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Friday, June 15, 2018

June 15, 2018 Saturday

Immigration conditions

Alan Dershowitz
IG report - should have been much tougher on Comey

Great quote
when someone says you've changed, it just means you've stop living life their way

Hidden corvette

Theresa May

Merkel suffering = karma

Email Rules = Hillary Clinton

Twitter harassment

Gowdy snaps

Jason Chaffetz

Del Blasio = Slumlord

Big Pharma medication side effects

Filthy boating docks

They jailed Manafort to force him to turn on Trump

Facebook should hire Diamond and Silk

trying to break Cohen

Obama library $$$$$


President Trump

Sean Spicer

Re-Election Tweet

Whitehouse Ignored Trump's request to invite Putin to the Whitehouse????

Words To The Wise

My tweet to Trump

Thursday, June 14, 2018

June 15, 2018

House Bill unveiled

Trump wants a gag order on Stormy Daniels

Stormy money troubles


Whitehouse Trump Speech on Korea

Dominos Pizza paving the potholes w/ their own money

Pedogate bust

Named scrubbed from report

IG Report

Dept of Justice IG Report

Same report, different link

Alabama twins have twins

Army researchers

IG Report watered down to protect FBI

Mark Meadows RIPS Sessions

IG Report

Sex Trafficking


Comey Forgot Huma and Weiner were married

Comey Violated FBI

James Comey

IG Report

Sara Sanders culprit

Trying to vaccinate us for fake virus

Top Trump aide leaving Whitehouse

Elton John & Spirit Cooking

US Army returning remains

White helmets


Opec Meeting

Netflix ???????

 US Kills Taliban leader


Trump Speech

MSNBC says Trump is running concentration camps

Manafort Prosecutor attended Hillary's Election party

School being named After Obama

Seattle - pushing drugs

N Korea shipping home remains


Trump finally telling the press to listen

Trump Speech

Ousting Speaker Ryan

DOJ report


IG Report

Trump on N. Korea being bombarded by insane reporters that don't listen

National Parks Recognizing Trump

Trump on the Merkel photo

Bear at the zoo

Truth Factory Cat

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

June 14, 2018 Thursday

Trump's birthday

Mueller under fire

FCC there is no grid emergency

Fake News finally feeling it

YouTube   Tommy Robinson

Trump's birthday

Congress to ban sex robots

California toddlers ??????

Bye Bye Nancy Pelosi

Lowest unemployment since 1973

Donald Trump Jr to his dad


IG Report

IT Scandal coverup

Hillary charges

IG report findings

Julia Roberts

IG report

FBI caught schmoozing with the press

IG report

Trump's birthday


Happy Birthday President TRump

IG Report

IG Report


Canada boycotts USA products

Jim Carey - disgusting

IG Report big let down

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 13 2018 Wednesday

Bail denied

Obama destruction of records

Michael Cohen

Summit = Ratings blowout on MSM

chocolate video - w0w

Florida fire station welcomes 9 babies in 10 months

Sara Sanders calls Dennis Rodman

Food stamps drop to lowest in 8 years

Trump nominiated for the Nobel Peace Prize

 Michael Cohen

California - pedogate


Paul Ryan's DACA bill

Jeff Sessions

Trump and Kim Signed documents

Fired doctor tries to blame Trump

Obama pedogate

Frank Sinatra = pedogate

Raping the singers

Pedogate - teddy bear recorded voices of children

Monday, June 11, 2018

June 12, 2018 Tuesday

Roseanne apologizes to George Soros

Paul Manafort case

Federal judge will decide if ATT can merge

Democrats trying to tell Trump what to do LOL

Sand Sculpture of Trump and Kim Jong Un

Julian Trump & Kim Jung Un

Sean Hannity in Singapore

Sara Carter Seb Gorka & Sean Hannity in Singapore

Hillary supplied weapons to Benghazi

Woman put her children in pet kennels OMG

N Korea prisons

Trump & Kim Jung Un ready to sign

Democrats accused of forging names on nominations


Trump & Kim Jung Un Signatures

Google burys Natural News

Trying to suspend Jim Acosta

Hillary Bengazhi

Watergate was pedogate

Lawyers subpoena Wikilieaks

Planned parenthood

Voter rights, court rules against allowing criminal to vote

Military parade gets approval

Federal Judge approves ATT merger 

McCabe sues over firing

Huge win for Trump

Globalists tamper with sale of guns

Anthony Bourdin was about to expose pedofiles


FBI gun goes of on dance floor

Spy pigeon captured

Judge Block Gun Ban !!!!

Trump told Kim Jung Un he could have best hotels in the world

Trump on Kim Jung Un

Trump and Kim Jung Un invite each other to their home countries

America's got talent

Judge Rules Mueller must name names

Opioid lawsuit names names

Clinton testimony

Huma emails

Democrats want Obama back because there's no one else

Most tragic death ever

Wikileaks - still printing truth

Trump = Rules of Poker

Mueller = get off the stage

Sara Sanders on Acosta

John Travolta

Is Clapper the leaker?   And Seth Rich found Out?

Manafort sent to jail before trial?????

Pesticide Ruling

Harvard - Bonkers

Getting Out of UN

This does not sound right

Nazi bodies discovered

Why was Rosenstein at Whitehouse after IG Report?

bye bye Robert DeNiro

Brain Cancer Success

Kim Kardashian on running for office

Child Trafficking Sick

Trump Securing Mid Terms

Reverand caught stealing from AIDS patients

FBI gifts

Soviet Union covered for crimes by killing those that knew the truth

Monday June 11, 2018

Sean Hannity Singapore

Facebook censorship

James Munder

Illegals cannot claim asylum from domestic violence

King Jung Un meets Trump

Clinton Body bags

Dennis Rodman


Jack Twitter

YouTube blocks the handshake of Kim Jung Un and Donald Trump

Trump arriving - Dan Scavio

Protections against voter fraud - Ohio

McAFee Virus founder

Melania Trump

Clinton Body Bags Suicide List

cartoon characters LOL

Democratic server vanished

Net Neutrality ended June 11

Roman Polanski Robert DeNiro