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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Eve Sunday December 24, 2017

Massive Law & Order Changes - Trump & Sessions

WATCH  IMPORTANT  Disney Arrests


Executive Order on Human Rights Abuses

Important Red & Watch All Of These - HUGE 
Whitehouse.Gov - Executive Order

Link to Law


Great video to watch on the executive orders

Now trying to wiggle out of the trail once caught

President Trump & Melania spoke directly to children for Christmas, this is priceless

Police in SF Calif save a terror attack on Pier 39

UN - Christmas Present  Trump & Nicki Haley Cut UN Budget by $285M

Mike Huckabee on the Naughty List

The House of Cards Falls

Jeff Sessions investigating Uranium One, can take down Hillary

Sex Trafficking is a 1 Billion dollar a year industry in the USA  and that does not include the abortions & selling body parts

HUGE Watch
Disney Arrests - Sex Trafficking & Massive Arrests


Trump calls Comey Leakin Comey LOL

Ooops, their answers don't match

Andrew McCabe ordered the Seth Rich file sealed

Steve Bannon On Ivanka

Facebook - Dangerous

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories that are true

Floride is so dangerous for us

Obama Banned

Q QAnon Identified?  David Seaman

Great Article on Rosie O'Donnel & past Trump interviews on her vile behavior

A Happy Birthday to General Flynn

Jerry Brown Pardons illegals about to be deported

France under sharia Law

Iraq Chistians raise a 30 foot Christmas Tree - This is HUGE

Grown Up Christmas Wish List


Twitter Deletes Julian Asssange's Twitter Account

Julian's lawyers offices broken into

Julian's second account was suspended, but I'm getting word it might have been planned,
still checking

Julian Assange Update - Crypto kitties arrive before Christmas

True Pundit link on Julian Assange

Updates on Julian some codes

Trump saying keep tweeting

Twitter feed QANON

Perhaps there is a plan, there is no better way to wake up the deep state than to alter their plans

Wikileaks Task force tweet

UK news

Update on Julian & Threats on Trump

Q Wants us to stop tweeting w/ trolls

Could this be Julian, he should not need a new account, but this could be him

No, any new accounts are not Julian

Hillary no longer recalls threatening to drone strike Julian Assange

Hooded men went after Julian's Lawyer's office

Navy Tweeted Julian Assange's name & they deleted the tweet

Julian's account seems to be restored, still not sure

Twitter took Julian Assange off Trending, even though it's still trending

Q QAnon update & Julian Assange

Julian Assange Deep State Files

Q & QANON Julian Assange

Charlotte Assange  - Niece of Julian

My tweets to Charlotte

The Most Dangerous Job is to know what the government is up to - Julian Assange


Facebook also weaponizing

Mexico - 6 murdered infants found near a bridge, no one knows why

Judge Allows For Refugees to Be W/ Families - Chain Migration - ruled right before Christmas
but after Executive Order  65 page ruling

DC Arrest -

Billion Dollar Baby Fraud - Caught

Virginia 2 deputies shot during house call

Sound Of Music Actress Dies at age 68

YouTube Embezzlement Resume Exhibit 1 Federal Court NH





Motion To Protect Sources, 
Compensation for them,
Compensation for Julian Assange

Motion for Payment of Earning From YouTube


YouTube Channel started in 2012

My YouTube Channel started in 2012 w/ an  anti-bullying video

They have frozen this viewer count since I put it up on Youtube and embezzled all of the monetization from that video and thousands of others.

I started other channels, & they embezzled the revenue from those channels also, and froze the viewer counts to make the channels look as though millions of people did not see or view these videos or channels.

In more than 5 years on Youtube, they have only paid me $3,569.43, which amounts to pennies a day and they embezzled the rest.  In fact, they have cyber stalked inside my account every day since I started it, and manually go in & tamper w/ analytics, and delete comments and views on every single upload, and they have never ceased.  They used my videos to earn revenue from advertisers, & not pay me enough to live.   When they started embezzling, they were giving me $30 a month and stealing $90% of what I earned, plus their own portion.

Eric Schmidt had to step down & that video went up on 12/22/17 and in retaliation, now they are attempting to give my account a strike, for lawful content.

I tried for years to work this out, & get them to stop, they only got meaner & more retaliatory.  In fact, they received their lawsuit on 12/21/17, and on 12/23/17, they invented a false "strike" as retaliation on a video that has been up since about 2015 and does not violate a single part of Community Guidelines.

