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Saturday, January 6, 2018

January 7, 2018

Mt. Washington - coldest place  -90 Degrees

If Trump is mentally Ill, let's hope it's contagious

Trump Frees Julian to come to America

Muhammad murdered and silenced

The Liars trying to call Trump unfit


Should not sleep with your cell phone near you it gives off radiation

Romaine Lettuce E Coli Outbreak  - avoid Romaine Lettuce


Q Update today, planes trains, all turning around etc  Calling Red Cross A Scam
War = A Scam  all on Q posts



Q Update w/ Old School



10 Mitt Romney Scandals

Mitt Romney Just Another Corrupt Bush Son


They tried to kill Theresa May

Paris has muslims that commit crimes in broad daylight this is why we have to end illegal immigration

The sad world of Trolls would not even wish Eric Trump a Happy Birthday

The Judge restricted the time curfew on Awan???? Makes no sense  He should be locked up w/ out bail

Owner gives over $1 Million on bonuses

Earthquakes - Common Sense Show


The predators behind the travel ban

David Brock - key player in the swamp & the fake charges against Trump

Fire & Fury

Jesse Waters on the book

Scaramucci defends Trump

Trump Shatters Records over Obama

Why People Voted For Trump

Clapper & spying on Trump


Julian Assange on Obama crimes

For me this is fear factor & payment to a useless agency that keeps getting paid tax dollars, don't forget they create disease for revenue & keeping people sick
Center For Disease Control preparing for a Nuclear Blast


Teacher's aid pleads guilty to sex crimes

Cell Mate Tshirts saying I'm w/ Her LOL for Hillary

Gun Buy Backs are scams & the wrong people try to utilize the guns

Bill Clinton expelled from Oxford for RAPE

Portland To Spend $$$$ on Condos For the Poor?

Mueller Investigation Ivanka?

Hillary  94% of people think Hillary started fire to destroy evidence

Israel Archeologists = Jerusalem

10 Million May Flood EU - Frightening

ANTIFA teach must pay thousands in damages

December video on Obama shadow government, all of this is seized now

James Woods - Honoring Benghazi Victims

Massachusetts Corruption in Family Courts

End Game made in 2009  millions of views

ICE Denies letting illegal caregiver stay here - meaning they follow the law.  It's a total manipulation of the law to use a handicapped child as a means to live here illegally, they do it all of the time

Era of

Intel update on January 7, 2018

Muslim Man Sentenced for 3 years for wanting to rape women in ripped jeans

Despicable ad for the golden globes by NY Times

Huma Abedin forwarded passwords to Yahoo before it was hacked

LA FItness pulls Political Content from their gyms

Sessions & Marijuana

Sugary Drink Tax - Sara Palin

Ringo Starr Misspells Beatle

Truth Factory Cat Book Review & Clinton's House Fire

James Comey Tweets To be Clear, I'm Not The Bunny

Starbucks - Employee tweets she wants to put feces into Whitehouse Coffees

Golden Globes 2018  Oprah Lying To a Whole New Level

House fires can be caused by using electric power strips & plugging room heaters into them
they get overheated

January 6, Saturday 2018


Steve Motley - Blog and PAGE of Truth Tellers and the Q Reporters

Julian Assange

8 Year Attack on Julian ends now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

US Democrats that don't salute our flag, if you want to understand the rotten government and predators, just see this

Eric Trump's Birthday and tweets from his brother & sister


Intel January 6, 2018

Liberals trying to get Trump banned from Twitter  - beyond fathom

Plane catches Fire - Breitbart


Trump had tweeted about vaccines back in 2014 and he knew the doctors were lying

The Fire & Fury Book Released despite the Order for Cease & Desist

Trump at Camp David this weekend meeting w/ Republicans

Trump rightfully goes after Michael Wolfe

Democrats trying to "recycle" Michelle Obama
She will have a hard time running for President from Gitmo

Look back about a year while they were trying to vaccinate all of us and Bill Gates involved
we have figure out a lot

