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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Tax Cut - Paul Ryan

Please Listen

This is a change in his attitude, he's speaking more like President Trump

Baby Ring Bearer Falls Asleep going down the isle

President Trump & Melania Journey in 2017

Judge Jeanine on Twitter

Chinese tradition

To Order private news to your email - see this link

Melania in China

President Trump on How China Got The Advantage we Handed to Them

Melania passes out toy eagles in China, - priceless

Trump Speech

Wow, lovely video and speech

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Obamacare Premiums for 2018 - Read This

Look at this letter for Obamacare - are you kidding me?

Obama did this as he left his last year, in order to leave everyone unable to afford health care

Sponsors Threaten NBC For Showing Protests - NFL is destroying itself

The NFL is destroying itself, so is television

Smarten up

1 Yr Trump Anniversary - Trump's Accomplishments

1 year accomplishments list

Sebastian Gorka Tweet

Radio Interview w/ JM Talboo

Trump tweeting, such an amazing man, he never sleeps

Skywriting for Trump

Prepare For Change - The Event

Operation Disclosure & Intel - Restored Republic Nov 8th 2017

Latest news


California - Jerry Brown Etc

Removing gun laws against criminals - wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Political Ties

They have been saying the political ties between everyone are hard to process.

The Rothchilds, The Bankers, Government, Clintons, & Other countries  a lot of dirty politics will be listed here, and the connections between them

Someone did this homework I have not had time to go through it, it's mindboggling

JM Talboo & I Cover Many News Topics

My Interviews

JM Talboo does so much research before we do a show, that it's mind boggling.  It takes hours, weeks and months sometimes to get the data and facts checked out before we speak on each issue

This is all 2017 work we did.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Channel w/ JM Talboo

Covering UFO's & Aliens = Halloween Special

The news partnership

Trump's Accomplishments

Politics & Pedogate Part 1

Part 2 Pedogate

youtube has deleted this, but here is the link

Voter Fraud

Harvey Weinstein

JFK Document Release

Corey Feldman

Las Vegas Shooting - 2nd Gunman

Go To Hell NFL

Facebook Is A Dangerous Website

I can't warn people enough NOT to post things on Facebook.  It should be a site just for news, and nothing personal, but they prey on people who seek attention and praise, and "likes" on all of their posts.

They have been found to be spying, unmasking, face recognition, and more on their site
They tampered in the 2016 election
Mark Zuckerberg has been sued and called out for his role in Russia Ads, etc

Worse than that, they are predators, and will do anything to have control over people.

They are the thick of the internet deep state for sure

Here is what they are doing in Australia - Beware

Everything is the opposite of how they are presenting it

Have you photos taken off FACEBOOK

Julian Assange They are still abusing him - Free Julian

THERE IS ONLY 1 REAL ACCOUNT FOR JULIAN ASSANGE, people copy his account, right to the tweets, he is here,

Wikileaks is only 1 account, here

Contact Information To Force USA Gov't to Free Julian

US Attorney to write to in order to Free Julian  - newly appointed

16 Females admit to scam and fraud over Julian
 Sixteen* female lawyers who worked for Swedish law firm which pushed to arrest me (I was cleared) come forth to denounce the firm as a financial racket and its head as an abusive fraud

UK Code of practice for reporters, all being violated

Julian Tweet about Rosenstein & other countries, we have to get to the bottom of this, that is why there is still fake things over Julian

Hillary Clinton, Brennen Tweet

Mueller fake investigation only after 1 country

Spying on left wing activists

Targeting Cernovich Jack Posobiec & Laura Loomer

USA created Cuban Twitter

Meant to Undermine Government

KimDotCom speeding ticket

Defending the right to a fair trial, Laurie Love

Newly appointed Prosecutor Tracey Doherty McCormick

 5 years in jail for tweets

human rights abuses

Under attack part 5

Fake News trying to blame Julian, insane news

article from 2014, (Hillary Obama days)

Sydney Peace Medal Awarded To Julian Assange - 2011

Back in 2010, They were silencing Julian for his revelations about their crimes

Twitter is Shadowbanning Julian on Twitter, Insane
Hiding old tweets in searches, even after caught by James O'Keefe

