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Monday, January 15, 2018

January 16, 2018 Tuesday

Thank you for supporting my blog and channel, and keeping me able to do this.  It's an impossible task as many understand, and I pray for the day when all we get to report is happy news, and the end of government corruption.

People offering to go to the state of the Union instead of the Democrats

Steve Bannon to testify about election interference

Clinton Emails reveal everything
Tom Fitton Judicial Watch

Good links to articles

Letter to the President - full of truth

Proof we are winning, Google Fact Checker

Russia Gate - The FBI

Pat Buchanon, the world is watching how this plays out

Animal abuse through testing

Dick Durbin caught lying in the past

Mike Flynn

January 16, 2018  Trump Delcares Religions Freedom Day

FLU Shot & Vaccines
People can refuse to take the flu shot now under the Trump E/O stating religious beliefs

President Trump declares January 16, 2018 as Religious Freedom Day
B on twitter

Healthy people dying from the flu shot

Trying to scare people into flu shots

Before its news

Q, Julian, Rothschilds


Citizens Investigative Report

What Does it mean loaded w/ articles

Blog full of news & Pizzagate & deleted videos from pizzagate & killroom


Deporting DACA Dreamers is not a priority  - but get the hidden message, they are going to have to leave, no DACA deal

Protecting Fisa Court Abuses in the future

CNN the fake Shithole story 195 times on Friday


Twitter = Peeping Toms

Governor Chris Christie signed law confiscating guns on his last day

Gun Law Dick Law of 1902

Gun Law

Steven Seagal on the deep state & why they are lying about him = pedogate
Martin Luther King

Pizzagate - Hide Your Kids

David Wilcox


DOJ Terror List says most of them come from abroad

David Seaman

Press Briefing on President Trump's S Word

Stock hits HUGE high

Trump is not racist

Trump Acting Asst Secretary of State for Refugees

World Economic Forum = Slush Fund for Globalism but Trump is going

Looking Into Arresting Sanctuary city leaders

Awesome, Bannon refused to answer questions, and he does not have to, this is a witch hunt that has to end, way to go Steve Bannon

Ending Chain Migration and Immigration Lottery