paul Ryan

Catholic Church attendance lowest in decades

CNN manipulating the narrative after the raids,  this is how they make people put illegals before anything, they don't talk about the fact that none of these people belong here, and that taxes pay for all of this,  it's 100% reversed narrative

How Trump gest to bypass congress for the safety of the nation

Tim Eustace NJ Democrat just stepped down

Trump lashes out at Comey before book release & he should, Comey and McCabe are disgusting

Hidden Emails -  Jason Chaffetz can't get emails from Hillary who sent them on unsecured server, WOW

 Human Trafficking Map

The Hillary Huma tape is called Frazzle.Rip  and that is the one I won't be able to post, way too dangerous.  I would recommend that anyone also not download it or view it, they are tracking everyone that does view this video.  Unless they ever made it public, do not download or go into files that contain this info.

From Q and Anonymous

 Syria and organ harvesting - sick

Senator Warren gearing up for re-election, raising millions in small donations

Apple Home Pod for music not doing well,  so glad people are not buying this item, my guess is it would surveil people as other products do

Trying to colonize Mars now, as escape route in case of WW3
Elon Musk

Tarmac - Periscope

Tracy Beanz - Hidden in the IG Report 

Wix Isaac Green not working for him

Try to remember, the immunity deal got yanked

James woods asks for anyone to show photos of Obama at Columbia,

US Plan leaked to start ww3 w/ Syria

 Q Drops a bombshell,  Bill promised Loretta Ruth Ginsbergs Supreme Court job, if she did not prosecute Hillary,  Comey would become AG

HRC elected Ginsberg out 
Loretta moves to S court 
Comey moves to AG 
McCabe moves to top FBI

Holy cow! Q appears to be saying Antonin Scalia's murder was a Clown Black op authorized by Brennan! When Q says "We made sure a reporter was there to capture." I am assuming it is in reference to the tarmac meeting where LL was promised RBG's SC seat.


Alan Dershowitz and Tucker talk about Comey

Comey interview violates code for FBI 

Deleted Tweet 

Patriots Day

 Loretta Lynch Statement about Comey

Jack Posobiec w/ great ridicule of Comey Interview

Press Secretary on Comey disgrace

Comey PERJURY over wiretapping Trump

Comey did try to blackmail Trump 

Dangerous under Trump LOL no dangerous under Hillary

Gowdy on Comey interview 

Comey's wife, - wanted a woman president 

Comey interview - on Hillary and his book

13 most outrageous statements by Comey 
 Some Comey supporters actually think he was an FBI agent at some point before being named director - He was not. He's been a lawyer in and out of government for most of his career, and ironically, he may find himself barred for lying and leaking as FBI Director.

Comey Hillary video on emails - too funny  made in 2016, 

Treason must be punished 

Comey wants Trump voted out by the people, not impeached,  LOL
AT&T Bond Bubble way too much money,

WOW, so sad and disgusting  Bill Clinton on the street w/ his pants unzipped

Both Comey & Mueller ignored sexual abuse in alarming rate
December 2017 article 

WOW, Strzok's wife promoted hours after they found the evidence on Weiner's laptop

Iran deal being undone - Q

Soros targeting District Attorney's to cause havoc in mid terms 

Clooney & Amal in trouble for building code violations

The Deep State runs so deep, that it will take tribunals

 WOOW  Judicial Watch  Mueller purged terrorism material "offensive to muslims"  WHAT that's who the terrorists are

Tracy Beanz - Loretta Lynch 

 The Swamp in 1 short video

Past Proves Future  
Australia and U.K. Coordinated with to spy on with 5 eyes. Including the domestic spying excuse with the fake dossier.

half a million in cash seized

Huma Hillary and a child being raped, tape has drop

FBI - body of woman was fake, her body parts were sold, 

Pelosi claims Mueller fired by Trump,  she sends this in an email asking for donations

Saturday April 14, 2018

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