Nov 4th

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Donald Trump Introduced as Leader Of The World - National Assembly

Trump Speech

FIgure Skating to the Sounds Of Silence - WOW

JM Talboo - The Researcher Behind Our Interviews

JM Talboo and how we are building our news, and truth blog

Nov 7


Mar Largo Hotel visa's

Church gunman called his father during chase

Actress Mila Kunis makes donations to planned parenthood in Mike Pence's name - beyond belief

Trump in Japan

Virginia Election;postID=7622901845809510715;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=link

Trump on N. Korea

Florida - Greek Death

Trump not falling for tougher gun laws

Trump ending nigerian immigration protection status

CNN still covering for Clinton saying to dismiss Donna Brazile

They are saying they captured Obama in the Philippians

If you are on twitter, follow this girl, she always has the truth and updates

Obama assigned Jury Duty, ????? hard to fulfill that while fleeing

Church Shooter history

Trump's 11 day trip

Kellogg's - totally dangerous brand, they used baby parts in food, now they disgrace themselves on the box over our President

UraniumGate Expodes

Gov't mind control


USA not signing Paris Climate Accord Agreement

CIA Immigration - NWO

Drug Cartels & CIA

Man stabs his pitbull after he bit neighbor's dog - OMG

HUGE great video on how to break down the corruption

When civil liberties are violated

Saudi Arabia recovery

OMG Man Murders Woman who refused Marriage proposal

Anti Trump Protests were a dud

Donna Brazile

Trump Speaking on N. Korea

McCain - Uranium One

James Woods to Chelsea Clinton

Trump handling Chicago

Everyone backing away from Impeachment as a Strategy, including Pelosi

Nesara News -- Trump conquers NWO  More people are posting this, this is a good thing

Carter Page

Maine Sen King Says no to assault rifle ban


Brazile On Seth Rich Murder

Climate Change Fraud

Steve Harvey - Wisdom

Obama did not prosecute those w/ criminal backgrounds

Trump Bodyguard

Wasted government money inside SNAP - sad

Julian Assange - not missing a beat?

CNN actually posted dems have lowest view in 25 years, gee, I wonder why that is?

Donna Brazile on helping find the killer of Seth Rich

Judicial Watch - Debbie Wasserman

FBI can't break into shooter's phone - big problem w/ Apple

VA state polls

President Trump tweets to Billy Graham's father who turns 99 today

I am not sure if this is true, I don't know this website, and some sites on facebook post very fake news
NBA indictment

Guilty plea for lying about Trump

See election blog

Trump tweet, something brewing for tomorrow

You can't make this stuff up  Menendez trial juror asked for the definition of a "Senator"

FBI - So Corrupt

George Clooney on Hollywood Movies  (he has 5 month old twins now )


Trump's Welcoming in Japan

Trump on N. Korea & the abuse

The Truth about the MSM lies about Trump - great report

Twiiter went to 280 characters LOL (to compete w/ GAB)  Liberals can't handle longer tweets from our President LOL

Did DNC bribe journalists to push the Russia story????

FBI 7th Floor looks at Trump Whitehouse as they enemy,  Why?  They are the ones that have been committing the crimes w/ democrats, that's why

Nov 7, 2017 Election Day & Looking Back 1 year ago

Sebastian Gorka

November 8th we took the Republic back. Today let's take the Commonwealth back!

One Year Ago

Crawl to the polls to vote Republican and drain the swamp

Democrats busing in illegals to vote even 1 year later in Virginia

Look How Many Did not Vote

Turn Virginia Red

bullying at the polls

Election Fraud

Vote Republican, this is Democrat - we know this now, can you imagine this for our country?

are they trying to rig NH again?

If you do not vote, it's a surrender, not a protest.  Our voices are the only thing that saved us from NWO

Lock Her Up

Election Day Huffington Post Style - Already put Hillary in

Virginia is against trump - wow so sad, staying blue & pedogate

Virginia voted in a transgender over the one who wrote the anti transgender bill WOW

RNC spent $24 Million to lose VA

Trump tweet at 8:40 PM,  He works all of the time, does not miss a beat

Virginia & NJ = corrupt states that are going to be hard to drain

Hillary a year ago, thinking she won