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Saturday, June 2, 2018

June 2, 2018 Saturday

Online vigil for Julian Assange

Julian's address

Petition for Julain


Unfair trade does not like tariffs

Harvey Weinstein - rackeetering

Alex Jones gave the 30 year old $3,000 moving expenses

Trump tweet in 2012, Obama failed to unite the country

Trump mueller probe

Underground bunker used for Sex Trafficking, Tuscon az

Nancy Pelosi

Mueller probe started in UK

Vermont Relocation

Soros & Podesta = voter tampering election fraud

Thursday, May 31, 2018

June 1 2018 Friday

Sean Hannity

Woman raised a pair of lions, they remembered her 7 years later

City to award stipends of $1000 to prevent murders of those most likely to kill people

Jailing Soros

Usain Bolt


Courtney Love

Hawaiian Judge Orders the end of memes about judges

Obama and his tanked economy

Obama's net worth went up 438% while he sold out USA 

Obama spied on Trump way before we thought

Trump knocks MSM for burying surveillance story 

Hillary shopped Bengazhi story 1 week after 

Admitted pedophile running for office in Congress

He can run, from restored rights of felons

USA output of oil way up

Failures of Sheriff Brown

Wow, Theresa May

Jobs numbers

Susan Rice's son, President of Standford Republicans

Jeff Sessions supervised

Unemployment reaches 1969 low of 3.38 percent

Spygate came from a drunk in a bar, but finally NY times posts it

TBS scrubs entire episode of Samantha Bee

Florida jury awards $4 for a man shot in his home

Chelmsford MA Flags

Trump names new homeland security advisor

Joh Benet Ramsi forensic psychiatrist shot outside of his office

Huge letter from Kim Jung Un To President TRump

Free Tommy Protest in NY City

California banning travel

80 holistic doctors killed so far

Carter page

San Diego Border Wall Begins

2 bodies found in hotel in Vegas

Pass a budget or cancel vacations

5 ways to spy on Trump

30 year old moves out of his parents house

Hillarys bulge under her coat

Media lying about Trump has to correct it

Google drone

Big letter from King Jung Un

Disney hiring convicted pedophiles


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May 31, 2018

Sean Hannity

Kim Jong Un wept after seeing poverty

In Germany people abandoned their cars over the gas prices,  good idea

Hillary's approval rating all time low

Illegals using minors to enter USA 3 times increase

MS13 filmed the murder of a 15 year old

29 People in court over sexual exploitation charges

Trey Gowdy - wow, what's up w/ him?

Ex USC med school dean - drugs and prostitutes

Loretta Lynch signed off on spying on Trump

Dinoesh Pardon

Mueller investigation expenditures

Samantha Bee 

State Farm pulls ads after Samantha Bee

Obama - Logan Act

NAFTA - Trudeau

Kid Wins Student can wear Trump shirt - hard to believe this had to go to court 

Megyn Kelly - can't play well w/ others

Paul Ryan undercuts Trump on tariffs

The people that change the world, SOL

Google calls Conservatives Nazis , Instagram censors Donald Trump Jr

Allison Mack - branding women was her idea

Sally Fields tweet

Trump Roseanne double standard

Boston - Grads want to wear military saches over Graduation gowns

Boston MA  High School Dean shot student

Trump pardons

VIrginia Congress - candidate admits he's a pedo

Trump to impose total ban on German luxury cars

Obama Running Spygate against Trump

Appeals court hold In God We Trust on currency

Trump on firing Sessions

ABC will lose 60 million from canceling Roseanne

May 30, 2018

Sean Hannity

FBI DOJ & Facebook = all spies

New restrictions on Julian's extradition, but w/ limits

Freedom of Press

Theresa May spent $30 Million on Julian

UK President

UN human rights

Centrists are the most danger to democracy

UK President

Fake charges against Julian

Lawsuit against Julian

Wanting to strip Julians Citizenship so he can be extradited

Melania after surgery

May cable ratings destroy CNN  Sean Hannity #1

Sara Huckabee on Roseanne & double standard 

ABC boycott gets 55,000 signatures over Roseanne

Right to try Legislation passed by Trump  - some networks would not cover it

Little boy waiting to hug President Trump - priceless video

Obama's about Roseanne

Fox going to pick up Roseanne

Ambien goes after Roseanne

15 shows that have been canceled

Jim Acosta upset about Trump & Kim Kardashian at Whitehouse

USDA approves horsemeat for human consumption in 2016

Look at Hillary, what is she hiding?  the remote control?

Trey Gowdy - worried about pension

4th liberal judge tries to overule Trump on teen pregnancy and abortions

Hillary's eye problems

Hillary - losing the women vote

Disney Executive Arrested

Missouri Governor resigns

Woman who canceled Roseanne

Inspector General's report due on June 5, 10:00

Soros blew 20B on trying to derail Trump

Wikileaks = scapegoat for Hillary loss

fake twitter account

Texas - plan unveiled to protect students

New York Times lied about the size of the Trump rally

Denver police shut down a lemonade stand for kids not having a permit

Side effects of Ambien

Harvey Weinstein indicted in NY

WOW, look what was said about Ivanka?
Samantha Bee

Monday, May 28, 2018

May 29 Tuesday 2018

Sean Hannity

GOP Congressman Costello - blaming questions about Trump 

CLinton body bags  - killed w/ his own gun, just before preparing to testify

murder suicide of Clinton witnesses

Whooping cough vaccine does not work

Hillary backs Cuomo not Cynthia Nixon

Amazon over extended

London to Langley Spy Ring

Victory in Arkansas over Abortion

Obama loop hole closed

 Wikileaks 2012 global intelligence files

Wikileaks files on Valerie Jarret

Julian Assange Petition 

Republican Mid Terms Ad against MS13

Trump lowering insurance costs

DOJ OIG Release

Anti Putin Journalist shot dead in his apt

USC Gynocologist pedogate

Memorial Day Monday May 28, 2018

Memorial day

Trump's Memorial day speech

Whitehouse Memorial Day speech 

Arrests after hiding illegal - flight school staff

Budget battle brewing

Forced consent - web sites

Putin plans to step down in 2024

 Trump - Memorial Day

Wikileaks calls Q a pied piper operation

Tommy Robinson

Hillary arrest inevitable

Ivanka Trump photo w/ son, so priceless,  left is jealous