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Sunday, December 31, 2017

January 1, 2018 Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the first New Year's Babies

Mar Lago New Year's is Unbelievable - So Stunning

Many New Year's Headlines on this page and link

January ending Human Trafficking Month - & Trump means it, past Presidents did not

First Family New Year's Photos

Fox News, Ball Drop !!!!!

Times Square New York - Freezing Ball Drop temperatures & wind chill

 James Woods on Twitter

James Woods, on Trump saving millions in regulations

James O'Keefe saying buckle up for 2018

Lovely New Year's Tweet

Thank U ALL who made 2017 beautiful 4 me💕 Be blessed in 2018, have a Fantastic January Lovable February Marvelous March Fool less April Enjoyable May Successful June Independent July Wonderful August Romantic September Thankful November Happiest December

Why Our President does not drink 

Roseanne,  we need to give her 1 more day to start New Year's

My tweet to Roseanne

CNN showing pot smoking in Denver on the air - beyond fathom


Pedogate - Saudi Prince = his ex tells all

Pope Francis - in my view = pedo  Also on Julian's twitter w/ UN
urging peace & compassion w/ migrants & refugees?  Warped mind in my view, false prophet

Brian Podesta, John Podesta's brother runs the center for missing & exploited children
how sick is that, it's like giving them the key to the kingdom of abusing children

This "art" was put into the water, & posted back in 2016, sick when we know it's meaning

Brian Podesta & twitter locking accounts when people connected the dots

DuPont gets no jail time by crooked Judge

Gloria Allred & Lisa Bloom behind fake sexual harassment claims on Trump

Ooops, finding out who funded the claims against Trump

more paid liars on fake charges against Trump

NJ New Year's violence gunman opens fire






Julian Assange posted this song from YouTube, so out of the norm for him, must be someone special

True Pundit on Julian Assange's Tweet

Julian Assange Drops Proof that NYTimes colluded w/ Hillary

Wikileaks posting on Iran & Hillary Clinton
what questions did Hillary Clinton ask her diplomats last time?

Julian on 12/31/17  wants to end w/ a bang !!!!!!!!

 George Soros Funded McCain Institute


2018 Era of Light

How to note we are winning?  Listen here

Newt Gingrich - stage is being set for a GOP landslide

Trump wants to end world slavery

This is so gruesome, I can't make a video, but it's a man beating an animal I did not watch more than 2 seconds of this

Q QANON Update
Important dates 1/4/18, 1/10/18 and 1/20/18

Q Q Codes

Q Translation - Important

More on Q and Q Update

They killed the State Health Director that revealed Obama's birth certificate a fake - they are too sick for words

Whistle Blower reveals that Hillary Clinton got "special treatment"  likely since everyone was threatened with death

DACA - The Nature Of Our Country  If We don't fix this, we destroy the USA and look like Europe

Joseph Arpaio is the deep throat that led to Human Trafficking

Emery Smith hit w/ attack after coming forward,  this is what the deep state does, they try to leave no witnesses and use death to scare everyone from even trying to tell

YouTube sleaze ad, trying to manipulate the next election 2018

Truth about needing to wake up  - video done in 2014,  So many people tried to tell us, now we can connect the dots

Text On The Executive Order from Trump

Ex Obama Staffer = looks stupid

Iranian Protestors are translating Trump's Tweets

Pope Francis - wow, what a sick man, look what he's doing

91% Negative coverage of Trump in the last 3 months (and all last year) and he's so popular and winning on social media

Obama Legacy - sick predator and traitor to the core

Trump saves us $$$$ from Obama scam under federal taxes, state repairs that should be out of state budget, not federal

Trump is draining the swamp

Trump withholding $225 Million of Aid to Pakistan

Trump cuts funding to Pakistan

Rand Paul

Iran Protests - nothing but flack from democrats

Pakistan immediately reacts to President's Tweet & summons US Embassador

James Comey tweets on New Year's  LOL is it really him, or him from a cell?  LOL

China shuts down websites - they are a dictatorship and likely unmask every account

Just got this, but was from November 2017
Jeff Sessions, Gang Member arrests

Bill DeLBlasio gives himself a raise in 2018

Gloria Allred & LIsa Bloom are master criminals, they tried to get victims to derail Trump

Gloria Allred caught  Allred should lose her law degree, & go to prison

Oregon Law allowing people to pump their own gas, many people don't like it, ???? Wow,

Chris Mathews - total scum

California posted that they are a sanctuary state - sickos

Jerry Brown destroys California

Paul Ryan - posters in his home state

Fired Disney Worker does pity speech as a foreign worker has to replace him

Debra Messing has taught her son, not to stand for the flag

Bundy Trial, Prosecutors rigged trial and hid evidence

Obama's assets seized in Thailand

Obama's seizure

Obama seizure

UN Gives US ultimatum

So what are they transporting by train that has Chuck Schumer so upset that he won't support Trump's pick for Railroad aadministration?

