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Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday May 4, 2018

 Reality is the leading cause of insanity

Sean Hannity

Pentagon bans Chinese spy technology - HUGE

Facebook - Heritage Wants to allow censorship

Trump advancing agenda on catch and release 

 Last Man Standing returns to Fox 

Wikileaks to Countersue Democrats 

Cigna Insurance still profiting - up 53%

 Guliana calls for Sessions to step in 

 Diamond and Silk - ask for Sessions, LOL 

 Costa Rica 1/2 Million in security cameras, just stored away

40 Questions That Mueller Needs to Anwer

Trump replaces lawyer with new lawyer that wants to Clinton Impeachment attorney 

Alan Dershowitz 
don't trust prosecutors, or judges

Physician who targets Ronny Jackson, resigns 

 Judge in Manafort case mulling dismissal, as over reach

Judge Ellis

 Trump cuts the funding for White Helmets Syria

 The Press hounding  Trump - beyond belief

Mueller tells Virginia judge he has "secret power"

Federal Judge

 Breaking: Federal Judge Ellis gives Mueller two weeks to turn over the full unredacted secret memo that Rosenstein refused to give to Congress

Mueller hires another Clinton atty ??? What? 

Federal Judge accuses Mueller of lying to Target Trump

Trump considers disbanding FBI - so corrupt,

 Sex Trafficking ring - selling people 

 Guatemala begins to move Embassy to Jerusalem 

 The line to see Trump at the NRA meeting WOW 

The kid who mowed the Whitehouse lawn was so priceless

Kentucky Judge Nolan - sex trafficking

Google Daydream

Candace Owens
Race is a business 

Race is a business—don’t you ever forget that. People like Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, and Jesse Jackson are the top execs. They live in million dollar mansions to ensure that the rest of black America never gets the chance to. Business has been good.

President Trump and John Kelly

 Johb Kerry has been secretly meeting w/ Iran to keep the deal going, WOW

Boston Globe on John Kerry secret meetings 

Voter fraud

Abortionist killed woman in a botched abortion - heads to jail

FBI Agent James Baker resigned

Lisa Page Resigns
On Sean Hannity tonight

Truth, they were fired

Unredacted versions show more crimes of Mueller investigation

 What they did is causing them criminal issues

Ex Judged sentenced to 20 years

Harvard offering social justice course

James Comey on what Trump said 

Chuck Grassley gave FBI until May 18 to respond to texts of Page & Strzok

Mueller's entire campaign being financed by Soros

Whitehouse = Readout of the minutes

 Trump at the NRA