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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Nov 7, 2017 Election Day & Looking Back 1 year ago

Sebastian Gorka

November 8th we took the Republic back. Today let's take the Commonwealth back!

One Year Ago

Crawl to the polls to vote Republican and drain the swamp

Democrats busing in illegals to vote even 1 year later in Virginia

Look How Many Did not Vote

Turn Virginia Red

bullying at the polls

Election Fraud

Vote Republican, this is Democrat - we know this now, can you imagine this for our country?

are they trying to rig NH again?

If you do not vote, it's a surrender, not a protest.  Our voices are the only thing that saved us from NWO

Lock Her Up

Election Day Huffington Post Style - Already put Hillary in

Virginia is against trump - wow so sad, staying blue & pedogate

Virginia voted in a transgender over the one who wrote the anti transgender bill WOW

RNC spent $24 Million to lose VA

Trump tweet at 8:40 PM,  He works all of the time, does not miss a beat

Virginia & NJ = corrupt states that are going to be hard to drain

Hillary a year ago, thinking she won