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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Eve Sunday December 24, 2017

Massive Law & Order Changes - Trump & Sessions

WATCH  IMPORTANT  Disney Arrests


Executive Order on Human Rights Abuses

Important Red & Watch All Of These - HUGE 
Whitehouse.Gov - Executive Order

Link to Law


Great video to watch on the executive orders

Now trying to wiggle out of the trail once caught

President Trump & Melania spoke directly to children for Christmas, this is priceless

Police in SF Calif save a terror attack on Pier 39

UN - Christmas Present  Trump & Nicki Haley Cut UN Budget by $285M

Mike Huckabee on the Naughty List

The House of Cards Falls

Jeff Sessions investigating Uranium One, can take down Hillary

Sex Trafficking is a 1 Billion dollar a year industry in the USA  and that does not include the abortions & selling body parts

HUGE Watch
Disney Arrests - Sex Trafficking & Massive Arrests


Trump calls Comey Leakin Comey LOL

Ooops, their answers don't match

Andrew McCabe ordered the Seth Rich file sealed

Steve Bannon On Ivanka

Facebook - Dangerous

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories that are true

Floride is so dangerous for us

Obama Banned

Q QAnon Identified?  David Seaman

Great Article on Rosie O'Donnel & past Trump interviews on her vile behavior

A Happy Birthday to General Flynn

Jerry Brown Pardons illegals about to be deported

France under sharia Law

Iraq Chistians raise a 30 foot Christmas Tree - This is HUGE

Grown Up Christmas Wish List


Twitter Deletes Julian Asssange's Twitter Account

Julian's lawyers offices broken into

Julian's second account was suspended, but I'm getting word it might have been planned,
still checking

Julian Assange Update - Crypto kitties arrive before Christmas

True Pundit link on Julian Assange

Updates on Julian some codes

Trump saying keep tweeting

Twitter feed QANON

Perhaps there is a plan, there is no better way to wake up the deep state than to alter their plans

Wikileaks Task force tweet

UK news

Update on Julian & Threats on Trump

Q Wants us to stop tweeting w/ trolls

Could this be Julian, he should not need a new account, but this could be him

No, any new accounts are not Julian

Hillary no longer recalls threatening to drone strike Julian Assange

Hooded men went after Julian's Lawyer's office

Navy Tweeted Julian Assange's name & they deleted the tweet

Julian's account seems to be restored, still not sure

Twitter took Julian Assange off Trending, even though it's still trending

Q QAnon update & Julian Assange

Julian Assange Deep State Files

Q & QANON Julian Assange

Charlotte Assange  - Niece of Julian

My tweets to Charlotte

The Most Dangerous Job is to know what the government is up to - Julian Assange


Facebook also weaponizing

Mexico - 6 murdered infants found near a bridge, no one knows why

Judge Allows For Refugees to Be W/ Families - Chain Migration - ruled right before Christmas
but after Executive Order  65 page ruling

DC Arrest -

Billion Dollar Baby Fraud - Caught

Virginia 2 deputies shot during house call

Sound Of Music Actress Dies at age 68