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Friday, May 4, 2018

Saturday May 5, 2018

DHS Promises No Tolerance on Illegals

Kentucky Derby photos 

CPS Honduras  ends from 1999 -totally abused

Man arrested for flying to FL to meet Trump and "smoke a joint?   WHAT?

Attorney Client Privilege w/ Rudy Guilani

Sex Assault cover up

Staff Suspended over immigration abuse

Charlie Kirk
The constitution was not written for the times, it was written to stand the test of time
DC  Pedogate - BUSTED

State Dept spokeswoman goes after free press and fake news

Federal law on classified information

MA Corrupt judge upset that ICE arrests criminal illegal

Prom Dress,  American Girl in Chinese dress - outrage

Charlie Rose - disgusting  really disgusting

Dana Loesch on Parkland and Sheriff Israel failures

Alan Dershowitz

Mounting trouble for Comey, who is contradicting his own testimony and evidence

California, disgusting art mural of Trump in a school, ordered to be covered

DNC fraud lawsuit moves forward on appeal

Stormy Daniels not paying legal fees, so who is?

Obama expenses as President, as they complain about every dime for Trump stafff

South Carolina almost voted out abortion last night

Mueller interviews Trump Friend

Judge slams down Mueller's request for a postponement of charges and says no

Mark Levin - Mueller has no authority to subpeona Trump

England Schools removing analog clock since the did not teach kids to tell time

Isela Blanc Arrested for protests over ending DACA

Bikers headed to confront Mueller in DC

Quick view of all of the black people Trump has connected with,

Hillary was running a crime syndicate

NXIVM Doctor showed cannibalism films - sick

Trump round table on tax reform

Imgur Hacked to DDOS

Seattle hiding criminal records from landlords

Flight attendant drunk

Trump offering peace even w/ Colin Kaepernick - wow

Hillary ordering theft of DNA at UN

Germany - Snuff film  they actually kill people for profit

Rosie O'Donnell over donated = violating campaign finance laws

The Black Eyes = Publicly shamed by their masters

Many articles about McCain passing and he stated he wants his daughter to be OK and Trump not to be at his funeral

McCain regrets Sara Palin -

Rudy Guiliani, the only crimes committed here are by the government

Twitter tampering w/ analytics of even Chuck Woolery

Postponing Horowitz testimony - new evidence on Hillary

Shaquille O'Neil = Trump Best President of all time

Children are shipped live in art = what?

Arrests at anti Putin rally

Warren Buffet 1.1 Billion dollar loss

Obama faking his college did not go to Columbia

Italian Art Gallery Boss faces trial for fraud

Ivanka Trump and her ex husband go on Italy Dancing With The Stars

John Kerry lashes out after exposure of treason

Friday May 4, 2018

 Reality is the leading cause of insanity

Sean Hannity

Pentagon bans Chinese spy technology - HUGE

Facebook - Heritage Wants to allow censorship

Trump advancing agenda on catch and release 

 Last Man Standing returns to Fox 

Wikileaks to Countersue Democrats 

Cigna Insurance still profiting - up 53%

 Guliana calls for Sessions to step in 

 Diamond and Silk - ask for Sessions, LOL 

 Costa Rica 1/2 Million in security cameras, just stored away

40 Questions That Mueller Needs to Anwer

Trump replaces lawyer with new lawyer that wants to Clinton Impeachment attorney 

Alan Dershowitz 
don't trust prosecutors, or judges

Physician who targets Ronny Jackson, resigns 

 Judge in Manafort case mulling dismissal, as over reach

Judge Ellis

 Trump cuts the funding for White Helmets Syria

 The Press hounding  Trump - beyond belief

Mueller tells Virginia judge he has "secret power"

Federal Judge

 Breaking: Federal Judge Ellis gives Mueller two weeks to turn over the full unredacted secret memo that Rosenstein refused to give to Congress

Mueller hires another Clinton atty ??? What? 

Federal Judge accuses Mueller of lying to Target Trump

Trump considers disbanding FBI - so corrupt,

 Sex Trafficking ring - selling people 

 Guatemala begins to move Embassy to Jerusalem 

 The line to see Trump at the NRA meeting WOW 

The kid who mowed the Whitehouse lawn was so priceless

Kentucky Judge Nolan - sex trafficking

Google Daydream

Candace Owens
Race is a business 

Race is a business—don’t you ever forget that. People like Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, and Jesse Jackson are the top execs. They live in million dollar mansions to ensure that the rest of black America never gets the chance to. Business has been good.