Passport system crashes & passengers are held up at airports

Joe Barelli - Nancy Pelosi won't make it in 2018 he says

Gitmo prepares for prisoners - William Mount

April La June update containers of weapons

President Trump's Money Plan

Finally, FBI in trouble for trying to prevent Trump from becoming President

Oar's Demotion

Criteria For Posting Comments On YouTube

Everyone,  if people want their comments posted,

People are destroying Youtube with vicious comments, if you want free speech, clean it up

I have been attacked, insulted, and trolled,  Others are off the wall w/ comments, and just pollute the internet.  Myself and others cannot do the news any longer, this being the most daunting task.

Demanding people want everything, but no accountability for what they post or say, and others are just trolls.  It's not about free speech, you can have your own channel and create your own free speech, but the biggest infection to the internet are those that destroy what people want to build.

I am one person, and am not spending another year w/ the toxicity of trolls and vile comments.

here is criteria

They cannot be personal comments about me, even flattering ones, I'm not a dating site.

I do not have a nickname, or shortened name  If you only put my partial name, I don't post your comment,

People try to put way too much religion on there and bible readings,  that is not appropriate for this site, and they do not get posted, with a couple of exceptions that are meant to Bless our President, etc.

People that swear, or use crude language, are blocked

trolls are blocked

Comments should not be super long, there are people that have written entire pages, it's for comments.

If you use all capital letters, it goes into spam, and I only check that about 1 time a month

 My blog and channel are seen by everyone all over the world, they represent me, this President, our country & each other.  Only those type comments are welcome.



My OnLine Bio - Mean For Fun

My Fake Bio - for fun

I stated on YouTube in 2012,  I made a video or two, a couple of people watched them

Some people don't like me  - that would be
YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, 
Deep State, Pedos, Hillary, Obama, that gang,
Massachusetts, the criminal cabal there, and a few trolls

I made a few friends though on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Gab

I am a bread crumb that likes Q and our President 

I have several fake phones, one I bought to call Hillary, and YouTube deleted my calls to her, but they were funny

I started off this summer have fake coffee with the President

YouTube was not happy with my Fake Phone calls & Unlawfully deleted some of them and will have to restore them in the lawsuit

On the top of the page, they state that they have deleted some of my videos.  They are very vile and don't like me,  see my list above

I like truth, and believe we have a right to know the truth, and then figure out where we fit in.  The people in the list that don't like me, don't like truth either.

In the 2016 Election, I did not vote for Hillary, perhaps this could be why they don't like me on that list.????????? 

I might need to ask Q, he knows these types of answers.

My internet was shut down on 11/7/16, and no one else's was.  I was shut out of Twitter, Facebook and they tampered with my YouTube videos deleting all of the views, and taking all of the money for ads.

They left with me without money to even buy gasoline.

So, to run my channel, and stay making videos, some very kind people helped me, over and over to keep going.  

Somehow, this made the above list even madder,  and while I still can't figure out why they go after my channel more than others, they seem to be giving me an award now, for most blocked Blog on the internet, and most deleted views and subscribers, on the internet.

People that are the bread crumbs with me, all work a lot

we have to put up with really bad trolls, and they are hateful and crazy, and have the IQ of toddlers

 We try to deal with them 24/7 and have been doing it for over 2 years, and we found out a secret - they don't take a day off, and they try to ruin everything

And to my shock, they never say sorry, they never stop whining or being hateful  and try to remember these people don't like me.  Perhaps it's that I like joy so much, and celebrate everything

Oh and I adore Roseanne Barr

And it's amazing, trolls bother her too, like every day.  And we fight them off, every day

While I'm fairly sure, we both should have a troll break, and not have to be bombarded every time we want to laugh,  we just found out that trolls are allergic to laughter,  and so aren't the people on my list that don't like me.

