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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Criteria For Posting Comments On YouTube

Everyone,  if people want their comments posted,

People are destroying Youtube with vicious comments, if you want free speech, clean it up

I have been attacked, insulted, and trolled,  Others are off the wall w/ comments, and just pollute the internet.  Myself and others cannot do the news any longer, this being the most daunting task.

Demanding people want everything, but no accountability for what they post or say, and others are just trolls.  It's not about free speech, you can have your own channel and create your own free speech, but the biggest infection to the internet are those that destroy what people want to build.

I am one person, and am not spending another year w/ the toxicity of trolls and vile comments.

here is criteria

They cannot be personal comments about me, even flattering ones, I'm not a dating site.

I do not have a nickname, or shortened name  If you only put my partial name, I don't post your comment,

People try to put way too much religion on there and bible readings,  that is not appropriate for this site, and they do not get posted, with a couple of exceptions that are meant to Bless our President, etc.

People that swear, or use crude language, are blocked

trolls are blocked

Comments should not be super long, there are people that have written entire pages, it's for comments.

If you use all capital letters, it goes into spam, and I only check that about 1 time a month

 My blog and channel are seen by everyone all over the world, they represent me, this President, our country & each other.  Only those type comments are welcome.