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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January 4, 2018 Thursday Julian Interview

Video of how to use my blog from a cell phone  thank you this is great for people to see

Julian Assange Interview

Joe Biden - he preyed on anyone and everyone, including children

Great tweet

Imagine being so CROOKED that when there’s a news report that your house was on fire everyone’s first thought was you were destroying evidence again.

How Obama & Hillary involved Sweden to frame Assange, remember the false charges against him?

Q and Q Anon Psy-Ops
Published on Dec 29 2017

Q - Destroying the Illusion

Hillary's House on Fire & Q posted that, wow

Yahoo fake headlines

They were not home, it was the secret service house


CIA Baby sales - beyond fathom

Fushion GPS Documents meeting, going to turn them over

James Comey leaked 7 secret and classified documents

Arrest Update & Unsealed Indictments

Jeff Sessions Appoints 17 New Federal Prosecutors - Kaboom

Sugar additive causing illness and deaths

Amtrak Train Derails

President Trump stating we must have voter ID, system is rigged

The Tangled Web

The Ridiculous Lawsuit & how Trump is playing 3D Chess
Tracy Beanz
Freeing Julian

DACA Protest in front of Feinstein's Office

Election Fraud is just beginning, it's not over,
Imperator Rex

Trump demands voter id laws, this will make it very hard for the democrats and protect the voting system Kaboom

GOP Tax Bill no way to resolve entitlements

Drug testing for unemployment

OK so Q Post about movies & acting,  must be Trump & Bannon

The Pot crackdown - Sessions now not allowing for unlimited pot growth

Destroying the Illusion

Preparing Gitmo for prisoners

Deal cut, for documents in Dossier

Robert Mook accused of covering up for sexual predator

NY Cuomo Suing over the tax bill

Investigating Hillary may go on for years

Geraldo on the book and Trump's health = he could outrun me

Lou Dobbs on the disrespect for the President

Sessions - Is he really not backing the President Sounds bad, or really good acting