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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas December 25, 2017


Dreaming of a White Christmas

President Trump fed those protecting him out of his own budget in Florida


President Trump & Melania arrive at Church in Florida

In Afganistan, they stacked up their packs to make a Christmas tree,  I pray next year they are home on USA soil

Navy Christmas Wish

Christmas Spending Up - $600Billion Not Seen Since Great Recession

My Christmas Wish - Peace on Earth to Everyone !!!!!  - Love Natasha 

Ad Thanks Trump For bringing back Christmas and ending war

Beautiful Christmas Song

Silent Night being sung

Terrance Williams as Santa 

WATCH Benjamin Fulford 



Q QANON - Massive CEO Resignations so Far

Frozen Assets

The "Ring" Q QANON 


Q QANON Follow the White Rabbit  Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau - Clown w/ a diplomatic passport

Nesara - Republic 

2017 Moments

Jeff Flake

Enraged Post Office Worker goes postal & kills, while naked & carrying a gun

Not A Single Democratic Leader wished anyone a Merry Christmas,  

Everyone wished a Merry Christmas except for CNN - LOL

Obama has not tweeted since 12/14, hmmmm 

Hillary has not tweeted since 12/22
Don't forget they have other people even using their accounts but no Merry Christmas wishes from either of them

Maxine Waters December 21

Chuck Schumer Dec 19

Chuck's Senator Account  Dec 24

Nancy Pelosi  December 22

Senator Warren

Democrats going against tax bill, go against Americans

Bernie Sanders worried about DACA

Did Obama read the dossier in the Whitehouse ?

Dolly Parton library - asking for your cell number - bad idea  facebook is the CIA

Checking to see if this is Julians' new account

Special Prisoners going to Gitmo

Democrat Running For Congress Indicted on Fraud

US Navy Tries to lower fitness standards

China special forces

Orlando Shooter's Wife knew about the attack

Loretta Lynn, A Trump Supporter

Laura Ingrahm Cuts Out Tom Hanks

Trump throws the media into a scare silence, finally

NFL Feeling the hit from low ratings - gee, how about saluting the flag?

Tax Payer Nightmare = Dream Act

Trump cuts out the frills - No State Dinner in first year

Stunning reveal on the indictments  more than 4 times the usual per year

Benjamin Fulford

Adam Schiff leaked to CNN

Dan Scavio on Adam Shiff - Leaker

Manure delivered to Steve Mnunich's house - a prank

China Roof Topper Falls To His Death at age 26

Joe Biden grabbing baby crotch in photo w/ mom right there too creepy for words

Illegal Not Being Prosecuted for assaulting border patrol agent

Las Vegas Shooting - Trey Gowdy  Something Smells Fishy  We still have no details

Lucid Dreamer - COBRA

Germany - Merkel too little too late

Police Officer Killed In CA at auto accident scene

Trump Administration Gets Complimented by Washington Post

Bomb Prisoner tries to radicalize prisoners

Judge Dismisses Case on grounds to Impeach Trump

!!!!! Charges Filed Against Hillary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mind Altering Drug Scandal

Rosie O'Donnel On Christmas going after Paul Ryan

They "stage " George Soros heart attack they were using a double  he's likely going to
not make it"
Now it's over

Liberal tries to steal baby Jesus from nativity scene