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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May 30, 2018

Sean Hannity

FBI DOJ & Facebook = all spies

New restrictions on Julian's extradition, but w/ limits

Freedom of Press

Theresa May spent $30 Million on Julian

UK President

UN human rights

Centrists are the most danger to democracy

UK President

Fake charges against Julian

Lawsuit against Julian

Wanting to strip Julians Citizenship so he can be extradited

Melania after surgery

May cable ratings destroy CNN  Sean Hannity #1

Sara Huckabee on Roseanne & double standard 

ABC boycott gets 55,000 signatures over Roseanne

Right to try Legislation passed by Trump  - some networks would not cover it

Little boy waiting to hug President Trump - priceless video

Obama's about Roseanne

Fox going to pick up Roseanne

Ambien goes after Roseanne

15 shows that have been canceled

Jim Acosta upset about Trump & Kim Kardashian at Whitehouse

USDA approves horsemeat for human consumption in 2016

Look at Hillary, what is she hiding?  the remote control?

Trey Gowdy - worried about pension

4th liberal judge tries to overule Trump on teen pregnancy and abortions

Hillary's eye problems

Hillary - losing the women vote

Disney Executive Arrested

Missouri Governor resigns

Woman who canceled Roseanne

Inspector General's report due on June 5, 10:00

Soros blew 20B on trying to derail Trump

Wikileaks = scapegoat for Hillary loss

fake twitter account

Texas - plan unveiled to protect students

New York Times lied about the size of the Trump rally

Denver police shut down a lemonade stand for kids not having a permit

Side effects of Ambien

Harvey Weinstein indicted in NY

WOW, look what was said about Ivanka?
Samantha Bee