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Friday, January 19, 2018

January 20, 2018 Saturday

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Q Map and The Shutdown


President Trump Inauguration 1 Year Ago

President Trump's Successes after only 365 days - He accomplished miracles

Robert Kennedy Jr Says Trump Could Be The Greatest President in History

Judge Jeanine

Twitter telling the Russians that they were hacked 677,000 of them

President Trump on Twitter

For me this is fake news, I could be wrong, but after twitter gets caught shadowbanning, isn't it kind of convient that it's now "Russia?  after they got caught on tape saying China asked to shut people down?

Jay Sekulow


CNN Does a positive report about the President

MEME about Nancy Pelosi - Too Funny

No Making deals w/ democrats while government is shut down

Thanks to everyone but Obama



Congress Ron Estes asks for his pay to be withheld during shutdown,
amazing and also lets us know that Congress is still getting paid

Rep Jason Smith giving his pay to charity during shutdown

Rep Mia Love asks for her pay to be withheld

General Mattis Government Shutdown Letter


Tom Cotton vs Chuck Schumer

Senate Majority Leader

Chuck Woolery

Trying to work out a Saturday deal

Lifelong Democrat thinks this finishes the Democrats out of power


Here is what the memo will do, it will implicate everyone - True Lies

News is now that they will release the memo within 19 days, that's too long

Adam Schiff


Democrats Stand For Death

Q QANON War Games




California Gov't Want Business Owners to give up 1/2 of their money to the state OMG

Quietly relocating illegals WAKEUP Everyone

Denver Nurse Fired For Supporting Trump

They are pimping the flu season to make more people take the shots that are full of poison

Trying to spread Flu fear factor & scare people that they can get it just by breathing, this is all because people are not taking the poisonous shots

Oops Dick Durbin changing his wording after backlash

Trump & His Power

Maxine Waters

Protesters trying to impeach Trump only about 100-150 showed up

How many are really hidden in DACA?????


Mueller Investigation still tied to Fusion GPS

House Ethics Removal after sexual harassment claim payout revealed

When Woman asks for Opening 9/11 Investigation
Dies 6 days later on a plane that Obama puts her on

Trump's Trip Postponed to Florida & Maybe Switzerland

Trouble Maker Michael Wolfe trying to hint that Trump is having an affair OMG

Newsweek Raids

Government Shutdown - I think it was planned and all of the headlines are just fake news
they are going to arrest some people, and then release the memo (myguess)

WOW, NANCY PELOSI taking democrats out to dinner while there is a shutdown
& people without paychecks
so disturbing,


This is Wakeup Day For the nation,  we got to look back at the torture of 365 days, and realize that the crimes committed upon us were so scary and so close to our doors.

Monica Crowley

Trump's New Ad About the Democrats

Oakland Mayor Says She will go to jail to protect sanctuary cities

Cheryl Meril From SanFrancisco - Cyber-stalker

Scroll down, look at her cyber - stalking history

Cheryl  still a stalker in 2019
Cheryl has no life, still stalking and trying to lie about me and my content, if she tries to pass off as a "journalist" then she would actually get to the bottom of stories, and not just go w/ her own false spin.

Something is wrong with her brain, and she has never let go.  Obsession of a stranger is really about the nutcase doing it, not the subject

