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Friday, February 9, 2018

February 10, 2018

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Justice W/ Judge Jeanine

Las Vegas autopsy released

Missing 5 year old - sexually assaulted, found under a trailer

Affidavit Lt. General McInerney

Video on Hillary ordering the murder of Chris Stevens

Opium Fields Burn


Paul Rand

Health Care
False claims rulings Supreme Court

January Q info

All corrupt roads lead to Obama

Wow, the pressure is now hitting the high school over acting

Olympics - embarrassing

Comey reopened Hillary investigaton because they sat on the texts and emails for 1 month and knew they were getting caught

Welfare for refugees $870M A Year

FISA Court is so deep state approved in 1979

Dossier now linked to John Kerry


Dossier & Christopher Steele

Uranium One

Judicial Nominees

Google Fined in searches (manipulating searches)

Uranium One Informant Testifies that Moscow Sent Millions To Clintons

Protecting the murdered victims - James Woods

McCain on the dossier

Louis Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan - Wikipedia

Million Man March

Was the March bad or good?

Nancy Pelosi Speech on DACA
We need to have a democratic shut up a thon

Illegal Killed her son but she speaks so well to protect others

illegal killed 19 year old

500,000 Steralized in Kenya

Clinton Foundation under investigation

Abuse allegations

Lying about the flu shot since so many of of are wide awake

How To Leak To The Press

Boston MA, 33 Pounds of Fentanyl Seized that is enough to kill 7 million people
State population is 6.8 Million people

President Emergency Operations Center


Man pleads guilty in FL to helping ISIS

Alabama Man Sex w/ Minor

John Kennedy on Secret Society

Criminals going to Gitmo

Oxycotin will stop promoting to doctors

Kim Cattral's brother died, very sad, no lost love between girls at Sex in the City

Rush Limbaugh on truth - They were going to erase America

Trump On Welfare of Illegals and those coming here

Hong Kong CEO Resigns

Leon Mexico - Container stolen 7 state alert in Mexico

State Costs Of Illegals - Map

Allegations shatter our lives
no recovery from them

Lies we tell per day, even just not to get into conversations

House Bans Sexual Relationships Among Staff

Walgreen's Men can use Woman's rooms

Dreamer comments on being used as a pawn

Mom of Bengazhi Victim, speaking out

Thursday, February 8, 2018

February 9, 2018

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Trump Hillary twitter accounts LOL

Spending Bill passes and DACA is not in it

Budget passed until March and 2 year military spending bill
passed 71-28
Has to pass in the house as well 

Sean Hannity

David Laufman resignation is a big deal, see thread

DOJ filed to remove citizenship from a convicted illegal from the visa lottery tied to terrorists and who mailed money to terrorists
Hillary's sinister plan

3 Cons In a Fountain - Ben Garison

FISA Memo make Obamagate bigger than Watergate

Mexico is not sending its best

Haiti, full of sex crimes on the people there

Harvey Weinstein cases w/ LAPD

Bangkok - smog & air is so bad, they kept people in side,
probably something like chemtrails

Monkey watching a card trick - priceless

Texts implicating Obama from Page & Strzok

Huge Food Stamp Decrease 

Acupuncture Points to decrease pain, etc

Kamala Harris Aide Impersonating Police Officers

Stock Market fall

Mom adandons newborn at airport - heartbreaking


DOSSIER MEMO - Corruption

Trump Blocks Dem's version of memo, -  Good

Devin Nunes letter

Letter to Comey

McCain helped w/ dossier, discovered in October 2017

McCain - did he eaves drop on phone calls

#3 At Dept of Justice Stepping Down

Dead People's Remains being shipped to China

Hillary and Bill Clinton about to be indicted

Whole Foods

Comey was forced to tell after texts were revealed

Congress votes to  repeal advisory board

Lazaro Ecenarro

Jeff Zucker is separating from wife after 21 years

Nunes orders transcripts of top secret court

don't get mad, get even

closing in on the crimnals

Spies paid $100,000 for shady dirt on Trump

Final Report - Opoiod Crisis

Trump Nomination

Did Strzok break FBI code? 