Murdock takes issue w/

The 3 part plan to get rid of Trump

Jake Tapper destroys himself on twitter - hilarious

Goldwater rule - no one can make medical evalutaions without having seen a patient, in other words they can't give medical diagnoses on anyone

The Logan Act - Can be used on Obama, McCain & others
but the Executive Order "trumps' All


Kate Steinle's Murderer Sentenced for Illegal Gun In his possession


Jason Chaffetz says Sessions Must Go

Unlawful case closures were a way to keep illegals here and not tried or sentenced

People are asking Jeff Sessions to step down

Sessions on Pot, don't understand this whole thing, mind blowing

this video say it was a gunpoint, I don't see a gun, or get it, no sounds, but could be true

Orin Hatch Leaving the Senate, they are reporting the Mitt Romney will win, very scary

Democratic Congressman in Oregon not going to State of the Union Address

Pushing to disbar James Comey after Clinton Scandal

Here is NSA & The Connection

Gov Elliot Spitzer threatening victim after sexual encounter

Delaying the Awan Brothers Trial again,

Kentucky - 1st Pro Life State

Trump not under investigation

Trump's staff changes are called draining the swamp

Trump - We are not going to look foolish - meaning end of the useless investigation from Mueller

Pulse Nightclub shooter's wife knew before he did that, and said nothing, she should be locked up

Jerry Van Dyke Dies at 86

Many headlines about going after Hillary, I think she's already locked up

Rush Limbaugh says Bannon was the Whitehouse Leaker

Prince Charles Windsors & Rothschilds

Sears Closing

Former Aranian President Arrested


Thursday, January 4, 2018

Trust Brands & Companies, Restaurants, Products Inside the USA

Video Link mentioning these companies

Fixing Computers with Windows 7  Jerry's Computers

JJ Hawks


 Central Motors,

Keene Confections Bakery

Healing Books for Sale that I have written

Timloeons Restaurant Keene NH

Truth Tellers & amazing people saving this country one Patriot at a time

Thanking every single patriot and person that contributes to keep this going

People who Honor Veterans

January 5 2018 Friday Bannon Pedogate Nunes Hillary Charges DACA



DOW Jones since Trump won

148,000 Jobs added in December, unemployment rate 4.1 %

and the takedown is massive all over the map

California not too happy with Jerry Brown, but I love that they can express that

Sean Hannity 1/5/2018

How Lawsuits are illegal and how the arrests can happen, this is deep government

Tracy Beanz

Fire & Fury
Book Author under fire, portions are not true

Destroying the Illusion live update Q Illegal voting, etc

Judge obeys the law & denies motion to quash & hide bank records on Fusion GPS

Going after the pay for play, in a big way, this twitter feed contains a huge story in itself

Roy Moore gets sued for defamation by sexual harassment victim

Federal Law now saying Pot Laws will change


Meeting over DACA & The Wall - Trump not budging

Facts About DACA  - should never be allowed,  the Democrats are done, we need voter ID, and get all illegals out, period.  We do not have to trade to get a wall, that is our right to protect our borders

Illegal is high & drunk & kills a 6 year old

Tucker on DACA and Dreamers  57% say no

Massive Long Term cost of DACA
$325 Billion for 800 illegals  = $407 per illegal  out of our tax payer money

Sleeping woman on plane is sexually abused by an illegal

This is what happens in "sanctuary cities" that allow for illegals to allow for rape

ANTIFA meeting in Portland Oregon

Portland Police

Intel Flaw - Google Microsoft Slowing Down our computers

NFL ratings continue to drop

Q QAnon

Q Id' - 1 person

Q & QANON & Containers going through Canada


Secret Space Program - Alice In Wonderland Q

April La June  containers

Q  Disciples in Space

Airport activity that we can't understand & Delta Airlines

Q new channel

Russian Mob Gloria Allred & Pedogate Indiana


IMPORTANT WATCH - do not comment on youtube about this yet

Navy Jack -  The Clintons have likely been investigated this whole time

Countries by name that voted in the UN against the move, these are the deep state pedophile countries that use the UN as a child trafficking ring