President Trump and John Kelly

 Johb Kerry has been secretly meeting w/ Iran to keep the deal going, WOW

Boston Globe on John Kerry secret meetings 

Voter fraud

Abortionist killed woman in a botched abortion - heads to jail

FBI Agent James Baker resigned

Lisa Page Resigns
On Sean Hannity tonight

Truth, they were fired

Unredacted versions show more crimes of Mueller investigation

 What they did is causing them criminal issues

Ex Judged sentenced to 20 years

Harvard offering social justice course

James Comey on what Trump said 

Chuck Grassley gave FBI until May 18 to respond to texts of Page & Strzok

Mueller's entire campaign being financed by Soros

Whitehouse = Readout of the minutes

 Trump at the NRA


Ryan Mzarik of Perkins Coie Refuses To Settle Virtual Property Theft Case - YouTube

Ryan Mzarik Attorney for Perkins Coie did not even live up to a verbal agreement, wow,

Ryan represents Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Blogspot, and there was an agreement to let all summons be served and file together contingent upon Twitter restoring my account, and my YouTube account being restored, as well as consolidating the case

Ryan back pedaled after this 1 20 minute conversation, and stated that he did not say his client did not want to pay us, even though that is what I heard.  He has not stated what he actually did say and has stopped responding, and is unwilling to do what he stated he would do, and a continuance was contingent upon those factors.

Ryan must have thought he could get me to agree, forget that verbal agreements and contracts are binding, and that he was planning to see that the other Defendant's he represents are not served and that they case gets dismissed?   Or some other unethical maneuver.   He has declined to do a conference with myself and Isaac, he has ceased in sending emails, and has not lived up to restoring my Twitter account, or anything from our conversation.

He stated he presented our "offer of settlement" to his clients, but he has never responded with a  counter offer, or any comment on what they owe us for theft of our virtual property.

He is aware we are going to appear in court and a Motion has been filed for our lawful earnings, and he is not able to do his job, since he did not like being called on his agreement and conversation with me.

He is obligated to communicate, just as lawyers do with each other, but so far, all attorney's have stopped talking to me.

Copy Of Request For a Hearing

Copy of Patreon Motion To Dismiss

Stephen Soule Attorney For Patreon - Complicit In Embezzlement Case

Stephen Soule filed a lengthy Motion to Dismiss on Patreon,  when he chose to only pick the parts of the Constitution that he likes, but ignore the rule of law.

See Pleading and opposition here

See Video here

Request for a hearing
Copy Of Request For a Hearing

What is so criminal here, is that websites hire attorney's that become complicit

Our virtual property revenue is ours,  if we did not make money for these web sites, they would not be web sites, but attorney's get hired to continue the embezzlement process and try to thwart the justice system, and all rules intended to protect victims from virtual property revenue theft

Sad, but real

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thursday May 3, 2018

NBC PUT OUT A FAKE NEWS STORY saying they wiretapped Cohen, thus that perpetrated a raid
they had to issue a retraction

Wiretapping Michael Cohen

WireTapping Cohen

Trump responds on twitter about Stormy

GAPS in the Strzok Page Texts, did the FBI delete them?

Trump paid back Michael Cohen
Guilani says Comey should be prosecuted, and Mueller needs to end fake witch hunt

The Witchhunt - most corruption in our history

Fighting w/ John Kelly,  Lewandowski is next in line 

Rueters - Trump's poll numbers double for black male voters

 Donald Trump Jr  Candace Owens tweet
Donald Trump's black voting base doubled over the past weeks 

 Russia News - Private Contractors are doing all of America's dirty work

Trump threatens to use Presidential powers to intervene in rigged Justice system

Venezuela Inflation Nightmare

Self Check Outs

Military Plane Crash

N. Korea releases prisoners, and not one peep from McCain or the news 

3 Arrested for flag burning

 Chinese car dealer loses $9 Billion

Strzok & Page more missing texts

 Messing w/ Donald Trump's Twitter account

Disney going LGBT w/ "Pride Ears" for Mickey & Minnie - coming soon

Jerry Brown's house broken into by a homeless man, was arrested, but isn't that a wake up call

US Judge orders Iran to pay billions to 9/11 victims

Michelle Obama calling herself Forever First lady  - OMG

Trump Should challenge a Mueller Subpoena, Alan Dershowitz

Michael Caputo - Mueller investigation

Frightening article on human trafficking

  Sessions Should step in & close Mueller investigation

Stormy Daniels payment

Trump - motivation - great video

Zuckerberg petition asking for a hearing in parliament over 176,000 signatures so far

Kellyanne Conway's Husband - what a trouble maker

30 people arrested at border

Sessions sends judges to process illegals

Mitch McConnel = swamp captain

The Academy formally kicked out Roman Polanski & Bill Cosby

Charlie Rose

9 Senate seats up for election

Teacher who has sex w/ student

Fake News Wars

Wall Street should be worried

Leonardo DiCaprio has pizza shipped from NY to CA  (while he promotes climate change and excessive costs, etc)