6 Agencies conspired to wire tap Trump

Ex Obama official affirms Dossier was given to state dept

Trump message about Libya to Congress

report on drug pricing

Homeland Security agent sentenced for taking bribes

Oklahoma man pleads guilty to child porn

Judge Jeanine - we are on the brink of indictments

John Kelly - don't think he's retiring just yet

Senator Mark Warner exposed

Rothschilds fund raising????

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

February 8, 2018

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Trump At Prayer Breakfast

Contrast Obama

Before It's News

True Lies on Q posts

Bob Porter leaves Whitehouse

FBI informant testified yesterday

Monica Crowley On DACA

Russians At Olympics, despite ban

WHole Foods under Bezos

Trying to prevent the parade

Nancy Pelosi on her DACA speech

Clinton Foundation

Trey Gowdy on the democratic memo

Israeli Police


Obama briefed on Uranium One

Democracy Dies In Darkness

Clinton launched mole




John Perry Barlow
Julian Assange

Fake news won't report on major stories

John Kelly


Eric Schmidt - The Truth

Beautiful Snow Video

California Male Me Too Hashtag complaint

Chuck Grassley Memo

Bradley Manning - Chelsea Manning - War Crimes

Bradley Manning discovered sick war crimes and human torture and reported it to Wikileaks.

In early 2000's when Bradley Manning discovered human torture, he did not know how to digest it, or take it, and it was not about protecting any particular country, it was about all sides losing at war, and the destruction of lives, people, and reality of the hidden insides of war that he discovered.

This article reveals what he could not stand, and that he was seeing murders on all sides that were unrelated to serving any country, or achieving any peace. 

It would not be until many years later, (the 2016 election) that the real secrets behind war were ever revealed, and since the main stream media lied about what Bradley, now Chelsea Manning revealed, the false narrative still holds as "truth" when it shields the government lie until now.

In those early 2000's my mom was on a Facebook page that was detailing the torture of Bradley Manning who was jailed, abused, mistreated, left without clothing, and humiliated for his actual bravery into trying to save humanity, and to tell someone what he was seeing.  It would always be a questions that I have for Chelsea how he found and heard of Wikilieaks and Julian at his young age, but that was a very smart thing to do.  Even though people tried to call him a traitor, these people were not understanding of modern war.

My friend's husband entered the service to go to Irag at about this same age, only to destroy his entire personality.  He got there to see the cruelty of the sickness inside war now, and it ruined his beautiful innocent mind.  He saw places where people put a wire across the road between 2 trees, and when people on motorcycle would drive through that, they would become decapitated.  He saw people being trapped into holes that could not get out, and they were left to be tortured in the sun and die a slow death without being able to get out. 

This was not war like bang bang, the way it was portrayed on television, this was cruelty to a level that involved being so horrible and torturous that it cannot fit or live inside a healthy soul.

I do not know Bradley, but I did see the people on Facebook in groups trying to save him, and my mom showed me them.  I followed and joined one group, and thought it was the most horrible story I had ever known of.  One time, someone went to then President Barack Obama and told about his cruel mistreatment in jail, and Barack said, "he's fine" and he trusted the prison.  That is when I learned that Obama was a monster, and unfit to serve. 

Anyone entering the service does sign up to protect, and defend this country from the threat of war and terrorists, but they do not know what that means, until there are sent in to see the sick twisted fighting in other countries that are into human torture.  And no man, with an ounce of humanity, expects to fight like this, and then come back and pretend that is not what they saw. 

We cannot unsee war.  We cannot unsee mental cruelty, and torture.  It's a permanent picture.

I remember the pain of Bradley, now Chelsea's family CRYING to be heard on the internet, and of course the main stream was flipping the narrative about Chelsea, calling him a traitor and other names.  It was a very long sentence, and many years of torture.  In fact, I remember he was so depressed, I think he might have tried to take his life.  They would not let him talk to anyone, and left him in solitary.  He was so young, and so distraught, it's a MIRACLE that he ever survived.

I judge no one, and I want the actual facts out there.  And this has nothing at all to do w/ his/her choice to transition, that is a personal subject for each person to decide.

