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Friday, May 4, 2018

Ryan Mzarik of Perkins Coie Refuses To Settle Virtual Property Theft Case - YouTube

Ryan Mzarik Attorney for Perkins Coie did not even live up to a verbal agreement, wow,

Ryan represents Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Blogspot, and there was an agreement to let all summons be served and file together contingent upon Twitter restoring my account, and my YouTube account being restored, as well as consolidating the case

Ryan back pedaled after this 1 20 minute conversation, and stated that he did not say his client did not want to pay us, even though that is what I heard.  He has not stated what he actually did say and has stopped responding, and is unwilling to do what he stated he would do, and a continuance was contingent upon those factors.

Ryan must have thought he could get me to agree, forget that verbal agreements and contracts are binding, and that he was planning to see that the other Defendant's he represents are not served and that they case gets dismissed?   Or some other unethical maneuver.   He has declined to do a conference with myself and Isaac, he has ceased in sending emails, and has not lived up to restoring my Twitter account, or anything from our conversation.

He stated he presented our "offer of settlement" to his clients, but he has never responded with a  counter offer, or any comment on what they owe us for theft of our virtual property.

He is aware we are going to appear in court and a Motion has been filed for our lawful earnings, and he is not able to do his job, since he did not like being called on his agreement and conversation with me.

He is obligated to communicate, just as lawyers do with each other, but so far, all attorney's have stopped talking to me.

Copy Of Request For a Hearing

Copy of Patreon Motion To Dismiss