Finding All James Comey's memos were classified  translation, jail

Comey Tried to erase Hillary's felonies, which is a felony

Roy Moore files a counter claim against the slander law suit

don't give up on Bannon yet

Intel Blogspot

Donald Trump Jr on Twitter w/ his father's tweet on Steve Bannon,
strange, but telling

Health Insurance will be sold across state lines, creating competition and lower prices

The Tech who deleted Hillary Emails got immunity.  My guess is he gave them a bunch of evidence for that deal & that's why they can lock them up.  We will have to see

DOJ cracking down on immigration and taking away fake papers

EPA Pruitt said to be eyeing Attorney General Job

There is criminal conduct in the Russia probe dossier


Russia Mob, Kidnapping Child Trafficking

Al Gore  Mr. Climate change, also accused several times of sexual harassment and abuse,

Bill Clinton as President at times wanted to ditch secret service to be able to rape & be a pedo

More on Indiana Pedogate

Trey Gowdy just ended the Mueller investigation

Senate Judiciary Recommends Criminal Charges in Dossier

Greta Van Sustren Interviews Sen Ben Cardin on Iran


SGT Report Steve Bannon update

Tony Blair says book is full of lies

Donald Trump Jr. Did nothing wrong, these articles are just for fake news, and there is no crime on the Trump team.  Sad that people keep doing this

More on Bannon smearing the family

Book can be false and is


Tucker Carlson calls out Keith Ellis


Hillary Clinton & her attempts to get Russia to interfere w/ election & have Putin help her

Hillary Clinton facing 3 investigations, could be a 4th

4 investigations

James Woods calls out the NYTimes after the email release

The Who Is Who of Deep State Criminals

Nunes demands remaining text messages

ESPN fires 2 people sexual harassment claims

Trump on working w/ Julian and freeing him

Missouri lawmaker makes a first during the Pledge of Allegiance,
significance is that it shows who he is

Attacking Sheriff Clark and forcing him to appear in court over Snowflake comment
this is how insane democrats are, always forcing the court system to be used

Clinton House was renovated without permits
wow, these people are beyond hope

Muslims try to rape a woman while she is in labor  OMG

Video saying China owns California

Obama brought slavery back while President

What the liberals did on both coasts to destroy states and the economy and impoverish everyone

Roy Moore's Accusers house burned down in a fire

OJ Simpson files lawsuit against Casino that banned him
If he wins, LOL the money goes to the Goldman's

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Thank You To Every Single Person That Is On This Platform Together To Save Our Country & World

We can go along in life, and not understand our purpose, and importance, since much of life is a routine.

When the time comes for people to step up to the plate, it become clearer than anything what we are made of.

I have been so overwhelmed, left speechless, and exhilarated by the strength people have showed in our darkest times, and those that have given time, money, and praise to help me stay in the front of this true mission.  I have felt many times that I can't do this, am unable to endure this, and don't even want to face what is real, I have been so shocked and horrified that I have lost many many days of sleep and was unable to even shut my eyes upon learning the cruelty of a satanic cult and those they own.

As I have joked, if this "mission" was on a paper inside a hat & we got to pull out a paper, I would put this task back in, and ask for another one.  But I am likely the only one that can perform this role.

I never ever could have survived without those that inspired me, and have been part of this effort.  Each of us is so relevant, and I am eternally blessed.

I truly can't believe that the internet does connect us with each other, and puts the correct recipe together on its own. 

My 2 favorite sayings are "Tell Me Who You Walk With, I'll Tell You Who You are"

And It's not the amount of breaths we take, it is the moments that take our breath away.

So many times, I have been so aware of both of these sayings in this journey and hard impossible task.

My thanks are going to be never ending, as the survival for me to do this, was 100% dependent on all of you, they had left me penniless on purpose, so that I could not succeed, and we did it despite every single obstacle.