What I want to focus on is the truth, so that people know that the secrets that were revealed by Bradley, now Chelsea are actually saving us because once out, they cannot be ignored.

The wars, all of them were costly, perpetrated by government to lie about what they were hiding, and to keep us in the dark.  Those wars, were spending money all wrong, and making money all wrong while an underground pedophile ring was in the background.

The reason we have to free all of the truth tellers, and stop allowing for the lie is that the lie is what is killing our nation and by now, we need to recognize that.

I am not sure that politics is the place for Chelsea, it's a disgusting rat race, and so jaded for decades that I would not want my child in it, especially in their young lives.  However, if that is the direction that she wants to go, she has to get support and understand of who she is, and what she did for us as a nation.

Our job is to PROTECT, the people that try to tell us the truth, and stop letting fake news, destroy lives and the narrative.

The LIE they told about Bradley, now Chelsea was finally righted tonight, when they published that her revealing the details of the sick crimes and torture did not kill any Americans.

article on US Military admits that no one died

Julian Assange



I am not an Obama fan, but he was right to Free Chelsea Manning, and he had to.

It was 100% wrong to have violated Chelsea the way that they did, and to lie about why.

February 7, 2018

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So expensive to do the 24 hour news, very hard to survive as a truth teller

I appreciate any donations



Sean Hannity

Laura Ingraham


Is the Queen Funding The DNC & Hillary?

Jimmy Kimmel in auto accident not injured

Trump Establishes Vetting Center to Screen Immigrants

Q Postings Update

Illegal Alien Crime Statistics in Just Texas

According to the Texas Dept Of Public Safety, foreign aliens committed 611,234 unique crimes in Texas from 2008 - 2014

Dick Morris Lunch

DeClassify Tarmac Meeting Notes

Frightening Texts Reveal Obama Collusion on Dossier

Leaked phone numbers and names on Anthony Weiner's Laptop


Evicted Woman Freezes to death in Oregon

Tucker Carlson

Stock Market Volatility is Computer Generated

Senator Elizabeth Warren Letter - Mulvaney

Senate Budget deal for 2 years worked out

Massachusetts Town Councilor Arrested

RT Did a video about Julian

Las Vegas Judge Orders FBI To Release Footage of Masacre

Bank Fraud Has to pay back $360 Million


McCabe DOJ Possible Conflict of Interest

Chuck Grassley

Carter Page

Adam Schiff Tries to set up the Whitehouse over the memo

Strzok Texts

new texts show Obama colluding w/ FBI

Trump - New Texts Are Bombshells

Wikileaks dropping information on Mueller

FISA Scandal worsens Julian Assange reveals more collusion


Hillary - gets Overwhelmed 12 times a day OMG

President Trump calls Theresa May

FCC Commissioner Steps Down

HUGE Cybercrimes arrests


Monday, February 5, 2018

February 6, 2018

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So expensive to do the 24 hour news, very hard to survive as a truth teller

I appreciate any donations


Happy Birthday to Ronald Reagan

Sean Hannity - Dossier Lies as Memo is unredacted

In 2016, $800M is missing from Pentagon  - Obama

Bannon will not testify despite subpoena

Trump putting a stop to illegal drugs entering USA

Veteran shot when he confronted someone who was tailgating him

Proof that the news is scripted
back a few years ago, this is too funny,

JP Morgan sank the Titantic to form the Federal reserve

Look what Melania Trump wore to the Superbowl, she's so amazing

Trump Accuser running for office

True Lies Video w/ Q info and Rothschilds Property Sales

Federal Reserve wants to sink the Stock Market to derail Trump

David Hilton - Tony Blaire warned him about deep state

Colorado - Officers Killed

Trump Freezes the assets of human traffickers

Ryan Seacrest commenting on the sexual allegations


They want to put GMO's into everything, they already have done it to corn, wheat, and other products, but now they want to do it to chocolate  They want to make 70% of the world's cocoa genetically modified.  I will be unable to sell chocolate any more once this is done.


