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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Wednesday December 20, 2017 Tax Bill On It's Way To President

TAX BILL PASSES THE SENATE & The HOUSE on its way to be signed by Trump

Tax Bill Signed

Look at when Reagan got a tax bill through in 1984

Ivanka Trump

Democrats are freaking out since their own wealth is going to make them pay their fair share now, and they also lose Obamacare mandate, etc.  They could not be more transparent and more sore losers than what we see now, they have reversed to everyone what the bill contains to make people fear it, when in fact, they are now in fear.

Middle Class benefits in tax plan

Sean Hannity 12/20/17

Media Lying about Trump's success - so jealous

President Trump on Twitter

Trump Speech

Tax Bill Facts

Tax bill cuts $4 Trillion in cuts for the wealthy (loophole)

AT&T Giving Bonuses - big ones to employees after tax bill passes

Comcast Bonuses

More bonuses

More Bonuses

White House Press LOL not one smile after the bill passes

Protestors laying down on the marble floor in a pile

Tax Bill Starts to repeal Obamacare

Getting choked up about tax bill passing

Sen Hatch - Couldn't have been done without Trump

The MSM can't even find fake news now, the economy is booming again

Sebastian Gorka on the DOW

Judge Jeanine after it passes

Wells Fargo raises pay for employees

Chuck Schumer goes nuts on Trump - Wow !


EPA loses deal

Al Franken Voted On Tax Bill

Lucid Dreamer - The Deep State take down because of Trump

Fighting Donald Trump, Turkish President wants to defy Trump and threatened him

Elon Musk accidently gives out his cell phone number

Q QAnon Saving the Children

Q QAnon Tracy Beanz

Daycare provider caught burning toddlers w/ a glue gun - held without bail

Dems trying to trigger Trump so they can excuse chaos, he's not falling for it

Bernard  Law dies at 86 - disgraced after pedophilia scandal

Mexico bus crashes, killing 12

Italy attempted kidnapping & stuffing a woman in a trunk OMG someone saved her

Peter Strzok 's Anti Trump Text messages revealed on Fox News

Rosie O'Donnell violates election laws, on twitter, offering to bride Senators

Congressional Funds to pay sexual harassment claims PA House Democrats

CA refusing to disbar Lisa Bloom - Wow, shocking, she and her mom need to have law degrees revoked & them both locked up for election rigging, and Trump lies

She Knew campaign is launched near Meryl Lynch's home for her latest article claiming she did nto know about Weinstein

They went after Meryl because she knew & lied about it

Jesse Waters on Trump Success for America

7.5 Hours of McCabe testimony - but none of it was leaked to the press

McCabe Not Truthful - perjury to Congress

Democrats Fighting President Trump on DACA Dreamers - filing lawsuits

Twitter targeting free speech and hate speech


The True Criminals in Gov't  - Hillary Clinton Going Down

Federal Complaint filed against Hillary for election fraud

Newt Gingrich says Comey & others are going to jail

The FBI Mess - Fox Business

They go after Rob Lowe for voting for Trump, they swarmed his house

Jerry Brown raises California gas to $50 a gallon and free for himself & gov't

Wiretapping Judge disappears

Trump ending "lottery" "chain Migration" in other words = illegals

Judicial Watch Sues Over Strzok

NYT Keeping Sexual Harassment employee - wow

Tom Hanks - So Anti Trump

US Airstrikes

Chemical Spraying in Kansas & Oklahoma

Illegal wants abortion at 22 weeks because she lied about the baby's actual age

Trump Video on 2017 snapshots

The Spy Bill from Obama - Democrats are trying to push it through - Julian Assange

The Spy Bill

Countries that voted Against in UN

NY Frivilous Lawsuit against Trump tossed out