Tribute to our heroes

Trade Policies, not repeating the mistakes of the past

4 Sheriff's in Parkland murdered now???????? OMG

Shooting in

Clinton's running out of cash

President Trump's efforts to end aid in abortions and protect religious liberties

Debbie Wasserman

Project Veritas exposes a teacher that had sex w/ a student case they are trying to hide and worry only about the teacher's pension

Teacher's Union suspended after Project Veritas James O'Keefe revealed cover-up

Harvard Faculty - all deep state

Pope Frances inviting migrants over country safety

Dr Phil  Wow - bad statements on Kayne West

Wrestler wins GOP race

Otto Warmbier's mom makes UN statement

Columbia exhumes remains of 9,000 people

Illegal immigration up 233%

Burglar hits LA homes while people are in funerals

Trump proposing 11B in tax cuts next week

Trump will propose $1.5 Trillion in infastructure

Revealed John Podesta found 1.3 mile radius of Madeline McCann

Twitter scam trying to get people to change their passwords and then not letting them back in

Now that we are exporting more, the deficit is being reduced

US Freezes funding for Syria's White helmets

Fake Charities

Sara Huckabee response to Whitehouse Dinner

Trump orders Pentagon to reduce troops in S. Korea

More than 6-10 Hispanics Support Trumps plans

Democrat Charged w/ child sex abuse

48 page report on Mueller scam - Louis Gohmert

Roy Moore might run for Governor

Celebrity Cult & Connections

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Wednesday May 2, 2018

President Trump does not want to babysit any more

Pope Francis Treasurer to stand trial for Pedophilia 

Nobel Peace Prize giver regrets giving it to Obama 

Study shows baby Alphie had aluminum in his brain

No One In Hollywood got a permit to protect kids from Pedophiles

Facebook becoming Match.Com now

They are breeding mosquitos and ticks to give us infections

Oregon & other states trying to pass a bill against Monsanto

  Trump's doctor's office was raided, by the bodyguard, something wrong here

Philadelphia missing $33 Million in cash

Texas Sues To End DACA

Cheerleaders forced to pose topless - NFL

 Boston - Simmons College stating God Bless You Is Islamaphobia

 Michael Caputo

Hillary still whining

Bombshell about Trump and Stormy Daniels

Trump Nominated for the Nobel Prize 

List of the 18 people that nominated Trump

Lawsuit details May 2018

Isaac and I do a video  May 1

Sent to YouTube Twitter, Google Go Fund Me, Blogspot, etc and Perkins Coie 

Trump MEME Video on Fake news, so funny

Facebook audit 

Patreon Attorney
Stephen Soule

Twitter tampering w/ analytics of even Chuck Woolery

I used to have over 60 thousand impressions, 3 weeks ago and before. I am now down to 40 thousand over a 28 day period. I guess Twitter finally caught up to me? I have over 400,000 followers but now growing at a snails pace. Uhmmm?

Google like Twitter, operating w/ European law still based in USA

Federal Judges who bully

Forced consent



Google calling Conservatives Nazis

May 1, 2018

Trump in Asia right after election - Nov 14, 2017

The 16 year plan to destroy America
Obama Clinton George Soros 16 year map of NWO and destruction

Creepy sick pedogate - these people are sick

How Obama let Hezzbolah off the hook

Indictments growing,  I pray they are served soon

YouTube Channel

Deep State Archives

Strzok & Page corruption breakdown - twitter thread

I think this is fake news, they just like to make headlines 

Belgium bans the burqa

  Companies to boycott, bad brands

Pope Francis and his April 29 tweet to be unarmed

Office of the Inspector General report

Bill Gates met w/ Trump - hopefully not to work at WH

Sebastian Gorka on Obama, Iran Deal his legacy = dead

Google trying to hide true news

Mitch McConnell - ties to China

Putting doll heads on monkeys to mask them as small children as they beg for money  OMG

Sprint & TMobile Merger

Religions Cult Deep State

John Podesta makes strange tweet about aliens

John Bolton

Trump to attend NRA meeting in Dallas

Bad dog food sickened animals

Curt Shilling fired over transgender bathroom comment

Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood resigns

Twitter censorship is ridiculous

DNC wants money back from Hillary

April 19, 2018  Court orders Hillary's emails released

Canada wants US to enforce immigration laws

FBI still refuses to release old servers

Guitar company Gibson files for bankruptsy

Caravan being let through - beyond belief

Term Limits needed for Congress

5 yr old singing w/ her dad, wow

Prosecutor killed in Operation Long arm, trying to break up trafficking ring

Amazon products have listening devices in them that can even get you arrested

Skeletal remains found of 3 women near DC

Wanted 1 million people for DNA

John McCain asking for his daughter to be taken care of,  sees his last days

EPA Pruitt's head of security resigns

Kayne West on TMZ

Eastern European countries deport all muslims

Hulu cancels on Michelle Wolf after her Whitehouse appearance
Obama knew about the Iran lie