Cheryl Blogs about me 

Cheryl deleted this page apparently

another Cheryl Facebook link 

complaint to COmmissioner

She is cited as a vexatious litigant

Cheryl Meril and Candice K 

This girl put about 30+ posts under my youtube channel

Cheryl was cited in California as a vexatious litigant

Cheryl Meril rip off report 

E. H. Wollmann - The One Who Rules!topic/


RULINGS - August 06, 2010
CAUSAL DOCUMENT/DATE FILED: Motion - Other, 06/24/2010
Defendant Edmond Wollmann's Motion to Prohibit Filing of New
Litigation is granted.
Plaintiff has filed five or more litigations that have been determined
adversely to her within the last seven
years as required by CCP §391.1(b)(1). The current case was filed on
June 19, 2009. Thus, in order be
considered a vexatious litigant under the first option, Plaintiff must
have filed five cases with adverse
outcomes since September 24, 2002. Defendant has identified a number
of actions with adverse
determinations which are discussed below:
1. Merrill v. Wollmann (2009-92049): dismissed without prejudice on
2. Merill v. Wollmann (filed on 12/14/09; CCH-09-570247) request for
restraining order in San
Francisco went off calendar due to no appearance and failure to effect
service on Defendant.
3. Merrill v. Wollmann (filed on 3/15/10; CCH-10-570563) – filed a
second request for a
restraining order in San Francisco which was denied without prejudice.
4. Merrill v. Wollman (filed on 3/15/10; CGC-10-497794) – Plaintiff
filed a request for dismissal
on 4/14/10.
5. Merrill v. Wolmann (filed on 3/26/10; CGC-10-498147) – Plaintiff
filed a request for
dismissal on 4/12/10.
Thus, Plaintiff falls within the definition of .vexatious litigant
Plaintiff is also a vexatious litigant under CCP §391.1 (b)(2) and
(3). Plaintiff's complaints and petitions
all allege the same facts – that Defendant is cyberstalking her and
defaming her by posting negative
comments on her blog. Plaintiff's dismissal is evidence of the
unmeritorious allegations. The numerous
complaints alleging the same claims are evidence of frivolity.
Therefore, Plaintiff is deemed a vexatious
litigant and the request for a prefiling order is granted.
Welcome to my world! YOU WILL cease and desist!!!
"Now I know what's right, I got just one light. In a world that keeps
on pushin' me around gonna-- stand my ground and I won't back down! I
won't back down baby!! There aint no easy way out. Won't back down
yeah! Stand my ground-and I won't back down, no I won't back down!
No I don't BACK DOWN!" Tom Petty
Edmond H. Wollmann P.M.A.F.A.
© 2010 Altair Publications, SAN 299-5603
Astrological Consulting

My false charges were dismissed, but Cheryl Meril wants to pretend they are not, and post them all over the internet.

Do not use her service of Nob Hill Notary, she also does background checks, but is not authorized to do one on anyone and then post it on the internet.

She is a very twisted hateful person, and bullies for a living.

Cheryl is being criminally investigated for invasion of privacy, doing background checks that are not lawful or warranted, she is not a cop, nor an employer, and cannot divulge this information.

Cheryl has cyber stalked many people, and continues to do so.  She also will not let the truth be printed up, but she claims to want to be Christian, and a good person, when she does things in terms of massive bullying, and crimes in order to simply bully.  She is a paralegal, which is amazing, hard to believe she does not know anything about laws or crimes.

Listen to Devin Nunes talk about the liars, stalkers, bullies, this is exactly what Cheryl Meril is up to, so what is she hiding about herself?

Ooops, Cheryl only likes her own narrative, nothing but the way she sees is, and she deletes comments of truth.

This is my 2nd comment, since she deleted the first one already.


So Is Cheryl Satanic?  I have no idea

Is Cheryl into child trafficking, sex trafficking, pedogate, drugs, high crimes?  I do not know, but she has failed to tell the rest of the story about why they were after me.

How Can she be a singer / paralegal / notary and into massive cyber bullying?
Cheryl uses her paralegal status to invade, unmask, abuse copyright infringement laws, spy on, and invade, lives of complete strangers, she's done it before me
Cheryl refuses to accept facts that are right before her

What it boils down to, is that Cheryl Meril seems to be a hardened sociopath, which then tries to act as though she's "normal" when she targets a stranger over 2500 miles away, that she has never met, for making a statement in a video, she disagreed with.  If that is "normal' and not Delusional, I do not know what is,  my viewers are calling her jealous of me, that is an understatement, she's a sociopath, here's the definition.


First criminal charges for cyber bullying just happened now, and this is going effect Cheryl

Department of Justice is going after all of these cyber bullies

Cheryl does not seem to have her own identity. 

Cheryl launched a false narrative, someone that knows her says she is always fighting w/ someone, and she is a cyberstalker.

My own state falsely charged me because I found out about the pedophile ring and government crimes
My state had ties to John Podesta and the sex trafficking ring there


I went to a class where they said people that this are sexually frustrated, perhaps that would include her, watch


I put this true and horrible blog about Cheryl on here and oops, now it's disappeared

Cheryl, who does not know me, wrote a 100% libelous narrative about me,  Cheryl called me a porn star because when she looked under google, there was another Natasha also with the same name. 

Cheryl does not have a life.  This happened in January where she threatened me over a video that she did not like, and she's still cyber bullying in March,????  Does that sound normal to anyone?

Cherly's latest quote is this:

In summary, one can easily deduce the many facts from her videos that Natasha is menopausal, delusional and unstable playing imaginary games in phone calls in her videos while spreading much misinformation easily disputed.  Natasha's work brings to mind the old saying that the "pathway to hell is paved with good intentions."

So let me get this right, Cheryl, about my age, is also going through menopause, and altough our symptoms are different, as I stayed normal and happy, she obviously did not.  What was she like before her own dose of menopause?  Worse than this?

What's so sad after I watched her video is that she is just crying for attention, but she uses religion to manipulate and put herself into a category that she herself does not belong in.  Here's some parts of her comments in her own video and it's too bad she can't channel any part of herself into goodness and use all of her experiences to lead others.  She's' close to the same age as I am, but our entire lives have been so different, and instead of learning that it's not how we fall, but how we rise, he just proceeds to be so hateful and spiteful on things she knows nothing about.  The few people that I have talked to, say they ignore her and her content, because it is so negative.

