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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Saturday May 12, 2018

YouTube suspends pro life videos

McCain confesses that Obama called him to thank him for voting against Obamacare

Whitehouse Week

President Trump protecting tax dollars

President Trump to lower drug prices

President Trump on the Whitehouse lawn about American Patients First 

Chuck Grassley tells justices to retire soon

Possible ID - Spy Embedded In Trump campaign of course connected to Hillary 

 Sara Palin responding to McCain putting her down 

UN Speaker - each of us began as an embryo

Fake news that Pamela Anderson poisons Julian with a vegan sandwich

N. Korea dismantles nuclear test site 

UN Nuclear Inspector resigns 

Gina Haspel destroyed tapes of torture 

Praying they take away the Obama pension 

 Comey led people to believe that Mike Flynn would not be charged

US moves to cut Iran off from Global economy

The Deep State targets Nunes

Beyond fathom murderer

Iran is threatening to go public w/ names of those kickbacks paid, this is how Obama worked, they caved to blackmail and extortion 

 John Kerry met May 4 in w/ Iran leaders 

Jason Osborne sees John Kerry in Paris France meeting w/ Iranians 

Candace Owens on paying illegal benefits

Julian Assange's address in Ecuador Embassy
 Flat 3B, 3 Hans Cres, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 0LS, UK

Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday May 11, 2018

Obama's gun running

Stormy Daniels attorney still vague about who is paying legal fees

Stormy Arrested 

Oxford groomers being jailed

Ruebick's cubes being solved while juggling

California judges try to remove 2nd amendment 

Even CNN admitting blue states are losing ground 

Comey's troubles worse than expected

Pamela Anderson asks Kayne West to help Julian

Pimps sentenced to 26 years in prison 

Ex Congressman 3rd conviction 

France & Iran agree to business deal

 Wikileaks now banned from visitors and phone calls

Sara Palin praises Wikileaks

Donald Trump tries to lower drug prices

Trump's accomplishments in the deep state

Where is Awan, he was found guilty

Minister blesses planned parenthood, what????

2020 Slogan - Keep America Great

Woman arrested for sending 65,000 texts after a first date

US imposes sanctions on Iran 

WHo is Q ????

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Sebastian Gorka on prisoner release

Prisoner release at 3:00 am

3 Branches of Government

Health Ranger
USA - most unhealthy country

Cambridge Analytica shutting down now 

Hillary biggest loser of all time 

 Q posts 5.5 = prisoner release time 

 CIA officer charged w/ espionage 

Ex CIA Officer charged w/ selling secrets to China

German Journalist dies - Whistleblower

Israel strikes Iranian infastructure

Melborne Austrialia - get life for doping horse

Explosive secrets about Mitch McConnell

Rape at Chris Brown's house

Child labor laws being lightened for 17 and 18 year olds on certain jobs

Chuck Schumer so jealous of Trump

Germany feeling the hit of Trump bringing back law and order and not accepting blackmail

Georgia candidate will round up illegals w/ his own truck

Democrats so desperate they want to lower the voting age to 16

The democrats push to end the electoral college, Connecticut is one of the 10 states on board

Mike Pence - Mueller investigation, time to wrap it up

Judicial Watch getting more Tarmac information

Treasury inspector general suspected of leaking Michael Cohen's private bank records

John Kerry confesses

Sara Huckabee slamming the traitors !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Democrats losing points badly

