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Sunday, January 14, 2018


There are people that think they can control your channel by cyber bullying and telling you what to do with your own channel.  When they don't like a video or an actual truth, they cyberbully, invade your privacy, have no boundaries, and then try to intimidate you.

These type of people, who have no content, but abuse a channel for the purposes of being able to try to control what others do, vs. make videos on YouTube, (that's what this channel is for)  It's not for people's rights to cyber stalk and invade other channels, even though trolls and out of control spineless people are doing this to get to the other channels that have researched their truth.

People that are such despicable creatures & bully when they don't like some of your research or content, end up getting themselves blocked and known as cowardly, spineless, trolls that we have to oust out of our  radar.  They in fact make threats to try to bully you into what they want, instead of trying to focus on where the problem is, so that the story changes.

I had to block this troll that tried to reach me and put into words very threatening content, when they in fact cannot do that, they are abusing their internet rights.

There are so many predators, abusers, and sick people on the internet, that try to pollute it, with their own warped way to see their own lives and justify abuse, betrayal and more.

Somehow they think if they say it, and lie to the rest of us, that allows them the continuance of whatever they want to do.  I call this insanity to a whole new level, and I do not post these twisted type comments that not only break down lawfulness, marriage, family, but they demean the IQ of anyone who thinks that someone this nuts even deserves free speech

Here is a good one, asking me to do more  OMG, some people want to make you leave the planet ???
How can ANYONE write a comment this stupid and think anyone has to do this for them??

I would die if I was this stupid and could not even go look up answers to questions I have
What is this a 2nd grader???

Jamie Wilcox

Natasha, I greatly appreciate what you do. Would you be able to assemble some links for people who have no idea what's going on? Yes, your blog is a source, but for a person who has no idea, who thinks the world is rocking along as always, concentrating on what to fix for dinner, they don't know where to start so they just don't! I guess what I'm suggesting is a pared down list to get them to jump in. 1. For instance, is there a video which explains what/who Q anon is? 2. What do you say to folks who say, "anyone can post anything on YT but that doesn't make it true. We can't even believe the news...we don't know WHAT to believe! Best just to let it be." 3. Well, even if we DO know the horrible things going on, what are we able to do about it?" (My first answer is to take it to God, pray!!!) I believe those of us who are aware WOULD do well to write to our congressmen and senators, requesting replies as to what's being done. We need written petitions, staying on them continually, and it would be better if we were united and organized. Are there folks out there who agree? What are your thoughts?

And here are the stalkers that try to say something is wrong w/ you,

K Schallert

Your starting to sound kind of crazy.... you're not really ever saying anything you're just sort of talking about nothing. I think you should replay your videos and watch yourself, you really are starting to sound a little nutty.

 This was the above comment this crazy insane lady responded to
 The Democrats are still dangerous.

This guy left comments, and is a stalker, posted about my fake charges about 10 times

Wow I didn't know Youtube was required to spend billions of dollars setting up servers and internet connections and maintaining a platform because you want them to? Where exactly in the Constitution does it state Youtube is part of the Government and must provide you with a free platform to express your views? Jesus this woman is a nut case and a half. You can tell the elevator just doesn't make it to the top floor.


Denise Matteau

4,553 subscribers

This lady has her own channel, and came in to cyberstalk mine, wow, 

Return Of the Mac um, you do know that Trump is in charge, don't you? The FBI in San Antonio does not answer to Democrats. Natasha Fake-Truth is a follower of the Democrat cult that has you idiots believing that you can run around doing citizen's arrests in the name of imaginary laws that you make up in your own delusional minds. Terrorism is certainly part of what you people are doing while you expose the genuine corruption. Building a set of violent assaults on your neighbors as this charlatan Abel Danger has you believing is going to backfire tragically on every one of you kool-aid swilling idiots. And we got your threats down here on the Gulf Coast. Bring it, you effing pieces of crap! We are ready for your sorry Fake-Truth asses!

Dangerous comments wow

Peter Goodman,  threatening to kill in comments, one so vile I had to delete, here's some more

It will be on the news after. I have no other option. 34yrs and I'm tired of false hope. It took 28yrs for me to figure out who i want to kill so yeah about 6yrs of anger has turned into a real fucking problem for Iowas coverup

 Mine involves Waco- David Koresh /still alive. I'm gonna kill the dude and his pedo ring real soon. Id message u but im outdated on smartphone n computers

