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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Thank You To Every Single Person That Is On This Platform Together To Save Our Country & World

We can go along in life, and not understand our purpose, and importance, since much of life is a routine.

When the time comes for people to step up to the plate, it become clearer than anything what we are made of.

I have been so overwhelmed, left speechless, and exhilarated by the strength people have showed in our darkest times, and those that have given time, money, and praise to help me stay in the front of this true mission.  I have felt many times that I can't do this, am unable to endure this, and don't even want to face what is real, I have been so shocked and horrified that I have lost many many days of sleep and was unable to even shut my eyes upon learning the cruelty of a satanic cult and those they own.

As I have joked, if this "mission" was on a paper inside a hat & we got to pull out a paper, I would put this task back in, and ask for another one.  But I am likely the only one that can perform this role.

I never ever could have survived without those that inspired me, and have been part of this effort.  Each of us is so relevant, and I am eternally blessed.

I truly can't believe that the internet does connect us with each other, and puts the correct recipe together on its own. 

My 2 favorite sayings are "Tell Me Who You Walk With, I'll Tell You Who You are"

And It's not the amount of breaths we take, it is the moments that take our breath away.

So many times, I have been so aware of both of these sayings in this journey and hard impossible task.

My thanks are going to be never ending, as the survival for me to do this, was 100% dependent on all of you, they had left me penniless on purpose, so that I could not succeed, and we did it despite every single obstacle.

I am 100% positive that in 2018, we are going to see the life we cherish come back, recreate itself, and become normal again, and that horrible cult and cabal will no longer be able to destroy us.

Our Love of country, humanity, each other, preserving family, our children, our earth, and our rights to be free are the unbreakable bond that carries us.

1 Million Thanks to every single person that has been helping !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!