Cheryl Thinks she is like Susan Sarandon

Fat chance of that, no comparison LOL

in 2014 her video when she was 54  she's talking about religion and yet she's still so hateful and vile,
a singer that what did not make it?  she has her picture on there
on this video she says something is "not her business"  but my life is her business?  No it is not
Lots of talk about "hell" and "God" throughout the video
$6,000 stolen out of her apt by her landlord.  Who keeps $6,000 inside their apt? Not in a bank?
Hurt on a bicycle, knocked unconscious, broke her bones, gash on her head, landed on a Broadway St. near a tunnel on Broadway the day before All Saint's Day,  Signs that she was going to "hell" Her meaning You Can't Hide anything from God, and she was close to going to hell.  She figured that Jesus was the Messiah that day  in the hospital she was "repenting" and God was working to reach her.  She was blinded by ignorance by her sin, avoiding dealing with God,  She confesses to having a very dark life (just as I stated she would)

She states when she knows she's wrong, LOL and that she was arrogant, and she still is, wow,
Earth is just a pit stop
She's talking about people with demonic spirits, which she has WOW
She hung out with gay people and could have become a lesbian
She prays for all of her enemies and relatives - but she continues to create enemies w/ total strangers, 

She is a paralegal & sued for cyber stalkers yet she is the cyberstalker  her video about her

Stalker Cheryl, who is cyberstalking still, took down her false narrative that I am a "porn star" still suing her for putting that up, you can't libel anyone and absolutely no one cares what Cheryl thinks or does.  She is so VAIN and insignificant, she thinks her take on things matters, when it does not.  When you are so bias and don't do your homework and just post, your audience is just a bunch of nutbags.

Umm, do you really think such an ugly being is "saved" ??? And just because you invent a blog do you like start to believe your own false narrative?

Cheryl has a history of being a cyberbully, and won a case, my guess is that she was actually the perpetrator, I could be wrong

When women are jealous of other women and put them down, they get it backwards

Cheryl Meril is just a predator that tried to obtain my email address and then proceed to tell me what to do.  She threatened me over a post she did not like,  but look at her work, does this surprise you?

Her Blog on Ellen DeGeneres

Her Blog On Robin Williams

Damn Jeff Sessions To Hell

Here is what is on line about Salvation Army Fraud

While I encouraged her to write her own positive experiences about the Salvation Army that she may know of, instead, she launched an all out attack on me, and is calling me a fraud. .

She has also used a "different Natasha" who may or may not be a porn star, but she WROTE that it was me, without even verifying that it's not me, but another Natasha, and she disclosed private information that she unlawfully obtained, through her fake $1.00 donation which she wrote me she used to get my address.

Hurricane Harvey

Salvation Army Director charged with fraud

Director Of Social Services Arrested For Salvation Army

There is no way to even be near an ugly spirit.

She is just causing those charity's crimes to be exposed even more, through her own stupidity.

Cheryl is a single girl with nothing to do but bully

Here is the comment I tried to post on her blog, as she libeled my name

Oops and Cheryl won't allow my comment to go through, this is a typical agenda when they are hit w/ the truth.  They love the lie, and live inside it

I get asked all of the time what is wrong w/ people that are this insane.  It could be a variety, from childhood abuse, neglect, jealousy of siblings, no siblings, been verbally, physically, or sexually abused, abandoned, raped, no sex, empty marriage, no marriage, no sex life, self loathing, you name it, all of these play into adult life and when someone does not heal.

Girl that's been to court already over bullying

She had this deleted from google, it was up until I posted it on this blog

Now they suspended wordpress, when they were telling the truth 100%,  I have these screen shots before they deleted that.  Cheryl is a cyber stalker w/ a history of it, nothing but a trouble maker

Cheryl, makes up fake news videos to cyber bully, and then has the nerve to try to talk about anyone else's channel?  Not normal

deleted narrative about Cheryl saying she always has to bully and fight with people

strange video Cheryl made from a train moving by,

January 19, 2018 Friday


9:15 pm Friday night
Rep Steven Smith

65 GOP Senators say release the memo

10:09 Reading the Memo only 1 Democrat


10:30 Government Shutdown at midnight

10:59 People not upset it's closed, more worried it will re-open

You Are Free TV

True Lies after shutdown

Sean Hannity on Shutdown

True Pundit



Lou Dobbs - Release The Memo

Jay Seckulow - KaBoom

Dan Bongino

DACA Dreamers Statistics - shocking

The cost of illegals just in prison

Government Shutdown is to aid illegals

Shutdown means asking people to work without pay, while illegals live here w/ benefits????