And for the first time ever, I've been called a "Racist"  by  "Trolls"

So In between saving the country, helping the President, making a video or two, writing a blog, and making phone calls, I had to find time to go to "therapy" for my problem of being so racist.  I was unaware that I had this condition. 
I want to find a cure since I might have a few more years to co-exist with people and share the space on the planet

 The Doctor Said

 The doctor explained to me that I was different, and had a different way that I was raised.  That I could never quite fit in with the crowd because I was potty trained, and many were not.  Those that were not, live like this for their entire life cycle, but for me not to fret, and not to try to fit in.

The doctor told me, that those people, that live like that, go to work every day, and look like this 

The Doctor had to explain to me, that this football player was using the very ground he plays on, instead of leaving and looking for a fire hydrant, and he did this in front of the whole world, but I was find with having my phone number 1-800-GoToHell-NFL

Now it took several sessions inside therapy for me to understand about the country, and this thing called New World Order, and Corruption.  And the doctor finally told me, that I had to understand that people that cheated for centuries, were mad that despite the biggest cheating scam in USA history, they lost.

So to retaliate against me, for laughter, telling the truth, being happy, wanting peace, and not letting them take our country, the people at the top of my list are mad, and want to erase me from the internet and hide anything with my face or voice.

It's not working too well for them though, in fact, the more light they put onto harassing me, the more it shows what they are doing.

And the last reason they are mad, is that ever since we put in a good man and wonderful President to the Whitehouse ........  I sleep better.

And that's about all I can think of to explain to people that ask "Who Am I?  I'm Natasha, and with my Freedom of Speech, I used my own channel.

And this video explaining who I am, has the view count frozen by YouTube.  They do that to keep videos on here hidden, and also embezzle the advertiser revenue, but people see it anyway

My partner JM Talboo and I do a radio show together, and they deleted the whole blog on us, and tried to derail our right to have free speech,  but in the lawsuit, I had to file, they did restore it 

I did not want to sue anyone, and made a Petition, and about 50 videos to YouTube trying to get them to leave me alone, they will not.

They have to be told by a court that they cannot weaponize the internet

This is the Petition for YouTube

and this Petition is for Massachusetts, that is mad at me for telling about their crimes and the pedophile ring inside MA

They lied about me, falsely charged me by using a drug dealer and rigging a trial, and tried to make me disappear, but I am still here, and fighting for truth every single day with my friends and real Patriots  and we just learn to ignore the trolls

In Truth, I really get why I was given this job,  no one else could have done it but me.


December 31, 2017 Sunday

Highest Security Ever to prevent any terror attacks

Last Day of 2017,  We are worn out warriors

Greg Jarrett on the Russia Fake Investigation on Twitter

 It is not a crime to talk to a guy in London who talked to a guy in Russia who conveyed a rumor which is later passed on to an Australian diplomat who gives it to the FBI. Yet, the FBI started a case against Trump based on quadruple hearsay involving no criminal acts?

Donald Trump Weekly Address on 12/30/17

Roseanne Barr, just sick of trolls as we all are, it's been relentless

10 Stories that defined 2017

Gay Sign Put in front of Mike Pence's Vacation Home

Rolling Stone Co-Founder Selling out & accused of sexual assault

Donald Trump Jr Turning 40 - wow

School considering using paddle w/ parent's approval  this is as scary as it gets,

Senator Warren still wanting climate change when is she going to get locked up?

Hillary Clinton supporter paid $500,000 to lie about Trump

Rape Kits tested in Ohio,  YouTube has hidden this video

Trump puts brakes on federally funded state project totaling 1/2 billion dollars

Preparing for high level arrests

New Year's Eve 2017

Trump reinvented the Presidency, he really did

President Shrinking the bureaucracy
From President Trump's December 31, 2017 Twitter

My tweet to the President

Trump even wishes fake news and the haters, Happy New Year

Corey Feldman on New Year's

Don Lemon fairly drunk on New Year's


Angela Merkel in Germany has made it so dangerous for women, they had to set up safe zones to save them from rape

The march for democracy in Iran breaking free from abuse

Plane crashes killing 10 Costa Rica

Julian Assange Tweet

Trump Russia Collusion is it finally going to end?

Bill Gates Smart Pill - we should shake in our shoes thinking of what is in this pill,  do not take is my suggestion, no matter what, we can never trust anyone to put drugs in our bodies again, they are all meant to destroy us, track us, control us, and more.

