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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thursday May 3, 2018

NBC PUT OUT A FAKE NEWS STORY saying they wiretapped Cohen, thus that perpetrated a raid
they had to issue a retraction

Wiretapping Michael Cohen

WireTapping Cohen

Trump responds on twitter about Stormy

GAPS in the Strzok Page Texts, did the FBI delete them?

Trump paid back Michael Cohen
Guilani says Comey should be prosecuted, and Mueller needs to end fake witch hunt

The Witchhunt - most corruption in our history

Fighting w/ John Kelly,  Lewandowski is next in line 

Rueters - Trump's poll numbers double for black male voters

 Donald Trump Jr  Candace Owens tweet
Donald Trump's black voting base doubled over the past weeks 

 Russia News - Private Contractors are doing all of America's dirty work

Trump threatens to use Presidential powers to intervene in rigged Justice system

Venezuela Inflation Nightmare

Self Check Outs

Military Plane Crash

N. Korea releases prisoners, and not one peep from McCain or the news 

3 Arrested for flag burning

 Chinese car dealer loses $9 Billion

Strzok & Page more missing texts

 Messing w/ Donald Trump's Twitter account

Disney going LGBT w/ "Pride Ears" for Mickey & Minnie - coming soon

Jerry Brown's house broken into by a homeless man, was arrested, but isn't that a wake up call

US Judge orders Iran to pay billions to 9/11 victims

Michelle Obama calling herself Forever First lady  - OMG

Trump Should challenge a Mueller Subpoena, Alan Dershowitz

Michael Caputo - Mueller investigation

Frightening article on human trafficking

  Sessions Should step in & close Mueller investigation

Stormy Daniels payment

Trump - motivation - great video

Zuckerberg petition asking for a hearing in parliament over 176,000 signatures so far

Kellyanne Conway's Husband - what a trouble maker

30 people arrested at border

Sessions sends judges to process illegals

Mitch McConnel = swamp captain

The Academy formally kicked out Roman Polanski & Bill Cosby

Charlie Rose

9 Senate seats up for election

Teacher who has sex w/ student

Fake News Wars

Wall Street should be worried

Leonardo DiCaprio has pizza shipped from NY to CA  (while he promotes climate change and excessive costs, etc)

Tribute to our heroes

Trade Policies, not repeating the mistakes of the past

4 Sheriff's in Parkland murdered now???????? OMG

Shooting in

Clinton's running out of cash

President Trump's efforts to end aid in abortions and protect religious liberties

Debbie Wasserman

Project Veritas exposes a teacher that had sex w/ a student case they are trying to hide and worry only about the teacher's pension

Teacher's Union suspended after Project Veritas James O'Keefe revealed cover-up

Harvard Faculty - all deep state

Pope Frances inviting migrants over country safety

Dr Phil  Wow - bad statements on Kayne West

Wrestler wins GOP race

Otto Warmbier's mom makes UN statement

Columbia exhumes remains of 9,000 people

Illegal immigration up 233%

Burglar hits LA homes while people are in funerals

Trump proposing 11B in tax cuts next week

Trump will propose $1.5 Trillion in infastructure

Revealed John Podesta found 1.3 mile radius of Madeline McCann

Twitter scam trying to get people to change their passwords and then not letting them back in

Now that we are exporting more, the deficit is being reduced

US Freezes funding for Syria's White helmets

Fake Charities

Sara Huckabee response to Whitehouse Dinner

Trump orders Pentagon to reduce troops in S. Korea

More than 6-10 Hispanics Support Trumps plans

Democrat Charged w/ child sex abuse

48 page report on Mueller scam - Louis Gohmert

Roy Moore might run for Governor

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