URGENT Must Listen Matt Gaetz on Releasing the Memo

Fox News Kimberly

Q Remember this day

Thomas Wictor on Twitter about Trump's genius

Q Newest Post after Chuck Schumer left Whitehouse


Uh Oh, Fake News NBC hates our bonding and working together

Sources are saying they need 1 more vote to release the memo

B Tweet


Al Capone Government Shutdown theory

Mueller = Uranium One Wikileaks

Sean Spicer LOL too funny

With no federal employees at work in a shutdown, pornsite traffic will definitely take a hit

OMG Truth

Trump signs FISA bill, saying it's different than the Obama one


FISA - Time to Listen to this

Treason Exposed

The Corrupt list of criminals in this Takedown

Jeff Sessions says Hell No To Amnesty to Jeff Flake and Gang of 6 Proposal to allow for illegals and chain immigration

KGB Style Surveillance Used On Our President

78 Pages of Proof That Hillary Mishandled Classified material

Department of Justice - Arrest & Sentence for Espionage
Chinese  National Sentenced Yesterday - HUGE



Tweet to the Senators

Could Trump have signed the bill so we see what they did?  I think so,
Anti School

Shutting the government down will ultimately show the #crimes of the #democrats all at once

And try to remember that the Democrats want these 30 year old "children" to stay staining the IQ of this country, so they can keep destroying us

81 Pages Released On Las Vegas Shooting - Link here

Everyone, take time to see CNN before they flush themselves away, they really are too dumb to get the impact of the Fake News Awards, but here's a little bit of #Truth

Our Daily Fight is to hold on to our flag, while others try to steal it

President Trump on Pro Life

President Trump - A True Leader

HUGE turnout at pro life

Trump on Roe V Wade

45th March for Life


Intelligence Memo must be disclosed

The reason that Hillary was not ever investigated or charged prior to this, was the fear that was instilled in the world from the Clinton Body Bag Count

Trump postpones Trip to MarLago

Meeting between Schumer & Trump today

Paul Ryan urges parties to avoid shutdown & he names Chuck Schumer

Oops, Geraldo let it slip that his brother in law is the lawyer for Fusion GPS

Julian Assange Tweet about Nigel

President Trump on ProLife Movement

Tracy Beanz


New Poll People who say NOPRAH win

US State Dept wants to promote visas to UK students, (a liberal agenda)
very scary since it's a George Soros UN agenda, read here

California wants to break away from the bad leadership of Jerry Brown

Anti School and Destroying the Illusion Interview Together

Anti School - Release The Memo  New Q Eric Schmidt
Pictures of Memes

Yesterday, Trump, Pence & Mattis in very secluded room at Pentagon

Mike Pence on Government Shutdown

Watch Q News

2nd Amendment

Important from Sara Carter - read this


Jim Stone - Amazing Read

Airport Arrests for fake explosive = 8 arrested
James Munder

Wells Fargo paid double billing & fees on their customers, something is way up w/ this?
My guess, this was not an accident,

Through The Looking Glass - update on the Fake News Awards and
Paul Krugman

Destroying Canada and bringing Sanctuary Cities right across the border

NFL lost 23 Million Viewers since 2016 That's massive

On January 12, Federal Court gave James Comey 1 week to turn over memos

April LaJune on Voice America

Man who tried to help find Seth Rich's Murderer attacked in his own driveway

Most Corrupt President Ever = Barack Obama

Why Isn't Obama impeached?????  He should be even now, and have to give back is ill gotten peace prize

Comets & Things In the Sky
Earth Moving Asteroid

Menendez Statement

US Troops rescue tortured children from Somali

New Clinton investigation (added to the other ones, these are new)

Omarosa - Her exit from Whitehouse many headlines

Omarosa - A Spy? Ouch, pray there is more than this

Now Facebook wants to promote healthy news sources, it's too late, stay off Facebook, they are CIA type people spying on us all

Comey to teach an ethics leadership class??? Are they trying to kill us w/ laughter?

Las Vegas Report
No radicalization

Russian Ship turns arounds

The Clinton Murders so that Hillary could run

Trump DID NOT have an affair w/ Porn Star Stormy, here's her letter


Going after Governor Jerry Brown - I pray they arrest him

This was deleted off Twitter, so I would imagine it's true

Shutdown Blame Poll

Bye Bye Bad President

Tom Petty Died of accidental overdose

California Father of abused children plead not guilty 13 children were held hostage

3 Democrats That Are In Trouble in 2018

Destroying the evidence now NSA deletes records and surveillance


Gaza Hamas

Did Corrupt FBI fund Fusion GPS against Trump? Looks like it

10:00 No Agreement I don't think

AT&T Building in Manhattan has no windows - frightening