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Thursday, January 18, 2018

FREE SPEECH - Be Smart With Your Time

Our day to day free speech at home, in public and in jobs is something we never knew ever had a chance of being silenced.  However, once the internet imploded w/ truth in the 2016 election, things changed.

Prior to that, being a troll, or vile hate speech person was not really an issue, now it's front and center.

People, however, are causing their own issued w/ the 1st Amendment, which is free speech. 

When you have a Twitter or Facebook account, that is your free speech.  YouTube channels are supposed to be an expression of your free speech.  What happens now, is that people violate the rights of others, trying to sever their free speech, and most people highlight the problem by trying to comment on those that they oppose, rather than those they agree with, and it causes the abuses and lack of boundaries that we seeing how.

It is not my job or anyone's to spend all day justifying my ideas and free speech.  People are so out of control that they don't face that we have done enough research on each subject to stand by our free speech and while someone may have a different opinion, it's up to them to put that on their own piece of the internet, instead they try to invade your site w/ a slew of abusive free speech, and try to intimidate you and your channels, websites, or tweets.  This is such a violation, and instead of engaging, we have to block them, and consider your time to valuable to be spent trying to educate a moron.

We need to all create more and more actual truth and helpful speech, in order to drown out the obnoxious wasted dialog that they try to weigh on our brains.  The time we have that they try to steal, we can never get back, so be smart with your time.