Phoenix drops sanctuary status and crimes goes down

Aron Traywick a CEO of Big Pharma found dead

Manafort - They cannot produce evidence

NY CIA Case w/ Liberal Judge denies case against them, for for the corrupt CIA

Invitation to Clinton Dinner 

 Trump's medical records were seized, no privacy or laws in this country

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Monday April 30, 2018

Rude reporter asks the President about the Nobel Peace Prize
Trump answers, Peace is the prize

Foiled Hillary plot uncovered about WW3 , set up Russia, and blame them in order to begin this war, 
Annon, reveals

Tree under quarantine from Marcon sources say

Secret Audio shows Colorado threatening candidate to quit race - dirty politics 

Illegals kept in stash house at border 

Illegals crossing over border right now, no cops, no border patrol, no national guard 

Illegals Breitbart 

Twitter links to send to Ecuador on behalf of Julian

Julian Assange Mailing Address

Trump signs EO on Wednesday to pull gov't out of control over schools and leaving it up to the states,   this takes down the NWO part,

David Hogg attends WHCD & tries to get people to oppose NRA

  Nigel Farel on Trump going to London

Red State was a Never Trump site, closed down,


Former Bush attorney wants to run as a democrat

Alfie Evans
Poem written by Alfie's mom - so sweet

Comey Lynch in more trouble as FBI drops bombshell

Chemtrails in Spain

Starbucks - getting sued over free food
Roseanne talks about her phone call from President Trump

Tom Fitton - on James Comey Leaker

Smallville Cult & Allison Mack

Video Part 1

part 2

Allison Mack tried to recruit these actresses

Allison Mack admits to selling children to Rothschilds and Clintons

Cult connected to Clinton's and Supreme Court

Obama created Operation Raging Bull putting MS13 gang members in every city

Paul Ryan trying to replace himself w/ a lobbyist and Obama supporter

Sessions Indictments for Fentynal from China

Pompeo - new sanctions on Iran

Chicago giving ID's to illegals

Former Hillary advisor makes a report on Corrupt Mueller

The Washington Swamp

2016 Endorsement for Trump

Time for Grand Juries against McCabe and Comey

Whitehouse dinner backlash

Trump tweet about dinner

Twitter Petition -

Going after Jill Stein

Climate Change hoax crumbles

NY bar that threw out a trump supporter getting death threats

UK Sale Sainsbury to by Asda from Walmart

McCain Stepping down

Michael Cohen part of the legal fees paid out of Trump campaign

ICE chief resigns

Clinton's holding a $100,000 a plate dinner  - beyond belief
Laura Loomer

Warlord sentenced to 30 years after cannabilism


Benjamin Netanyahu

Iran Deal - a charade 

Iran news coming

Iran pulls out of the deal after exposure

Sources say the explosion was destroying their storage site

Sean Hannity - Iran Nuclear deal violations

Ted Cruz on Iran deal

Bejamin Netaynu full video here

Iran lied about nuclear weapons

Whitehouse smears VA' doctor & gets him to leave from slander, where did it start?

Border Caravan waiting to get in still


Snopes finally exposed as a CIA operation

Michelle Wolf's deleted tweets - in such poor taste

Clapper & Brennan still have security clearances

IRAN deal exposed

Whitehouse crosses out has to had nuclear weapons

Iran pulls out of its own deal after getting busted by Netanhu

Obama lying about Iran and nuclear deal, he paid them, got nothing
Q Anon 

Obama's tweet of 2015

Nigerian Presidental Advisor said Obama did not help them 

Netanyhu in 2002 on Iran - Wikileaks

documents saved from Q!z1FCnaiA!4NS6tTnFmNs_yBZpKbCCgg

Roy Moore sues the people that lied about him

Leaked questions from Mueller for Trump, leaked to NY Times

Tom Brady caving to the left and kneeling for the anthem wow


Comey - Still would have been FBI director if Hillary had won, even though she was planning for McCabe LOL  delusional

Sajid Javid new home secretary UK

Trump getting spied on in England - Fairview Surveillance program

N & South Korea remove propaganda and match clock times

Disney pedophile symbol all over elephant character