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Saturday, August 4, 2018

August 5, 2018 Sunday

AT&T Building for 5G

Julian Assange Petition

Twitter suspended account

Search for missing boy leads to 11 abused

August 4, 2018

Patriot PGA Tour

FBI Vault Records between Christopher Steele & FBI

Australia White Privilege

4th of July shutdown girl who climbed the statue

Steven Seagal

Angel Fox Whitehouse Vigil

Hillary opens Direct Messages

New Hampshire

NH locking people in prison vs. hospitals,

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

August 1, 2018

Bob Sagot - freak

James Woods

Tommy Robinson

Korean War - remains of soldiers

Mike Pence on forgotten soldiers

Trump's Salary to victims of Haiti

EU Soybean import increases

Returning migrants

Rollie pollies - bugs

Maxine hit w FCC complaint

The Sound of Music Exit for Democrats

Trump crossing the swamp

Twin sisters marry twin brothers

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

good patriots on here's your red

July 31, 2018

Florida Trump rally

Dr. Greeneburg

Spam texts

Man Disney Selling Assets to pay for sick child

Manafort Trial

65 Years later, soldiers remains come home

London - allowing starvation on ill patients

Hillary donating to democrats

Obama sought to remove outdated security clearances

Trump video

Ivanka & Jared hit piece

Julian Petition

Wired Sources DM to Hillary Clinton

Plane crash Mexico

Monday, July 30, 2018

July 30, 2018

Sean Hannity

FL unfair gun confiscation after Parkland shooting

USA birth and hospitals

Pope accepts pedo resignation

Koch Brothers


Lisa page

VIRUS warning

Gov't lying about Julian

Media attacks since Trump

My Little Pony - Ottawa

 Hollywood pedos

N. Carolina Judge


Trump meeting w/ tech giants  Facebook etc

Trump seeks to strip security clearances from Brennan, Clapper, etc

pedogate june 30 2018 Q tripcodes go to library

Pope accepts pedo resignation

My Little Pony - Ottawa

 Hollywood pedos