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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

December 28, 2017



Praying For This - Ending Sharia Law in all 50 states
USA Today

President Trump Tweet  - coldest New Year's in the East Coast Bundle Up,  That is Me LOL

Christmas sales totaled 1/2 trillion dollars - WOW !

Census Shows the 2016 Spike In Immigration Under Obama in his last year

Canadian Immigration Spikes As Well - Canada "relaxed" its rules

Nesara News

Before It's News - Huge Inventory of their massive data, links and stories

Document Release on Friday - Kaboom  From Anthony Weiner's Laptop

Weiner's Laptop

Youtube Weiner

Huma's Cousin arrested & jailed for deleting Emails

Details about Huma's Cousin

More details on Huma's 2 cousins both jailed


Eric Schmidt & The Darpa Takeover

Are they trying to read our minds & control us that way?

Wikileaks & Benhazhi  - John Podesta

High Level Child Protective Services Arrests - HUGE

Pedogate 6 list is here, constantly updated on this blog

Meet the Puppet Master

HUGE important - READ 7 More Added to Gitmo

General Mattis At Gitmo

Crissy Tiegan,  she posted a picture of a man kicking a naked baby, she is very hateful and vile and has threatened Liz Crokin

LA X Airport  plane has to be turned around Crissy Tiegan  230 people on flight

Crissy Tiegan once on the plane

John Legend on the plane

Airlines commenting after flight turned around

Plane to Japan has to be stopped from LA - unauthorized person on board

4 people on plane detained  Crissy Tiegan - John Legand's Wife tweets about it

More on LA Flight turned around

Now Airlines are saying there was a stowaway on board w/out a boarding pass

Roseanne Barr - Coming Back in 2018

Living to Laugh - Roseanne

House Intel Subpoena's McCain Associate

Nunes Blasts House

Saudi Arabia will issue tourist visas starting in 2018

5 Candidates that think they can beat Trump in 2020?  Ummm We must be out of Fake News

CNN Crying about spying on Trump Golfing, the subject of my "fake" phone call to Sara Huckabee

& declares Doug Jones a winner by cheating

Roy Moore - takes Polygragh & files for Election Fraud Case

Alabama Voter Fraud

CNN trying to spy & count Trump's exercise

DNC Closes w/ lowest funding in 10 years

Tom Fitton - A big "bread crumb" in swamp takedown

CNBC Director Spying on Nanny is arrested

Nancy Pelosi Ditches Failed Protest after no one shows up

Amazon & Microsoft involved in Sex Trafficking

Poisoning our water & skies - chemtrails - David Seaman

Terrance Williams - One Totally Funny Man

Julian Assange - They never leave him alone

Article On Julian

Seniors Benefit from the new tax plan & get an additional deduction for 2 more years

What we were not taught about DC in School

Tweet to the US Treasury - people have been waiting forever for their money

Trump is retrieving stolen wealth, in other words, the money that the democrats stole from us

Orange County becomes a Sanctuary City on January 1,
California is not a country, illegals are federal law, not state law they are insane

NY Cuomo pardons Illegals facing deportation

Cuomo pardons 61 people


Pitbull kills a woman - devastating  I cannot report on this story without crying, people can share this, this is beyond belief

ISIS Losing power - Trump is demolishing them

Sara Sanders - Awesome Press Secretary


Imperial Rex - Amazing Person To Follow On Twitter

Imperial Rex entire set of tweets about the scam to not let Trump win & keep up a false narrative

General Flynn took the fall to protect Trump & the Whitehouse

Motion to Quash - removing the charges against Flynn

Protecting Flynn & saying information on him was unlawfully obtained

Obama - What A Scary Man Giving A Speech

Demanding that Obama return the Nobel Peace Prize

President Trump on Twitter
23 years ago, talking about North Korea

China is giving oil to North Korea and has been seen doing it by ships

Trump calls out China for doing this,

Clearing General Flynn

Nunes - They Are Trying to hide all documents on the fake probe, the Russian Dossier and more, they have to hide their crimes so they won't show the records

You Are Free TV - Up To Date on Julian Assange

Rose Marie Dick Van Dyke Star Dies

18 States Raise the Minimum Wage January 1, 2018

Q QANON  new channel interpreting Q

Me Too Hashtag Hits Universities

Cameras hacked day before election - Drudge Report

Romanian Hackers took over camers before Innaguration

Tim Kaine's Son Sentenced

Lawyers Seek Protetction as lawyers are killed going up against DNC lawsuit

Dick Morris Update on the Party's

The Lasting Impact of Christmas

Disney - Wow, destroying their hotel guests w/ new rules and invading them while they occupy rooms this is insane