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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

RationalWiki Posts False, Libelous & Defamatory Statements

Addicts and creepy people listen to lies and live to lie
Nothing anyone can do.  

When you fear truth, and the rule of law and are NOT a cyber stalker
then what is wrong with you?

I met my share of sick people and predators it was never about me.

Rational Wiki are cyber stalkers, and have targeted many people.  They are a leftist cyber stalking "organization" that tries to discredit, manipulate, and exaggerate, & reverse the truth, never posting anything accurate, or with 2 sides and facts.

They have not had consequences enough for what they do, and they need them.

Their false story about me

Here is a Google review, talking about how bad they are:

Here is their address:

The RationalMedia Foundation
122 Girard Blvd.
Albuquerque, NM, 87106, USA

Like everything Democratic, they lie.  They call themselves "RationalMedia" when they are irrational, and fake news, but unlike media, they are not protected by propaganda, they are in fact subject to libel, defamation, and character assassination, as well as cyber bullying

 Fake Rational Wiki GOES after anyone that has a voice, and threatens to reveal things that are true.

I do not know anyone from this organization, but they have targeted me for over 2 years, only their information is not true.  They stalk my videos, and reverse what they say or mean, and they have no regard for any person's rights, or to fight back against being blackmailed, or targeted.

Fake Rational Wiki is run by evil people that distort facts, and need consequences, and sadly the only way to get that done is in court.

They put out a one sided narrative, and never put actual facts out, but like all leftist organizations, they take what people say, and add their own twist, it takes warped minds to do this, but they must have that as employment and hiring criteria.

So in my "fake profile that they made up about me, they "missed a few facts, and distorted others, they falsified things, and wrote libelous false statements.

1.  I am not extreme right anything.  I believe in the law, the Constitution, and equal rights for anyone.  It's libelous to "label" me as anything, they do not know me, or have any legal ability to even print that.

I do not follow Q Anon.  I made a few videos about it as news, I am not on 4Chan or 8chan or anywhere on the site.  I have not even posted anything about QAnon for over 2 years.   As a person doing the news, I reported on that site and made about 8,000 other videos.  Rational Wiki tries to falsely link anyone that reports on truth, news, current events, as something they are not.  This is defamatory and meant to bully, and demean anyone that wants to make current events videos.

This Defamatory statement is going to be problematic for Rational Wiki:

She is may be mentally ill, and has had at least one court ordered mental evaluation after she claimed God and Oprah Winfrey told her to kidnap her neighbors' children.[2]

In that case, I was found innocent, and of course framed by Massachusetts, and they had to reverse this false claim, rigged trial, and out of control judge.  Rational Wiki forget to tell their audience, that Judge Stoddard, and Judge Cremens were both forced into early "retirement" from what they engaged in with me.

And their false story of all of the charges, the court records of all of this in 80 hearings over 5 years were destroyed, why?  Because it showed the crimes of the courts and judges

I was found innocent in 2019, after years of fighting and when I sued 11 of the 18 parties involved in this massive scam and lie, all of the defaulted
Rational Wiki failed to mention this truth

Slander -  People only have 1 recourse in this country to rectify injustice, it's to go to court.  Sadly in many states, courts ignore the Constitution, and the rule of law, and betray victims, but people still have to try.

I do not sue "anyone I am mad at"  I have tried to rectify injustice that was bestowed upon me, and RationalWiki is liable for misleading my own rights to defend myself against those cases. 

Rational Wiki twisted the words that were on my video to Judge Casper, they falsified what I said,  this is not legal, and defamatory.

Just a few years later Delima decided to kidnap her neighbors' children after hearing God and Oprah Winfrey speak to her for days, telling her she had to do it. She grabbed both young boys and tried to lock them in her house, after the father rescued them she attempted to pull a neighbor over to help her kidnap the children. Delima's rants in court were so over the top that she actually had a psychiatric evaluation ordered.[2]

Rational Wiki falsely stated that I "decided" to kidnap my neighbor's children, this is defamatory, and false, and libelous.  Also found to be false, with perjured testimony by a drug dealer, whose own mother stated at trial that he was lying.