YouTube also tampered with one of my videos a while back they tried to state that I had used copyright infringement, when I did not.  In fact, they went in and deleted my own content of myself on this video, with a link to another video, and put the video up themselves.  I do not and did not know how to insert anyone else's video into an upload, so they tampered w/ my video to make it look as though I uploaded someone else's content.

Then they wrote me a note saying it was not copyright but they are trying to target an account that is in perfect standing and always has been.

They had to erase the copyright status since I have never copied any content from anyone, I just put links inside my videos.

When I started leaving my healing videos, and Toxic Moms and Toxic People were the most popular and viewed videos that I had up, YouTube froze those view counts, and manipulated the video popularity, even though millions of people have healed & watched those videos and others that had to do w/ healing.

YouTube has erased views from all of my videos, and left some w/ counts of less than 25 views, to "hide" them on the internet.  And in the meantime, they embezzled all of the revenue

YouTube then decided that a video about California, and then next, one about a bean bag chair, were the most viewed videos on my channel, when they are not.

In fact, they are not even close.

YouTube Manually tampers w/ my content and prevents videos from millions of views per video, which they actually have, and in this lawsuit that was delivered, they are going to have to fix this & show discovery on what they have done in terms of crimes.  They stole all of the advertiser revenue, and want now to not only get out of criminal consequences, but financial restitution and civil damages.

YouTube has totally frozen the video counts, and then destroyed all of the comments since they are attached to views.

On my second channel, they have frozen the counts also, and embezzled all of that revenue

They expect people to believe that 305 subscribers stay on a channel, that don't watch any videos, on a website that is about watching videos.

Just so people can get a grasp of who ludicrous this is, in 2015, when I started posting both political and healing videos, these other channels did the same thing, and they expect people to believe that people grow on those channels, they gain more subscribers, and have more people watch, but me, doing the same thing, does not have that growth.

Next News Network and Dick Morris  MLord & God

Dick Morris

MLord & God


William Mount

David  Zublick

Destroying the Illusion

Stars & Stripes had to make a new channel after they shut down his other one

He and others have my permission to use my videos 

James Munder & His channel  - video about Eric Schmidt  -fine, & look how many views

That was all I knew about when I started in politics, and then I learned about Wikileaks etc.  So my viewership went way up, and of course YouTube, part of the left, started attacking my channel, and deleting content.  And as I got more and more viewers, and people started reposting my content, YouTube even deleted channels that were reporting the truth, and also deleting and freezing video counts.

When I got news that Obama had been arrested, they tried to destroy that video and wherever it was used lawfully w/ my permission on other accounts.  On one account, it received over 1 million views, but they deleted all of the views and keep that frozen.

It is now getting more views again, but for a while they kept it at 60,000 views.  It actually has several million views by now, but YouTube deletes the views

YouTube froze my video count on my channel w/ this same video and embezzled all of the revenue

YouTube has tampered w/ truth, & election results and everyone's right to truth.  They have deleted many channels, and embezzled from millions of subscribers, and are as evil as they can be, and they use their website as a weapon, not a source of freedom and information.

They "target" everyone that is lawfully operating a channel like I am, with a preference to content that is of their own political views, and they dangle "monetization" as bait and a tactic, when it's actually money we earn

They started harassing all channels during the election, and have deleted videos that they have no lawful right to delete, and they have allowed content that is dangerous, sinister, sexual, predatory, and sites that spew hatred.

I tried to for more than 2 years, and a petition, to get YouTube to cease and desist their vile misconduct, censoring, hacking, embezzlement, and freezing my account and its popularity, and they ignored even the DOJ when a civil complaint was filed in 2016.  They never responded at all.

Now there are over 1,600 signatures on this petition, and at any time, any of them can settle this petition into victory and have it closed down, but all of them are too criminal to even begin to end their crimes, and be lawful.  They fight until they are forced out, and some are arrested.

YouTube has operated without any regards to laws, or criminal statutes at all.  Thus, the reason that Eric Schmidt was one of the first to have to step down.

YouTube does not operate w/ ration, or law and order.  If they retaliate and go further w/ their harassment, they are going to be charged & guilty of more crimes, still owe me criminal restitution and civil damages and my case is going to determine what happens to everyone else.  Fear of me is based on my ability to defend myself against their crimes.

YouTube should not be a criminal enterprise, but they operate as such, and weaponize their channel to go after law abiding users, and citizens and they cannot.  They have no lawful basis for this, other than the lawsuit they forced me to file after criminally embezzling, leaving me without a means to live when I earned the money, does not give them license to launch a false retaliatory attack and invent false strikes, delete videos, and continue to stalk me on my channel.

