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Monday, February 5, 2018

Cheryl Meril - San Francisco will have to answer to cyber bully questions over her haunting strangers on the internet

It's a crime to invade privacy and run a background check and then post it.  Can't be done on the internet.

Comment #3 for Cheryl,  these are being turned in to investigators, since Cheryl wants to delete truth and put up her own criminal cyber stalking story on a complete stranger

Here are recent arrests for cyber crimes, this will be happening now to all cyber bullies
finally  - 36 were arrested w/ restitution  - this is massive and now becomes law

Cheryl unlawfully and through fraud obtained my email address to threaten me
She then gave out my private email address to someone else to notify me that she began a cyberbully crime against me.
She's too insane to understand that my business is not her business,
She proceeded to spend additional hours and time creating a false narrative and erasing her slanderous, libelous, unfounded defamatory statements
She has then proceeded to cyberbully with unlawful usage of my photo and likeness in order to bully and only put up one side
She proceeded to make a slanderous video that was fake, trying to call me humorous phone calls fake, isn't that a kicker
She has erased my comments on her criminal cyberbully blog, and only puts up content that she administers, even though it's false.

Cheryl has 0 connection to me, other than she threatened me to take down a video that she did not like, and she has allowed herself to connect to me, (and others) simply to bully

Cheryl, why did you not comment on YouTube, but invade my privacy to contact me at a personal email address?

Cheryl did not like a "comment I made, and she created a blog page, a video, facebook posts and an email, so what is your "reaction" if you don't like 2 comments, 2 videos someone makes?  Do you go into overdrive?  Hold a meeting?

Cyber Stalker Cheryl keeps changing her blog page, trying to not incriminate herself, so Cheryl did they teach you in paralegal school what defamation is?
What the punishment is for cyber bullying?
What federal prison is like?  Since you might be a lesbian, you might like it there,

How many people have you had problems with on the internet?
How many people have had "cyber" issues with you?
How many times have you bullied others?

What did you write to me in Paypal?
What did you write to me in an email?

How many email addresses have you unlawfully obtained through fraud?
How many inquiries have you made into other people's personal lives on the internet and how many have you tried to blackmail?

How many people have you prevented from putting up the truth about you?
How many people have you harassed?
How many people have you slandered?
How many people have you said libelous things about?
How many people have you sought out because you don't like something they post or say?
How many people have you bullied and tried to silence?
How many videos or blogs have you made about stranger?  What has been the reason?
How many people are you trying to defame at this time?
How many times have you changed the narrative on what you wrote about me?
In any part of your narrative, did you post any truth?

What is with you, that you have a sick addiction to wanting to take anyone's personal pain, hard times, etc, and then fixate yourself onto it?  What exactly is your sick addiction to strangers and trying to bully people into the narrative that you want them to have, in accordance with your demands?

Why do you have to be fighting with strangers? 

List how many hours you have spent on a blog, fake news video, and having others contact me, since you are blocked?

Did you make up another account, or do you have little wimpy men do your grunt work, since you get blocked?

How many people have had to block you?

Do you ever do anything good?  Meaningful?
What is your fake news reporter?    How many fake news videos have you made?
 Does he work with you?  Do you sleep with him?  Is he paid to make videos?

And your troll that sent the link to my account?  Do you sleep with that guy?  Is that you on another fake account?

In between your times of cyber bullying, what do you do with your addictions to be stalking, and cyber stalking strangers?

So what's in Cheryl's dirty suitcase of a life that she has to cyber stalk others?  People are working on finding out, she has many people that know about her bullying

How many people have you cyberstalked?

How many people have you done illegal background checks on?
How many have you posted on the internet?

What is the longest distance you have launched an attack on a perfect stranger that you did not like a comment they made pertaining to a subject you did not like?

What is your association with Salvation Army?

Did you launch an attack on every person that has written a story about charities?  Did you go after them with threats like you did to me?  Did you invade their private email address?

Did you google charity fraud?  Salvation army fraud?

How many hours have you spent cyber stalking me?  How many links, videos, and connections have you made over a complete stranger that is 3000 miles from where you live?  What is the longest distance you have cyber stalked anyone from?

How many people to you involve in your cyber stalking?

Why you preach "peace" when you are always fighting with strangers?

Why did you delete a google post about you that was 100% accurate, stating that you are always fighting with someone?

So if you are a "singer" why aren't you singing?  Why don't you have videos up of your singing?  Why has no one ever heard of you?   Why do you have to state that you look like someone else and attempt to assume their identity?

If you are a "singer"  why are you a paralegal?  and a notary?   How much is the most you charged a person to witness their signature?  How much money to you make from witnessing signatures?  Do you ever give people a stamp for free like banks do to witness signatures?

How come you did not finish law school?  How come you spend time only stalking and do not help people that are victimized and sue on their behalf?

What is your marital status?  Have you been divorced?  According to your own words, did you act out on your lesbian fantasies?   Did you have any secret relationship to hide from the world since you think that goes against your religion?  (according to your words)
Did you have daddy issues?  (according to comments from my viewers that barely know what a nutcase you are?)

Why don't you print whole stories?  Why do you delete the other side of your own false narrative?
Why do you attempt to victimize complete strangers?

Why are you the "poster child of bullying?  What happened to you?  Not asked to prom? Bad childhood? Living a double life?  Abused? Drugs? Alcohol?

What medications are you on?  Did you ever get diagnosed for your disorders?
Need to judge others, failure to want  any facts or truth in your narrative?

Have you used illegal drugs?  Have you been treated for your anger, jealousy, and need to be cyber stalking?

How is "hell"?  You continue to describe it as though you have had experience there, so how is that? have you been there?  do you live there now?  Have you brought many of your friends there?
What were you like before your "accident?

How many people have you launched attacks on in your home town? How many people have complained that you are bully?

How is your own menopause going? 

Check all symptoms that apply

More nosy than usual,
More b--------- than usual
Cyberbully more hours a day
Night sweats
Spend additional hours in anger, wasting time on other people's lives
lonely because no one has fulfilled the hole in your soul
Trying to blame people for your life's emptiness
Judging more than usual
Spending far more time trying to haunt others & take their inventory, while deleting the truth about yourself
Additional hours being jealous

In the case where you won against "bullying" did you know this person?  What did you do to them?
How long did the case last?
How many other posts have you deleted that were the truth about you
Why are you always fighting with someone?

Do you go after 1 person at a time, or have multiple people that you bully?

How many times have cyber stalked people?

Do you own or rent your residence?

Have you engaged in satanic rituals?

Why are you such a hateful person that no one wants to be around?

Why do you fun a fake news channel, trying to judge other people that are actually trying to help and save people?

What is truly wrong with you?

Why is there a war within you that you won't address and you attempt to make it about someone else when your resume is just what is written here.