Rational Wiki does not stop there, they add to their mountain of lies, like most Democrats, and fake news

Delima came into mild fame in the craziest of crazy circles on the far right fake news echo chamber during and after Trump's election in 2016. She is a big proponent of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory that says that high ranking Democrats (including Hillary Clinton) are somehow using a pizza parlor in D.C. to run a child sex trafficking ring. This crazy conspiracy actually lead to someone shooting up the parlor to "rescue the children".[4] Delima posted multiple videos a day popularizing this insanity as well as the QAnon conspiracy that Trump is actually leading a coup against the deep state and using sealed indictments and military tribunals to go after political opponents.
In mid-2017 Delima's YouTube channels were demonetized and she was unable to get her "fans" to donate enough money to Patreon to support her "lifestyle". So she turned to her favorite money making scheme: more vexatious litigation!

Jeffrey Epstein had both Hillary and Bill Clinton to his ranch and on his plane, 

8 People have just been indicted for foreign donations to Hillary Clinton's campaign

Copy of indictment here

turns out "Q" was right,  but even still, anyone that was reporting this in advance was targeted,  my guess is Rational Wiki, has a few skeletons in their own closet, so we have to investigate and find out why they put out slanderous, libelous content, and bully people that aim to keep our country safe, and free from child, human, and sex trafficking,  something which many people find frightening and want to make sure does NOT happen in USA.  So what ties does Rational Wiki have w/ politicians, government, democrats, etc.  ????

I have not ever been demonetized by YouTube.  My earnings have been paid in a pittance of what I earn, and stolen.  My choice to remove my own monetization is my choice but it's false, a lie and defamation to state that I was demonetized by them, when that is false.

Delima teamed up with Isaac Green, another demonetized vlogger and YouTuber, to sue every major social media outlet for failing to give her money and denying her First Amendment rights.[5] This is not the first time that Delima has attempted to use a lawsuit to extort money from people. As can be seen in the graphic to the right Natasha has a long history of trying to use the courts to bludgeon her perceived enemies. For example, after being fired from her job Bartending at a Marriott in Boston Delima sued the parent company for "libel and defamation." The case was ultimately dismissed, but Delima continued her pursuit into the Appellate court claiming she won by "default." This claim of winning lawsuits be default continues to be a major theme in everything she files.

I have never tried to "extort" money from anyone.  That is libelous and false, as well as defamatory

Sadly, RationalWiki knows nothing about the law, and their inability to even write content shows how little they know, and the additional fact that they think they are bound to no law, or any consequences for libel and defamation.

Lancaster Flea market went out of business when they were earning over 1 million dollars a year - so how is that????   They were bad to deal with and full of MICE, and mice feces

If RationalWiki ever bothered to read my case, that flea market moved my merchandise to another booth and left it on the floor, and more than 1000 mice left feces on it, and destroyed my merchandise.  I was in fact making money there, as were others, but they never dealt w/ the problem at all, and also they were horrible at business, 

In 2008 Natasha was trying to sell trinkets at a flea market and when she didn't make enough money she sued the owner. Interestingly enough, she is quoted as saying, "I have begged for a settlement because that’s the way to resolve everything. Give me enough money to start over. I want it over. They have a million dollars and I don't."[6] This is the same language that she is currently using in her lawsuits against Facebook, Patreon, YouTube, and Twitter. Demanding that they should settle for millions of dollars[7] and be done with it, "Settling is the right thing to do." Perhaps Delima realizes her filings will fail, just like every other time, but is hoping she can extort a settlement if she is a big enough pain?