how to justify insanity in a threesome

Graham Christensen
If non-monogamy makes you feel broken then you should definitely be in a monogamous relationship and you have the right to make that a requirement of a relationship with you. But you speak as if that's true of everyone. It's not. There are huge numbers of polyamorous people. Some people who have problems in their dyad relationships try to solve them by opening the relationship. That never works. But people who already have a good relationship, who are not jealous and possessive by nature and who both wish to open up can have a great experience. My wife and I have been in a triad with another woman for over 3 years now. It's not about selfishness because everyone involved benefits. There are sexual benefits, yes. You argued that it's selfish because one could achieve the same results (orgasm?) with one person. One could similarly argue that a dyad relationship is selfish because you could still get off with one less person by masturbating. Why does having more people in a relationship equate to selfishness? If anything, it would seem that monogamy is selfish because it involves a refusal to share your partner with anyone else. By contrast, my wife and I decided not to be selfish by sharing our sexuality with another person that we love and team up to fulfill her sexual fantasies. Likewise, our girlfriend and I team up to fulfill my wife's fantasies, as they indeed fulfill mine. Triad sex is, if anything, less selfish since all things being equal and if you're taking turns you spend around 2/3 of your time helping others orgasm and only 1/3 being helped. (Of course these activities are not always mutually exclusive). I'm not trying to diss you for being monogamous, I'm just saying that if we're going to argue selfishness then it would seem you have it backwards. There are non-sexual benefits as well. We have a close relationship with her as well as her husband and their children. Our child also benefits from their friendship. We go on family outings together and share our lives as good friends do. You and I can sit around calling each other's relationship styles "broken" with no objective way to measure that, or we can just accept without judgment that different things work for different people.

Next Comment,  People are SOOOOO Stupid and toxic,   they don't do any research of figure that I have done mine and know what I am talking about, and have it backed up in my videos.  They are toooooo stupid to actually check, but accuse me of not "knowing what I am talking about.  Translation, they want people to think that the fraud that went on was not in fact fraud.  People resigned, the church was put under a microscope, I think Joel left that title after this, but look at this nutbag trying to tell me off

Mirazul Miller  Most of these troll channels are in fact trolls, that go onto the internet to plague it,  most have little or no content
Dear Natasha, nothing but truther, With respect I offer you my truth and my opinion. This is you starting at 2:07 in this video. "... and when people keep asking me about fake charities, which I've already made videos about, a dozen times, Red Cross is like the Queen of fake charities, it's like a slush fund for the elite, and one of the ways that they started was with Haiti. Now, I don't know how many years before that they were even in operation, try to remember: I've only been in politics for two years and I can't research every story, but what I know about them and Haiti, and, um, the Lakewood Church flooded, is that the supplies never reached the victims." So, you can't research everything and have only been in politics for only two years, you've said in another video that you are smart, your demeanor, words, actions, etc. proclaim you to be American. Where was your brain in your adult years before the last two?  The American Red Cross is an American institution! If it is the "queen" of fake charities and you've made videos about it, a dozen times, you might've taken the time to inform yourself, even slighty, before you accuse. The International Red Cross was founded in 1863 in Switzerland, they have 97 million volunteers and staffers worldwide (190 countries have a Red Cross or Red Crescent Society). I don't know beans about the Haitian Red Cross, the American Red Cross, which is the one that should be of interest to us, has been in operation for more years that you've been on this planet this lifetime, 136 years to be precise. If they are corrupt, find a bureaucracy to investigate them; charities should be audited and kept honest. I like you. I really like you, and I support what you do, but (Big Butt) when talking about something you one doesn't know about, one is likely to sound stupid, and, I call that Fake News. I don't belong to the Red Cross or to Lakewood Church and never have. I went to Galveston with the Southern Baptist Convention after Hurricane Ike visited the island, the Red Cross was there and I couldn't tell who was who. I and every volunteer that I met worked for free, we cooked in shifts and others distributed warm food in the weeks following the storm, I don't know where the money for the food came from. I was impressed with the efficiency of the effort. Last year, when Houston flooded in the aftermath of Harvey, Lakewood Church was shamed and reviled for not opening its doors as a shelter, at the start. The pastor said that they had flooded before and could flood again, they did offer refuge to people later. Gallery Furniture opened its doors to provide food and shelter to anyone who showed up, many believed that the huge church could have done more and sooner. The pastor also said that the city of Houston used the church as a depot to receive and store supplies for the purpose. No malfeasance from the church other than to keep its doors chosed at the start when other places were opening to shelter people. Lakewood Church is a huge structure, it was called 'The Summit' and it was home to the Houston Rockets basketball team before it was sold to the church. I went there once, as a tourist in my own city, it is spiffy and wet people and pets might have soiled it some, I would rather give them the benefit of the doubt. I would have had someone explain to the people to came with cameras to shame them that they had flooded four years earlier and might open as a shelter when the rain stopped. I never heard of supplies not reaching the victims in this Houston, by the grace of God, Texas, on the occassion you speak about. Houston is home, I was here, near enough to Lakewood Church. God bless.
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Johnny Deadcolt

Lady they dont hold exremely high profile court hearings in super fast SECRET hearings as u claim you heard. If that was the case ppl would be convicted and locked up before anyone knew wat happened all the time and it dont happen, as a matter of fact the system was built to sorta totally do the opposite. Why are u on social media spreading rumors this is not high school or ur beauty shop gossip circle grow up and stop with the propaganda pushing lies u desperately want to beleive for god knows why just Stop. Ive known people that thrive on these kinda things in my lifetime, feed on the horrors of life and the people who have commited them, strive to see them punished, which is just another horror and i wonder wat it is inside of you that makes u this sad way? Ever think of this? Obahma shut down gauntanamo and like everything else trumps admin is pry just reversing that, which explains the recent activity. Or how the media could possibly miss these elites getting served indictments and or arrested??? My opinion is ppl like u doing damage like this is awful just awful, yet i dont seek to punish u but mearly to make you aware of your assinine behavior, you ASS yes you, you are an ASS!