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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Friday December 29, 2017

Remember this about 1 year ago

 Sweet video about the takedown and Happy New Year

Huma Abedin's emails released on Anthony Weiner's laptop

she ordered the murder of Seth Rich
Debbie Wasserman Shultz Likely ordered the murder of Seth Rich

HUGE FBI Raid in Sterling VA

Trump having a nice time golfing in Mar Lago for New Year's  He's very happy with the preservation of the USA in his first year

Unsealed Bundy Trial documents reveal Prosecutorial misconduct

We The People Taking On The Corrupt Government & the FBI

Going After their crimes & theft

New Pedogate Arrests

DOJ Misses Deadline on Congressional Subpoenas of Dossier

FBI Stonewalling Congress by not turning over documents
Holding them accountable

Roseanne Barr Tweet

Trump Wall Prototyps

Killuminate Report my partner,  JM Talboo

Lynn Rothschild Tweeting To Trump Complaining About the Taxes  - LOL

Destroying the Illusion

Q QAnon


Liz Crokin  The Flights to Gitmo & Bread Crumbs

Liz Crokin on Facebook

President Trump Declares January Human Trafficking Month
  National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is observed every year on January 11. This observances was started in 2011 by Presidential Proclamation of NationalSlavery and Human TraffickingPrevention Month.

by Liz Crokin

Guantanamo Bay Gitmo Flight Records - HUGE HUGE HUGE

Liz Crokin On Twitter

Liz Crokin interview revealing pedogate in radio interview

Brian Podesta - John Podesta's brother works at Center for Missing & Exploited children?  How can that be?


Times Square Lockdown on New Years

Hillary Caught Red Handed

94 Year Old Rape Victim Survivor Dies

Police Deaths Go Down in 2017

UK Allows Illegals To Stay - Wow

Kathy Griffin Net Worth 2017 = $20 Million

Ignoring the rape of a woman by illegal - stabbed 14 times

NBC does an actual story on real and true news - Uranimum ONe

Intolerable left - full of information

Your TV is Watching You

5G Wireless To Destroy Us & Harm us through technology

Zimbabwe President Retirement Package

Mueller sets New Priority - RNC

FBI - big mistakes on Trump Dossier

Andrew Breitbart Tweet about John Podesta in 2011  he knew & that's why they killed him

Japanese want to advertise on the Moon

Someone sent this to me, I haven't had time to watch

CNN's 10 Top Fails of 2017

Health Ranger - Big Pharma will collapse from their own costs

CA Congresswoman = & her boot

Obama Sexual Harassment Scandals - DOJ Slams Admin for promoting people that sexually harassed others & kept them on payroll

Fox News Update from 12/28 Tucker Carlson Show

Lisa Ling, John Podesta Pizza Gate - their arrest in N. Korea
Pizzagate Part 1

part 2

Trump Repeals Obama Fracking Rule

Obama & Trump Polls Are The Same for approval ratings after 1st year

Trump's Lawyers can go after Mueller since they did not obtain a warrant

Mueller met w/ Comey before he testified in Congress  = totally compromised

Eric Schneiderman part of Mueller team = bias against Trump

Julian Assange Proves that Hillary Colluded w/ NYTimes during election

Professor Resigns After Las Vegas Massacre comments about anti Trump

Jackie Speier w/ the criminal boot on, tweets this about our President

Judicial Watch & Release of Weiner Laptop update
Huma Adedin testified

From October California fires were set by illegal


What Are They Doing in the Sky, lazers, ships, clouds

Jailed Philadelphia Judge Now Running For Congress

Homeless in CA & Seattle expands so severe & sad, trying to impoverish everyone so they can let illegals live better than citizens



Choose Life License Plates available in 32 states

Illinois - Judge Does Not Allow for Additional Funds to have tax payers fund abortions, & that is being appealed

Operation Disclosure

Climate Change Hoax winds down that was why Trump tweeted about the temperatures
Remember Al Gore is likely to be arrested - ill gotten wealth

Trump's Approval Rating = Same As Obama's

Fake News Trying to say Mark Cuban could beat Trump in Texas Poll
I almost fell over laughing

Someone tried to fake being Julian Assange's niece on twitter, police investigated it

From earlier in December just found  63 dead cats stored in a freezer  OMG

Leaked Documents between UN and Iran

Fact Check - Fed Ex Undercharges Amazon

Just Got This Today About Muslims that brought diseases back into USA

Scarlet Fever
Mumps, etc
see video contains the list

Back in the summer John McCain's manager was arrested in pedogate, here is the link

James O'Keefe - Teacher's Union attacking Free Speech

US moving to reverse law for offshore drilling