Unfortunately  Rational Wiki is too stupid to read pleadings, all of the web sites are private companies, and my claim was written as such.  Being a public platform does not mean they are not a private company and as a private company, they are subject to laws against discrimination, and the rules for virtual property rights apply, again, Rational Wiki is just spewing without any accuracy

From their fake story 

Delima has some very bizarre ideas about the law. She believes that social media companies are "public" and therefore have to abide by the First Amendment and that it is illegal for them to remove content on their own platforms or to demonetize content creators. She seems to confuse the term for publicly-traded companies on the stock market for being somehow publicly controlled companies beholden to the same rules as the governmentIronically, Delima blocks all comments on her videos and talks regularly about how she has a right to control what people say on her platform. So far the hypocrisy is lost on her.
She also seems to believe that lawyers can not represent clients if they are accused of wrongdoing. She has multiple videos saying that because she claims these companies embezzled her money, any lawyer that points out that it is nonsense is violating the law and should go to jail.[8] Given Delima's limited understanding of the law or the constitution, this should not be surprising.

Stalkers like Rational Wiki are the reason that I disabled comments, and other reasons as well,  too many stalkers and trolls like them live to bully and target channels, and no one has to take that abuse, it's also a waste of time,  in fact, they want to comment, without anyone able to put out the truth about them, thank goodness for blogs.

I don't have to control anyone, it's my channel, if Rational Wiki or anyone wants their own voice heard, YouTube is free,  get a channel, 
The hypocrisy here is that Rational Wiki can't handle anyone dealing with them, they want a 1 way stalking pass to put out their own narrative, without anyone able to put the truth on the other side.

Libelous and defamatory statement 

In late June of 2018 Delima appears to have had a complete breakdown. Following the reported fatal accident of her "fiance" (who was deported to Mexico 7 years ago, and yes the irony of a Trump supporter complaining about illegal deportation is totally lost on Natasha) Delima appears to have been hospitalized for a nervous breakdown. She produced several YouTube videos filled with tirades about the hospital, the "forced" drug cocktails, and the fact that they didn't give her a catheter.[12] She did several follow up post where she threatened the hospital, the staff and her doctor who followed up on her case urging her to keep taking her meds.[13]
Shortly after this breakdown Natasha dropped Isaac Green from the lawsuit in a published video. The fact that the court has not ruled on any of their motions to consolidate the lawsuits and that posting to YouTube does not count as a motion to rescind those filings did not seem to work into the equation. Apparently Isaac was not grateful enough for the hundred of dollars and hours of work she claims to have dumped into a lost case. Considering all of her filings are stream of consciousness, nonsensical ramblings we hope that the supposed hours of work was an exaggeration.

Rational Wiki are not doctors, and cannot make any medical evaluations, nor are they privy to any.  I have never had a nervous breakdown,   And sad and pathetic that you don't have any compassion for anyone losing a loved one. 
Since you also don't know me or Isaac, it's irrational of you to make judgments on either of us.  Long distance cases are very difficult.  Even still you got it wrong.

I am filing a defamation and libel suit against RationalWiki for all that they have posted in a cyber bulling effort to target me, and I still have no idea why.  They should face consequences for being so inaccurate, and such a stupid fake organization,  and that "org" just means they get a tax break.  They are a scam site to me, basically a cyber bully site, going after people that want to help advance thoughts, news, ideas and narratives.  There is nothing wrong w/ that.  

Rational Wiki is in fact liable under federal laws, as follows:
Cyber bullying

Rational Wiki has violated the following Constitutional Amendments:
1, 5, 6, 9 and 10
People are innocent until proven guilty,  it's illegal to falsely state medical data protected by the Hippa Laws

I do not have a mental condition, and have not ever been treated for one.  Having been given medications to produce a certain result was the basis of a law suit, which Rational Wiki never read, nor did they ever tell the truth about, even still, they have violated the HIPPA laws, and I will seek damages for that  and lastly, this entire fake article is an additional attempt at blackmail, and recycling the lies and false story, even after I have been found innocent.

They did their article in August 2019, when I was found innocent in January 2019, and that makes it a new charge of blackmail. 

See you in court Rational Wiki, 

Friday, November 1, 2019

Denise Mattaeu

her account was terminated

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