Jim Acosta at CNN is he worried he's losing his press pass?

CNN reporter lights bong at New Year's - ouch

Not professional for a reporter to do on camera to the public, Jack Posobiec

Mattis - Taking control & trying to prevent tragedies

Fake News trying to discuss a closed warrant over Sheriff Clarke's Email account and make it a story, see details here

Sealed Indictments on 9/11
Stew Webb update

US Class Action Lawsuit Against The Treasury

Saturday, December 30, 2017

December 30, 2017

Photo of the year

Our Awesome President Meme  LOL

Trump Using Social Media as the only way to fight fake news

Trump thanks the Coast Guard at his resort, while on vacation

HUGE  Trumps Stock Market Numbers Put Him in the History Books & More - Record Book

Trump Gives the Media a wake up call, without him, they have no platform and will not survive, everyone knows they are all "fake news"

Important regarding the arrests and lock ups of the criminal cabal

Because all this is happening under the EMERGENCY E.O. of 12/21/17, quasi-martial law status, all the court action is set up under Ex parte Quirin, 317 U.S. Military Tribunal (where military officers are judges) and state secrets privilege is asserted to assure all U.S. classified information and issues remain secure (United States v. Reynolds, 345 U.S. 1 [1953])... this explains military incarceration at Guantanamo, using capture, arrest, detainment and transported by the U.S. Army Delta Force Airborne as Q Anon relayed and confirmed "F Delta C 25-26"... where the "F" is "FORCE" and the "C" signifying that GITMO is a "Delta CAMP" (the final destination), and these arrests were activated and deployed (begun) on 25-26 of December. LINKS BELOW:

Debbie Wasserman Shultz
Likely ordered the murder of Seth Rich

Important  Trump's Big 6 Accomplishments

NY Fighting Tax Bill, Threatening to Sue  LOL

Chelsea Handler does not like Trump's Tweet about Climate Change, LOL

More on the LA Flight Turned Around  Now saying it was a stowaway w/ no ticket
not sure I believe, how can we?  Fake news has lied too much

Obama Had signed into Law the Indefinite Detention Law
Perhaps this will now be used on him

Murder in NY

The Private Venue & the Reboot of the US Dollar

Make Up without harmful chemicals

Al Gore & his ill gotten wealth from the scam of Climate Change,  I do believe that his assets will be seized , it was all a billion dollar scam on us

In November Judicial Watch released 29 pages of the meeting at the Tarmac

Jihadists blow up pipeline in Iran

Facebook deleting accounts

They are saying Obama tweeted about the New Year, try to remember anyone can tweet for him

John Skipper Resignation - sexual abuse not addiction

George Papadopoulos got drunk & spilled that Russia had dirt on Hillary

They forgot to mention the $25 Million Dollar payout
True Pundit

George Papadopoulos tied to Hillary Campaign

Gitmo Flight Log

Attack in Russia So Heartbreaking

Bernie Sanders

Old Article
Benjamim Fulford was trying to bust up pedo ring as far back as 2013

Benjamin Fulford

Trump Deploys Troops

Koch Brothers kicked off Trump properties this is old I've heard this before

Tim Kaine's Son Jailed for Violent Protest

Q QANON Update

IMPORTANT - Jeff Sessions 

Saying Jeff Sessions into Uranium One
uploaded in November

Mike Huckabee saying people will lose faith in Sessions

Marco Rubio is so stupid, can't believe he has that job.  He says he thinks Mueller w/ be fair?  Does he even have a brain?

Trump Releases Bill Clinton Video on N. Korea

Trump Hiring new border agents

Website about Monitoring the Planned Poisons - huge


Erasing Obama One Tweet At A Time

James Woods erasing Obama

 James Woods
After the failed "book tour" the Hillary Clinton Account still trying to "steal" donations from people, and no clue who was doing this, but they are so desperate, of course they would still use her account for money to keep the DNC going but James Woods, right on top of it


Why Was Doug Brady Killed In Mexico?

9/11 Cop that arrests the dancing Israeli's at the towers

The Bradford File converted the Emails for people to be able to view

Link to the files

Vandals destroy beehives on purpose and try to destroy a business,  this is so insane

Go Sara Huckabee

Mark Zuckerberg & Purge on Facebook  - deleting accounts