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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Q Q Breadcrumbs for me (LMAO) Pretend - FYI

Q left me a message

15 to decipher
rain & snow & ice = basement water
AlGore Climate Change evidence

blogitis invented 1994 in 2018 too much work to read blog
no cure

truthtellers united over past weeks - many breadcrumb readers
bonding support no breaks massive efforts

connection to truth = millions

DJT JA DTJR ET IT MT SK KC KP BabyTrumps warmday
no CNN No Acosta

manestream disease no cure

twitter jacka__ reveal kaboom
puketube facecrook awards = separate category

shadowban over 77%
election rigging

IQ High Defcon ???? Offthecharts Smart

Websites backlash over stupid CEOS

Puketube Truthers Exceed All WebTrafficX10

JA free knows all & more
timing expert on reveal

calendar days January kaboom count high

Puketube embezzling & freezing Natasha's channel
millions of views
hidden subscribers
Puketube comment theft = thousands by the hour

recovery of Clinton rape victim Juanita from book reveal
others recovering at rapid rate from exposure of normal

temperature only high on websites in the hotseat
normal temperatures across continent
global warming hoax is at high awareness

Obama library reveals fake president
legacy = no legacy

chuck, schumck

fake metoo hashtag - beware not all are real

stay tuned more crumbs to come