Former lawyer shot dead after saying the superbowl is rigged

Court awards vaccine critic doctor $2.5 Million for being right

Powerball winner tries to remain annonymous

Devin Nunes Going To ask for court transcripts

Trump wants to have a Military Parade, this is amazing

Trump neutralized the attacks on the superbowl

Released Hillary Files from FBI Vault

FBI Vault

NY ISIS man sentenced to 18 years

MS - 13 Round Table video

Whitehouse . gov

Chuck Grassley Memo

October 17 Chuck Grassley Memo

Virginia man pleads guilty to sexual assault

Press Secretary on MS 13 violence

Mike Pence Arrives in Japan

Cleveland OH Audit Results

William Campbell is the Uranium One Informant

Julian Assange Statement on today

From Julian

JULIAN received package


Trump tweets about chain migration

Oklahoma on Pedophiles

Texas Judge posts $100,000 bond after being caught taking bribes

Home Owners Association - Ripping off home owners

Home Owners Assoc created in 1964

Immigration Mess Again

ICE Deporting Illegal - 31 years here

Trump's Attorney's Approve Special Counsel

Good Parents Raise Adults, and Teach Children How To Be Responsible

If you don't raise your own child how to be independent, smart, make decisions, they turn into unproductive adults that can't survive.

Your job is to raise an adult, not handicap a child who needs you forever, that is what a toxic parent does

Cheryl Meril - San Francisco will have to answer to cyber bully questions over her haunting strangers on the internet

It's a crime to invade privacy and run a background check and then post it.  Can't be done on the internet.

Comment #3 for Cheryl,  these are being turned in to investigators, since Cheryl wants to delete truth and put up her own criminal cyber stalking story on a complete stranger

Here are recent arrests for cyber crimes, this will be happening now to all cyber bullies
finally  - 36 were arrested w/ restitution  - this is massive and now becomes law

Cheryl unlawfully and through fraud obtained my email address to threaten me
She then gave out my private email address to someone else to notify me that she began a cyberbully crime against me.
She's too insane to understand that my business is not her business,
She proceeded to spend additional hours and time creating a false narrative and erasing her slanderous, libelous, unfounded defamatory statements
She has then proceeded to cyberbully with unlawful usage of my photo and likeness in order to bully and only put up one side
She proceeded to make a slanderous video that was fake, trying to call me humorous phone calls fake, isn't that a kicker
She has erased my comments on her criminal cyberbully blog, and only puts up content that she administers, even though it's false.

Cheryl has 0 connection to me, other than she threatened me to take down a video that she did not like, and she has allowed herself to connect to me, (and others) simply to bully

Cheryl, why did you not comment on YouTube, but invade my privacy to contact me at a personal email address?

Cheryl did not like a "comment I made, and she created a blog page, a video, facebook posts and an email, so what is your "reaction" if you don't like 2 comments, 2 videos someone makes?  Do you go into overdrive?  Hold a meeting?

Cyber Stalker Cheryl keeps changing her blog page, trying to not incriminate herself, so Cheryl did they teach you in paralegal school what defamation is?
What the punishment is for cyber bullying?
What federal prison is like?  Since you might be a lesbian, you might like it there,

How many people have you had problems with on the internet?
How many people have had "cyber" issues with you?
How many times have you bullied others?

What did you write to me in Paypal?
What did you write to me in an email?

How many email addresses have you unlawfully obtained through fraud?
How many inquiries have you made into other people's personal lives on the internet and how many have you tried to blackmail?

How many people have you prevented from putting up the truth about you?
How many people have you harassed?
How many people have you slandered?
How many people have you said libelous things about?
How many people have you sought out because you don't like something they post or say?
How many people have you bullied and tried to silence?
How many videos or blogs have you made about stranger?  What has been the reason?
How many people are you trying to defame at this time?
How many times have you changed the narrative on what you wrote about me?
In any part of your narrative, did you post any truth?

What is with you, that you have a sick addiction to wanting to take anyone's personal pain, hard times, etc, and then fixate yourself onto it?  What exactly is your sick addiction to strangers and trying to bully people into the narrative that you want them to have, in accordance with your demands?