They have no resolve to ever cease or remedy an issue, and I am a fixer by nature.  They refused all efforts made to this point, and still no one, not a single person at YouTube, or Google, can say, yes, we messed up, here are your millions of views we hid, and here's some compensation, and from now on, you will earn your lawful monetization, every month like every other channel.

When people steal your money, there can be no closure, and YouTube is not about closure, it's about crimes and theft for their own "elite" needs.

These channels started way after I did, do the same thing, and it defies logic that there views and subscribers go up and are far more accurate than mine are.  But YouTube would have anyone believe that I don't get views, or subscribers, but they have about 10,000 comments about people's comments disappearing with the views they erase.

and YouTube lawyers are criminals and cowards, with rap sheets as long as can be, & they fear a person like me, that is telling the truth about their crimes.

YouTube wants people to believe what they show, and not what is real.

They FEAR me, since I know what I am doing and saying, and they have abused me, my channel and many others, while enriching themselves to a point of high crimes.

Tracy Beanz does what I do, they are kinder to her subscription level and video views, I have no idea if they hide her actual numbers like they do to me.

This channel does the same thing & I often reference it

End Times Prophecy

Everyone knows who I am, they know my truth, and I am believed.

and my video was posted here also, and this bothers Youtube, when they don't get to control the agenda

I have a right to operate my channel, earn monetization, and not be harassed and stalked by YouTube and Google.

I will take power of attorney over any channel they delete and protect mine.

YouTube is not able to weaponize the internet, and destroy free speech, or harm any of us from erasing our life's details and world history.

Liberals are not to happy at Christmas, but we can wish them Merry Christmas anyway

December 24, 2017,  Twitter deletes Julian Assange's account

Motion to Quash Twitter's Illegal Policy

Pedogate 6

Killuminati  - JM Talboo
my partner

The sick world of child trafficking and abuse of babies

Oregon Man Arrested over raping 2 14 year old girls

NY Cop Being Probed for Sex w/ Minor kills himself in the parking lot

The Sex Trafficking insdusty over 1 Billion a year

14 Year old faces prison and likely a sex offender registry for sending on snapchat explicit sex photos

Wardrobe choices get blamed for sexual harassment

CNBC Director arrested for spying on Nanny in the bathroom

44 yr old teacher having sex w/ 13 year old son in car

Pedogate Take Down = Liz Crokin

High Levels getting arrested

Priest Murdered after he raped 30 children

Police bust Amazon & Microsoft sex trafficking

Ex Director of Planned Parenthood
running a satanic cult there

Al Gore

Friday, December 22, 2017

December 23, 2017 Saturday


CNN releases UFO Photo is that to distract the arrests?

Q QAnon Moving Fast

Greg Jarrett Fox News

ByeBye McCabe - going to retire

President Trump on McCabe

Democrats trying to destroy the construction of the wall

Trump makes weapons deal w/ Ukraine

Sick Child Trafficking - read

Virginia Man Behind $20 H1-B  Visa Fraud Scam faces deportation after prison

Las Vegas Investigation due by October 2018

Pinko Ex CIA - Wanted to Overthrow the Gov't

Slate Magazine News

Trump Official Trying to Block Rape of Illegal - This is so important, we need to end abortions and end paying for the ones that are from illegals

Democrat still opposing Trump No matter what

Fusion GPS Founder Bragged on Facebook

Trump Deployed Military On Obama Drug Ring

They Beat Up A Salvation Army Bell Ringer For Saying Merry Christmas


JOY Villa violated FCC Laws & is in trouble - final takedown of her

Oops, Looky here, the serial offender of sexual harassment claims

Joy Villa now saying Trump Staffer Corey Lewandowski touched her butt

Account Suspended for defending Corey on this story

Operation Snow White - Scientology  Joy Villa

Joy Villa waits until Dec 24, to file assault claim (after the pressure mounts)

Real assault victims going after Joy, I have no idea why she is being so focused on, maybe to hide the take down?  But real assaulted victims are going after her on twitter, everyone knows she is lying

Joy Villa seems to have given away a child without the Daddy's consent

Joy Villa buying fake followers as everyone is using hashtag unfollow Joy

Joy Villa drinking & hitting some man on his butt - ouch

Top Conspiracy Theory

Ascension w/ Mother Earth

Obama - caught in more illicit acts

Maroon 5 Manager Dead at 40

Supreme Court is Fed Up w/ Lower Courts that don't do their jobs

Resignation linked to Trump's Executive Order

Eric Schmidt & The Takeover

Justin Trudeau violating ethics laws

Court Enforcing the law in regards to DACA

Main Stream Media Is the Most Destructive Force On The Planet

The  Media has controlled the narrative and hidden the crimes of government and others.  They are the most destructive force on the planet