I am 100% positive that in 2018, we are going to see the life we cherish come back, recreate itself, and become normal again, and that horrible cult and cabal will no longer be able to destroy us.

Our Love of country, humanity, each other, preserving family, our children, our earth, and our rights to be free are the unbreakable bond that carries us.

1 Million Thanks to every single person that has been helping !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


January 4, 2018 Thursday Julian Interview

Video of how to use my blog from a cell phone  thank you this is great for people to see

Julian Assange Interview

Joe Biden - he preyed on anyone and everyone, including children

Great tweet

Imagine being so CROOKED that when there’s a news report that your house was on fire everyone’s first thought was you were destroying evidence again.

How Obama & Hillary involved Sweden to frame Assange, remember the false charges against him?

Q and Q Anon Psy-Ops
Published on Dec 29 2017

Q - Destroying the Illusion

Hillary's House on Fire & Q posted that, wow

Yahoo fake headlines

They were not home, it was the secret service house


CIA Baby sales - beyond fathom

Fushion GPS Documents meeting, going to turn them over

James Comey leaked 7 secret and classified documents

Arrest Update & Unsealed Indictments

Jeff Sessions Appoints 17 New Federal Prosecutors - Kaboom

Sugar additive causing illness and deaths

Amtrak Train Derails

President Trump stating we must have voter ID, system is rigged

The Tangled Web

The Ridiculous Lawsuit & how Trump is playing 3D Chess
Tracy Beanz
Freeing Julian

DACA Protest in front of Feinstein's Office

Election Fraud is just beginning, it's not over,
Imperator Rex

Trump demands voter id laws, this will make it very hard for the democrats and protect the voting system Kaboom

GOP Tax Bill no way to resolve entitlements

Drug testing for unemployment

OK so Q Post about movies & acting,  must be Trump & Bannon

The Pot crackdown - Sessions now not allowing for unlimited pot growth

Destroying the Illusion

Preparing Gitmo for prisoners

Deal cut, for documents in Dossier

Robert Mook accused of covering up for sexual predator

NY Cuomo Suing over the tax bill

Investigating Hillary may go on for years

Geraldo on the book and Trump's health = he could outrun me

Lou Dobbs on the disrespect for the President

Sessions - Is he really not backing the President Sounds bad, or really good acting

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

January 3, 2018

We have been given the impossible task of undoing the history of the predators, & creating the light for people to follow until the end of time.  This massive task fell on many sets of shoulders, being led by President Trump & us bread crumbs


The Whitehouse statement on the passing of  Thomas S Monson,
President Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints

Some of the team of people putting together truth, the list is never ending and names always being added


State Department Confirms Massive Global Shift

Federal Judge Issues unacceptable bias

Battlestar Gallectica star outed - sex cult so sick

Illuminati asking a banker to sacrifice a child


Donald Trump in 2011, talking about Anthony Weiner & pizzagate, I do not know if this authentic or they edited both new & old feed, but in 2012, Donald Trump tweeted about child trafficking, and that they had to do something.  But this is very interesting,

This website has a lot of information against GMO's etc,  very infomative

James Woods calls Joe Biden a pedogate perv - finally



Rand Paul

When you start taking away their money, that is when the biggest mouths have the most to hide & end up being found out, time and time again, so glad of President Trump

President Trump is unstoppable now


Wikileaks tweeted a bunch yesterday

Going to be an interview w/ Julian's wife on January 4, 2018

The state dept ends the investigation w/ Julian assange, watch

State Dept - Freedom of the Press, What are they afraid of ?