Cynthia Nixon -NY

Iranians tweeting thousands of thank yous to Trump on twitter

GOP lawmaker wants a law to have post offices put up Trump and Pence photos

20 California cities oppose sanctuary laws

Jobless claims at 48 year low - WOW

Hillary claims 10's of millions have not moved on from 2016 election

Emails show Comey conspired w/ Mueller

Hillary on the view  OMG

UK proposes 6 year prison sentence for posts against religion (muslim) or gender

Wikileaks posting Obama speech about hiding things

Kevin Kamenetz Candidate for Maryland Governor dies

Boy Scouts lose close to 1/2 million after changing name to Scouts

Obama president legacy should be destroyed

Trump's tweet of 2016 about being there for people

Investigating Stormy Daniels Attorney 

Obama Legacy


ProTrump signs in Jerusalem

Cop choking victim at Waffle house - kid took his sister to prom

Federal courts have no accountability

Communication shutout

Comey & Mueller

1/2 of Americans live in sanctuary cities

Kim Dot Com - Hillary got another $5.5 from NZ

Disney loses $100 million on movie taking out Christianity

Misdirected mail

Nurse charged in killing McMaster's father

Stormy Daniel's attorney - unknown who is paying legal fees

Q - now comes death

Wetzel pretzels complaining about $15.00 an hour for employee pay

Rod Rosenstein has to back down

Lawyer fighting Facebook

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wednesday May 9, 2018

Kangaroo Rat, not extinct

NXIVM hacked Hillary

IRAN threatens to continue

IRAN sets American flag on fire after we pull out of IRAN deal

Russian who paid Michael Cohen tied to Clinton's and Podesta


Hillary wearing a bullet proof vest

Liz Crokin response to Obama objection to removing ourselves from Iran deal

Schneiderman STOPPED the investigation into NXIVM

Stormy Daniels Lawyer accuses the wrong Michael Cohen

Stormy Atty

FBI probing Stormy Daniels atty for how he got Michael Cohen's banking info 

Deep State don't play

IG opens probe on how Atty got private banking info

Stormy Daniels - 2010 tweets of her being "branded"

Drug Trafficking & Pedo ring  - April La June

Howard Rubin  - George Soros Right hand man arrested for raping Playboy bunnies

Devin Nunes calling for John Kerry arrest

Monica Lewinsky 

CIA Nominee won't use torture tactics again

Senators trying to restore net nuetrality

Macaulay Culkin - satanic cult

Europe can't keep Iran deal alive

Google bans pro life ads ahead of Ireland voting for abortions

Mueller's secret source

Former retired operatives being called back to duty

Trump fun video talking heads remake LOL

CIA director hearing questions

Santa Clarita bows out of Sanctuary law in CA

Weapons being created in China and Russia

In Finland, they allow for child rape and don't call it rape - wow, sex w/ kids as young as 10

Widow arrested for having her husband murdered 17 years ago

Silicon Valley CEO arrested for child rape

American Prisoners being returned from N. Korea in good health

Trump going to meet the freed Americans

Trump praising Candace Owens

Devin Nunes & Trey Gowdy going to DOJ

DOJ  Sessions concedes before impeachment

Melania Speech to Military Mothers - Wow


ISIS Terrorist gets 17 years for stabbing NY FBI agent

Police brutality - choking a teen in prom tux?????

Press Secretary to MSM - be accurate

McCain Confession

7 States to sue to end DACA

1 Year ago - Comey Fired

Georgia murder suspect caught after 22 years on the run

Did Michael Cohen try to profit of his inside knowledge of Trump?

Kick out MSM

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Tuesday March 8, 2018

Sean Hannity

Truthers awakened on the 9/11 lie

Stormy Daniels had sex w/ 1000 guys, OUCH

Associated Press tries to cover up Clinton's ties to the sex cult but Allison Mack is naming names

Tucker Carlson on Mueller probe

Muslims in Spain mad that a girl wore shorts

Parkland Shooter - they lied about him

Trump tweeted in 2013 about Eric Schneiderman

Trump seeking drug test for Schneiderman in 2014, wow

Victims urged to keep quiet to protect Schneiderman

Trump in 2014 about Eric Schneiderman's eye liner

Schneiderman bypasssed law to disclose foreign donors

NY AG Accused of abusing 4 women

Eric Schneiderman wore eye liner & role played  - so sick

People knew about the freak show w/ Schneiderman, and put it out on Twitter

Manhattan DA opens probe on Schneiderman

Schneiderman was deep state coup to take down Trump

Netanyahu thanks Trump

Frivilous lawsuit filed against Ben Carson for ending an Obama era scam

Person of Interest murdered

Hillary in Auckland New Zealand

Chelsea Manning - open borders, no jails, Maryland Senate big

Pedestrian Deaths

Rosie O'Donnell and Dinesh - Campaign contributions can't donate too much


Ted Cruz tweet

At least 4 countries host nuclear material still

Cash for Clunkers money went to ISIS

Trump ends Obama's era of appeasement

Iran Nuclear deal, going to expire, democrats are in a panic

Return the peace prize

Jeff Flake opposed the Iran deal back in 2015, but now that Trump ended it, changes his tune