Why do you have to be fighting with strangers? 

List how many hours you have spent on a blog, fake news video, and having others contact me, since you are blocked?

Did you make up another account, or do you have little wimpy men do your grunt work, since you get blocked?

How many people have had to block you?

Do you ever do anything good?  Meaningful?
What is your fake news reporter?    How many fake news videos have you made?
 Does he work with you?  Do you sleep with him?  Is he paid to make videos?

And your troll that sent the link to my account?  Do you sleep with that guy?  Is that you on another fake account?

In between your times of cyber bullying, what do you do with your addictions to be stalking, and cyber stalking strangers?

So what's in Cheryl's dirty suitcase of a life that she has to cyber stalk others?  People are working on finding out, she has many people that know about her bullying

How many people have you cyberstalked?

How many people have you done illegal background checks on?
How many have you posted on the internet?

What is the longest distance you have launched an attack on a perfect stranger that you did not like a comment they made pertaining to a subject you did not like?

What is your association with Salvation Army?

Did you launch an attack on every person that has written a story about charities?  Did you go after them with threats like you did to me?  Did you invade their private email address?

Did you google charity fraud?  Salvation army fraud?

How many hours have you spent cyber stalking me?  How many links, videos, and connections have you made over a complete stranger that is 3000 miles from where you live?  What is the longest distance you have cyber stalked anyone from?

How many people to you involve in your cyber stalking?

Why you preach "peace" when you are always fighting with strangers?

Why did you delete a google post about you that was 100% accurate, stating that you are always fighting with someone?

So if you are a "singer" why aren't you singing?  Why don't you have videos up of your singing?  Why has no one ever heard of you?   Why do you have to state that you look like someone else and attempt to assume their identity?

If you are a "singer"  why are you a paralegal?  and a notary?   How much is the most you charged a person to witness their signature?  How much money to you make from witnessing signatures?  Do you ever give people a stamp for free like banks do to witness signatures?

How come you did not finish law school?  How come you spend time only stalking and do not help people that are victimized and sue on their behalf?

What is your marital status?  Have you been divorced?  According to your own words, did you act out on your lesbian fantasies?   Did you have any secret relationship to hide from the world since you think that goes against your religion?  (according to your words)
Did you have daddy issues?  (according to comments from my viewers that barely know what a nutcase you are?)

Why don't you print whole stories?  Why do you delete the other side of your own false narrative?
Why do you attempt to victimize complete strangers?

Why are you the "poster child of bullying?  What happened to you?  Not asked to prom? Bad childhood? Living a double life?  Abused? Drugs? Alcohol?

What medications are you on?  Did you ever get diagnosed for your disorders?
Need to judge others, failure to want  any facts or truth in your narrative?

Have you used illegal drugs?  Have you been treated for your anger, jealousy, and need to be cyber stalking?

How is "hell"?  You continue to describe it as though you have had experience there, so how is that? have you been there?  do you live there now?  Have you brought many of your friends there?
What were you like before your "accident?

How many people have you launched attacks on in your home town? How many people have complained that you are bully?

How is your own menopause going? 

Check all symptoms that apply

More nosy than usual,
More b--------- than usual
Cyberbully more hours a day
Night sweats
Spend additional hours in anger, wasting time on other people's lives
lonely because no one has fulfilled the hole in your soul
Trying to blame people for your life's emptiness
Judging more than usual
Spending far more time trying to haunt others & take their inventory, while deleting the truth about yourself
Additional hours being jealous

In the case where you won against "bullying" did you know this person?  What did you do to them?
How long did the case last?
How many other posts have you deleted that were the truth about you
Why are you always fighting with someone?

Do you go after 1 person at a time, or have multiple people that you bully?

How many times have cyber stalked people?

Do you own or rent your residence?

Have you engaged in satanic rituals?

Why are you such a hateful person that no one wants to be around?

Why do you fun a fake news channel, trying to judge other people that are actually trying to help and save people?

What is truly wrong with you?

Why is there a war within you that you won't address and you attempt to make it about someone else when your resume is just what is written here.