Julian Tweeting on Awan, Debbie Wasserman

Free Assange Now

Julian proves fake news are just liars over and over

Update on Julian

Laura Ingraham


Sergie Millian link between Kremlin, Fusion GPS Obama & Hillary

Yates was fired but is still using twitter to bash the President

Chris Farrell Judicial Watch on Huma Abedin

President Trump Announcing Awards For Fake News  - this is going to be great  LOL

NY Times & Everyone going after Trump

N. Korea says it wants to talk w/ S Korea  North Korea might be listening finally

Chelsea Clinton Wishes Church of Satan & Crissy Tiegan A Happy New Year

Twitter backlash on Chelsea, she makes it worse

Even the account responds, they thrive on conflict & attention

Lucifer Has Arrived - very awakening

Democrats want to oust Nancy Pelosi

Getting the Susan Rice Unmasking Records From Obama library

Comey hiding Uranium One deal only 1 piece of what got him in trouble,

New Faces running in 2018

Mueller's Grand Jury resembles Black Lives Matter

Mitt Romney wants to replace Orin Hatch & changed his twitter to Utah, from MA

He's a RINO and scum and was so corrupt in MA we voted him out,  don't let him back in

GOP moves towards contempt charges for DOJ & FBI

GOP - DACA Dreamers never going to get it done is my opinion, they will never all agree and illegal = illegal  get them out

Agenda 21

Trump Destroyed Agenda 21 & Agenda 30

Why so many are leaving the EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
most of them are FRAUDS and did not protect the environment, they contaminated it & bailed

Did Black Lives Matter push up the crime rate in Baltimonre?  YES they did

Nicki Haley having celebration without the countries that oppose the move of the embassy and likely aid being cut to countries that don't get on board w the move saving $24 Billion dollars

Sean Hannity, always going after truth & holding those criminals accountable, one of the the only people on TV (w/ Lou Dobbs, Judge Jeanine, Judicial Watch) going after them, he's amazing

Lou Dobbs - Mueller Accountable for Strzok

WIKIPOLITICS - old video, but important

FBI Evidence to clear Hillary point to point

So, they had put Debbie Wassermans BROTHER in charge of investigating the crimes of her & the Awan brothers?????? Back in July last year?  That was a set up that helped catch the thieves

ISIS Terrorist poses for selfie & asks for more attacks (from the bitter cold snow)

Gitmo article by Starship Earth

California Government is so dangerous now, like MA was in 2012
Prosecuting man for his post on muslims

Paul Manafort Sues the justice department, and Mueller

Eric Trump on Twitter

Roy Moore, still in the fight & will run again

Ouch, not sure if someone just wants to make a lot of noise to sell books?  Does not sound right, I question why someone would write this, so unprofessional at best


This is huge & bad for Steve Bannon, my guess is that it will halt the book release

Bannon loses his financial backer

Steve Bannon & Trump - really bad to be feuding but it seems they are

Steve Bannon - Trump feud might be from election?  Link here

Steve Bannon

Newt Gingrich & Donald Trump Jr = Zerohedge

Trump tweet

Apple Iphone Execs Sued & Jailed sounds like

ISIS targeting Barron Trump  tooo sick for my brain

Greta Van Sustran tweeting about leaving behind an American - Free Bob Levinson

Virginia House Election

Slight decrease in abortions from planned parenthood

ICE fights back to protect California

The Rigged Grand Jury on Mueller's Scam

New job for ex Fox Host Gretchen Carlson as chairwoman Miss America Board of Directors

Jim Acosta - too thick to get it  Mark Dice on Twitter

World Order Crumbles - Lucid Dreamer
10 Signs

Are Prisoners going to Gitmo  - Lucid Dreamer


List of 38 Reporters that Hillary Clinton "owned" in the press
Video from 2016  plays in part of the takedown

Old 2009 VIdeo of Obama,
Past Presidents rarely meet each other, mostly at funerals  their protocol is very distinct on what they do and are required to do.  I put this in, because there is Obama w/ Nancy Pelosi

Oops Hillary "tweeting" about Iran likely being done since Chelsea Clinton tweeted about the Church of Satan

McMasters Comments on Iran Protests

Jim Jordon posts questions about the dossier, genius

Trump Dissolves The Voter Fraud Panel