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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Healing Booklets For sale

I have written guides for people to heal, and feel better.  It's worth saving the pain, and suffering, years of not having answers, and live better without pain holding on to your life.

I complied all of my years of knowledge into easy read, and saving you time.  The booklets are like headlines of what you need to heal and not be sad, depressed, angry, and broken.  You have to be prepared to face the crux of your pain in any issue to get better.

 Breaking away from a toxic mom  $24.99

*****When paying, inside the notes, make sure to put Breaking Away from toxic mom booklet

Forgiving Your Toxic Parents  -

***** Make sure in the paypal notes to put the book title Forgiving Your Toxic Parents

SET of 2 Books saves you money

**** Notes need to say set of the booklets

Anti Bullying Guide

Anti-Bullying Guide $21.99

*****  Put in the notes inside paypal,  Anti Bullying Guide