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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

December 27, 2017 More Takedown

Truth - The Only Thing People Don't Believe



Train Station at Isreal's Wall Named After Trump

Palestine Cutting Ties w/ USA
Palestine Leaders to cut ties w/ USA

Fox News on Israel naming Train Station after Trump

People asking Mueller to step down

Donna Brazile revealed DNC Crimes & Seth Rich
People calling for Mueller to step down

Mueller is so corrupt, investigation has to end, Watchdog group reports
Judicial Watch


Mueller probe outgrows itself

Jeff Sessions Unleashed DOJ lawyers on Uranimum ONe

Federal employees get a slight raise, but no raise in 2019 & Trump is cutting out excess positions

Trump Confronting Russia after a year of fake news & lying about him

John McCain Won't answer questions on his role in Dossier & other matters

James Comey Parody Account - has not recovered from being fired, true even though account is not his message is the same as if he said it


Trey Gowdy Discusses the Impartiality On Jurors & Goes After FBI for Failing in Unbiased Actions

Congress goes after FBI

Trump's Executive Order on Human Rights

Human Trafficking - the tip of the iceberg

National Emergency Order from President Trump

Rand Paul Calls For Investigation of Obama

Marine Writes Letter to Obama

Obama targeted Christians & Conservatives - James Woods

Obama against Free speech & free thinking

Nunes Going After Obama & Associates

UN Human Rights Boss steps down on 12/22 - Coincidence?  I don't think so

Brooklyn NY Sentenced for ISIS 15 years

Trump Declares war on 1.5 Billion Muslims after declaring the move of the Embassy to Jerusalem

Trump's Twitter

Photo on trump's twitter w/ ships in the back and Santa

Bread Crumbs  Q QANON

my video on Starship - we are a TEAM, this is about all of us, no one person can do this, it takes all of us to work together

FBI used illicit and fake order to spy on Carter page to try to find dirt on Trump

Cabal not totally down

More takedown

Erin Trump

Veteran's Memorials


Tom Fitton, people are trying to force Mueller to resign, the Democrats will cry fowl if he is fired, but he has to get off the payroll, we have to force him out

Mueller Investigation - No Collusion - No Job for Him End Of Story
Yahoo News

Mueller Prosecutor has bias against Trump

Manafort could face additional charges

Awan Brothers

Just got this now, printed in September, but so significant
Awan Brothers - illicit Security Clearances

Awan Notes On Democratic Crimes

Awan Brothers Forged their security clearances

HUGE Bread Crumb - Read
Awan Brothers - Court Date disappears from Docket Sheet?

Hillary Clintons and Bill Clinton's partial Tarmac Notes turned over

Hillary Clinton, The FBI Vault Released Documents

Democrats still pushing for the Dream Act  DACA to be passed, it will not likely pass at all, but they are aggressively pushing the agenda

Trump Destroying ISIS

98% of their Territory Destroyed

Obama - Losting Nobel Peace Prize?  I hope so !!!

Obama granted 9 Million people citizenship not counting illegals

Sex Offender Breaks Into Home & Rapes 63 year old woman
these people never stop offending, they have to be locked up for good

Make=up Pulled containing asbestos

New fake poll puts Hillary as most admired woman 16th straight year in a row

Russian Explosion near Christmas market


Media has not reported on the National Emergency but they are all running for cover

Fake news reversing the truth about the tax bill


On poisoning our foods

Pat Buchanon - Did FBI conspire to stop Trump from winning?  Yes they did

CPS - Stealing and harming children for a long time - has to be exposed

Victims of the Red Revolution

Vaccines - wake up everyone they are killing us

Dr. reporting on vaccines

Top FBI Agents Leaving From Clinton Foundation and Clinton Investigation probe

Rep Sheila Jackson plays race card & removes passenger from her purchased seat on a plane

N. Korea & biological weapons

Linda Sarsour - You have no right to tell us we can't kill jews?   What?  Did she actually say that?

All YouTubers have to deal w/ Trolls,  they are on every single website, but it's impossible to deal with and handle.  One day, we will have a clean internet, free of the weight of trolls

Indian Leaders - very dangerous place

Links To Autism - GMO's Vaccines ETC

Liberal Swamp abandoning Alan Dershowitz for his truth & defending actual law, and supporting the President's rights to abide by the Constitution, and Alan has stated there is no way to impeach him, or any Russia Collusion

Alan Dershowitz saying shut down the fake investigation

Jeff Sessions, the reason they targeted these gangs is that they were part of child trafficking, so he focused on breaking up the ring, way back while they were building the takedown of Democrats

Planned Parenthood Closes after 18 years from losing federal funding

Suppressing Vaccine Information & its harm to protect the $$$$$

Merry Christmas appears on hashtag hate list

Gunman shot border patrol agent in Texas - Build The Wall