Even Andrew Breitbart knew this, and was killed because he told the truth

“The left does not win its battles in debate. It doesn’t have to. In the twenty-first century, media is everything. The left wins because it controls the narrative. The narrative is controlled by the media. The left is the media. Narrative is everything.” -Andrew Breitbart

Main Stream Culprits Lie w/ a straight face & target people like Julian Assange

Leading "Presstitutes"

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Friday December 22, 2017

My Video on Intel - The Takedown

Before Its News Put this Video in also

UN Human Resources Steps Down, - No Coincidence

Q QAnon  Message From Patriots 

Fox News of 12/22/17

Great remake of The Before Christmas


Did Steve Bannon Help?  My guess is yes he did

More Bonuses - Wow

Bank of America $1000 bonuses to 145,000 people

Debbie Wasserman - we've had enough,  she gets booed off Twitter for tax tweet

Germany feels the impact of the tax cut - our money stays w/ us and does not go to dictatorships across the globe

Last Minute Shopping

Dick Clark Productions pulls out of Miss America Pageant

Child abuse & child sacrifice - Wow

Meryl Streep - She Knew



Trump Accomplishments - Obama repealed

Jim Jordon & Ron DeSantos instruct DOJ on Obama

Jackie Spear wearing the boot

Bette Midler on twitter complaining about tax increase

82 High Profile Men have been invovled in Sex Scandals after Weinstein
Breakdown here

President Trump on Prayer & N. Korea

James O'Keefe exposes planned parenthood

Q QAnon Update

Charlottesville - Upgrade to Murder

Matt Damon - ??? Pedogate & Harassement does not get it

Tucker Carlson on DACA Dreamers

Eric Schmidt Stepping Down - Iphones Google HUGE

Eric Schmidt tied to Clinton's Playboy, Deep State buys property near Playboy Mansion
where the tunnels are

Eric Schmidt is evil

UN Imposes Sanction on N. Korea

Nicki Haley stands up to UN

The Nay Votes on Government Shutdown
These people want to "blackmail" over DACA in order to do anything, but they lost the vote anyway

Jason Rosen From Fox News, who broke Obama scandal is leaving after 18 years
The deep state pressure can destroy all of us, I hope Jason is ok

Justice Kennedy

George Soros moving abortions to Ireland

Senator Warren is behind the "free act" a plot to control our information, and a big scam

I adore this guy who does awesome reporting

Mary Jacobi
Obama hidden secret



FBI Fires James Baker - Suspected Leaker

Wray Fires James Baker

More Leakers
Mike Cernovich

Mueller Comey - Buckle Up For More

FBI - Top Official Linked To Dossier

Comey acting like Hillary blaming everyone but themselves

Katrina Pierson - about to tell us who is guilty in the Dossier

James Baker

Mueller Investigation - Put Up or Shut Up

Trey Gowdy on Strozok

Fox News On Uranium One

Democrats wants USA to pay for illegal abortions - they make money off of the abortions and satisfy the elite, so disgusting

Craig Cheslog California democrat resigns after rape allegations

DOJ orders review on Obama

Obama Staff has been put into witness protection back in March 2017

Obama granted citizenship to 9 Million migrants, not counting illegals, that's more than 1 million per year each year of his Presidency

Sick article giving McCain & Jeff Flake undo credit


The left Resistance tried to stop the wall being built

Democrats won't listen
UN getting cut

There is just no end to stupid & nausea  they have no candidate, this is just to keep up fake news for the sake of the party

Trump Trying to Block Abortion of Illegal  - So Good

Trump Declares Emergency

Zero Hedge

Allah Busted

Ben Rhodes Under Investigation

Twitter protecting Planned Parenthood

Ohio North Dakota & Indiana ban down syndrome abortions

Trump arrives in FLorida for Christmas


Pier 39 - Terror Attack Plot Thwarted by FBI

Suicide Note of failed terrorist attack


Ben Shapiro on Rosie O'Donnell   Twitter says felony's don't violate twitter rules

Look what Rosie Said - Ridiculous

Rosie Tweets Tap Out Whatever that means, she should be arrested

Twitter does delete her vile tweets after a lot of twitter users going after Twitter


Illegal Alien Statistics

The illegal aliens that the Democrats tell us we can't live without commit: 22% of murder 18% of fraud 33% of money laundering 29% of drug trafficking 72% of drug possession and that is just federal convictions. While being 7% of the population.

Obamacare enrollment signed up thousands of illegals

DACA gets ugly

California - UFO ???? What is this in the sky?

Dick Enberg Sportscaster dies at 82