1 Million pounds of unused drugs returned on Drug takeback day

Melania announces Be Best campaing for bullying and opioids

Waffle house hero raised $227 thousands for the victims

Hawaii Volcanos

Trump withdrawing from Nuclear Deal

Heads exploding as Trump undoes Obama legacy

Obama statement

Hillary Statement

Turkey Threatens Trump over ended deal,

Tylenol can kill you, article from 2013

New Hampshire 4th state to require work for medicaid

Travel ban will not effect world cup

Villifying People Who Report Suspicious behavior is a dangerous game, they do target people that try to call and warn people

NRA meeting - highest attendance record

Judicial watch - fighting Mueller team 24/7

Pence calls for sanctions on Venezuela

Jim Acosta tweeted the truth,

Nunes fighting Sessions

Nunes wants John Kerry Arrested

Melania Be Best Project

Michael Cohen - issues over the payments to Stormy Daniels

Mike Pence's Brother wins seat in primary

Iran Sanctions listed here

Calif AG arrested for child porn

New Q

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Monday May 7, 2018

Dentists are dangerous, mercury levels etc  wow

Diamond and Silk spoke at the NRA

CIA nominee offered to withdraw over the pressure of her past

Stormy Daniels attorney -

SOL  - Stormy Daniels video  LOL

SOL Trump Success

Q is gone

Rudy Guiliiani on John Kerry

1500 Bikers have arrived in Washington

Pentagon and the missing trillions

Taking down NXIVM

Nancy Pelosi protecting child molester

Stormy Daniels store - trash 

 Schneiderman - made me call him master

4 more people acuse the AG of abuse  WOW

Eric Scheiderman resigns 

Official statement from Scheiderman 

New Zealand - No Extradition

ICE Extradicts Mexican nationals in sex trafficking ring 

Kerry confesses, to dealing w/ Iran behind Trump's back

Federal judges who bully 


ACLU uncovers evidence of tampering w/ Israelie election results

Antifa and BLM leader found guilty of rape

Sunday May 6, 2018

Resignation List keeps growing
notable resignations

U2 is for Abortion, fans are so sad

Finland says migrant rape of a 10 year old is not rape 

Georgia Pedogate - huge

SGT Report on shipping live people in art shows, sick pedogate 

Devin Nunes calls for the arrest of John Kerry

John Kerry - top in the illuminati chain 

John Kerry

ICE arrests man in Maryland crash that kills FBI officer

Pope Francis now trying to tweet out Christian beliefs, but do not fall for it, he's a false prophet

Pedogate honor for Lisa Ling = still equals pedos

Schwarzenegger received Putin terminator tshirt from Russia

American Intelligence
Stolen From Americans

400 Hillary Emails are punishable by death

Grand Paris Race Canceled over migrants blocking the route

Paris turning a park into a muslim shelter

Mounting Pressure on Mueller to end his fake witch hunt

Study on Fake News

Stormy Daniels payment not likely illegal says former FCC chair

Sharia Law in Michigan

Fired Baker under investigation for leaking classified information

London March for Free Speech - Wow

Truth Factory Cat

Hawaii Volcano

Google like Twitter, trying to implement European law, but operated out of USA

Amazon blocking Christians

Trump's Popularity is so great, now they are rigging the actual polls

57,000 Hondurans will be deported in 2020 

Trump - No more games we need a wall

House intel report - no deception by Flynn

Hillary fundraising in New Zealand

Hillary and Secret Service  - read the comments, no one wants to go near her 

Devin Nunes on Sunday

DOJ response to Nunes, stonewalling needed documents