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Monday, February 5, 2018

February 6, 2018

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Happy Birthday to Ronald Reagan

Sean Hannity - Dossier Lies as Memo is unredacted

In 2016, $800M is missing from Pentagon  - Obama

Bannon will not testify despite subpoena

Trump putting a stop to illegal drugs entering USA

Veteran shot when he confronted someone who was tailgating him

Proof that the news is scripted
back a few years ago, this is too funny,

JP Morgan sank the Titantic to form the Federal reserve

Look what Melania Trump wore to the Superbowl, she's so amazing

Trump Accuser running for office

True Lies Video w/ Q info and Rothschilds Property Sales

Federal Reserve wants to sink the Stock Market to derail Trump

David Hilton - Tony Blaire warned him about deep state

Colorado - Officers Killed

Trump Freezes the assets of human traffickers

Ryan Seacrest commenting on the sexual allegations


They want to put GMO's into everything, they already have done it to corn, wheat, and other products, but now they want to do it to chocolate  They want to make 70% of the world's cocoa genetically modified.  I will be unable to sell chocolate any more once this is done.


Former lawyer shot dead after saying the superbowl is rigged

Court awards vaccine critic doctor $2.5 Million for being right

Powerball winner tries to remain annonymous

Devin Nunes Going To ask for court transcripts

Trump wants to have a Military Parade, this is amazing

Trump neutralized the attacks on the superbowl

Released Hillary Files from FBI Vault

FBI Vault

NY ISIS man sentenced to 18 years

MS - 13 Round Table video

Whitehouse . gov

Chuck Grassley Memo

October 17 Chuck Grassley Memo

Virginia man pleads guilty to sexual assault

Press Secretary on MS 13 violence

Mike Pence Arrives in Japan

Cleveland OH Audit Results

William Campbell is the Uranium One Informant

Julian Assange Statement on today

From Julian

JULIAN received package


Trump tweets about chain migration

Oklahoma on Pedophiles

Texas Judge posts $100,000 bond after being caught taking bribes

Home Owners Association - Ripping off home owners

Home Owners Assoc created in 1964

Immigration Mess Again

ICE Deporting Illegal - 31 years here

Trump's Attorney's Approve Special Counsel