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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Julian Assange They are still abusing him - Free Julian

THERE IS ONLY 1 REAL ACCOUNT FOR JULIAN ASSANGE, people copy his account, right to the tweets, he is here,

Wikileaks is only 1 account, here

Contact Information To Force USA Gov't to Free Julian

US Attorney to write to in order to Free Julian  - newly appointed

16 Females admit to scam and fraud over Julian
 Sixteen* female lawyers who worked for Swedish law firm which pushed to arrest me (I was cleared) come forth to denounce the firm as a financial racket and its head as an abusive fraud

UK Code of practice for reporters, all being violated

Julian Tweet about Rosenstein & other countries, we have to get to the bottom of this, that is why there is still fake things over Julian

Hillary Clinton, Brennen Tweet

Mueller fake investigation only after 1 country

Spying on left wing activists

Targeting Cernovich Jack Posobiec & Laura Loomer

USA created Cuban Twitter

Meant to Undermine Government

KimDotCom speeding ticket

Defending the right to a fair trial, Laurie Love

Newly appointed Prosecutor Tracey Doherty McCormick

 5 years in jail for tweets

human rights abuses

Under attack part 5

Fake News trying to blame Julian, insane news

article from 2014, (Hillary Obama days)

Sydney Peace Medal Awarded To Julian Assange - 2011

Back in 2010, They were silencing Julian for his revelations about their crimes

Twitter is Shadowbanning Julian on Twitter, Insane
Hiding old tweets in searches, even after caught by James O'Keefe

Nov 4th