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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Friday December 22, 2017

My Video on Intel - The Takedown

Before Its News Put this Video in also

UN Human Resources Steps Down, - No Coincidence

Q QAnon  Message From Patriots 

Fox News of 12/22/17

Great remake of The Before Christmas


Did Steve Bannon Help?  My guess is yes he did

More Bonuses - Wow

Bank of America $1000 bonuses to 145,000 people

Debbie Wasserman - we've had enough,  she gets booed off Twitter for tax tweet

Germany feels the impact of the tax cut - our money stays w/ us and does not go to dictatorships across the globe

Last Minute Shopping

Dick Clark Productions pulls out of Miss America Pageant

Child abuse & child sacrifice - Wow

Meryl Streep - She Knew



Trump Accomplishments - Obama repealed

Jim Jordon & Ron DeSantos instruct DOJ on Obama

Jackie Spear wearing the boot

Bette Midler on twitter complaining about tax increase

82 High Profile Men have been invovled in Sex Scandals after Weinstein
Breakdown here

President Trump on Prayer & N. Korea

James O'Keefe exposes planned parenthood

Q QAnon Update

Charlottesville - Upgrade to Murder

Matt Damon - ??? Pedogate & Harassement does not get it

Tucker Carlson on DACA Dreamers

Eric Schmidt Stepping Down - Iphones Google HUGE

Eric Schmidt tied to Clinton's Playboy, Deep State buys property near Playboy Mansion
where the tunnels are

Eric Schmidt is evil

UN Imposes Sanction on N. Korea

Nicki Haley stands up to UN

The Nay Votes on Government Shutdown
These people want to "blackmail" over DACA in order to do anything, but they lost the vote anyway

Jason Rosen From Fox News, who broke Obama scandal is leaving after 18 years
The deep state pressure can destroy all of us, I hope Jason is ok

Justice Kennedy

George Soros moving abortions to Ireland

Senator Warren is behind the "free act" a plot to control our information, and a big scam

I adore this guy who does awesome reporting

Mary Jacobi
Obama hidden secret



FBI Fires James Baker - Suspected Leaker

Wray Fires James Baker

More Leakers
Mike Cernovich

Mueller Comey - Buckle Up For More

FBI - Top Official Linked To Dossier

Comey acting like Hillary blaming everyone but themselves

Katrina Pierson - about to tell us who is guilty in the Dossier

James Baker

Mueller Investigation - Put Up or Shut Up

Trey Gowdy on Strozok

Fox News On Uranium One

Democrats wants USA to pay for illegal abortions - they make money off of the abortions and satisfy the elite, so disgusting

Craig Cheslog California democrat resigns after rape allegations

DOJ orders review on Obama

Obama Staff has been put into witness protection back in March 2017

Obama granted citizenship to 9 Million migrants, not counting illegals, that's more than 1 million per year each year of his Presidency

Sick article giving McCain & Jeff Flake undo credit


The left Resistance tried to stop the wall being built

Democrats won't listen
UN getting cut

There is just no end to stupid & nausea  they have no candidate, this is just to keep up fake news for the sake of the party

Trump Trying to Block Abortion of Illegal  - So Good

Trump Declares Emergency

Zero Hedge

Allah Busted

Ben Rhodes Under Investigation

Twitter protecting Planned Parenthood

Ohio North Dakota & Indiana ban down syndrome abortions

Trump arrives in FLorida for Christmas


Pier 39 - Terror Attack Plot Thwarted by FBI

Suicide Note of failed terrorist attack


Ben Shapiro on Rosie O'Donnell   Twitter says felony's don't violate twitter rules

Look what Rosie Said - Ridiculous

Rosie Tweets Tap Out Whatever that means, she should be arrested

Twitter does delete her vile tweets after a lot of twitter users going after Twitter


Illegal Alien Statistics

The illegal aliens that the Democrats tell us we can't live without commit: 22% of murder 18% of fraud 33% of money laundering 29% of drug trafficking 72% of drug possession and that is just federal convictions. While being 7% of the population.

Obamacare enrollment signed up thousands of illegals

DACA gets ugly

California - UFO ???? What is this in the sky?

Dick Enberg Sportscaster dies at 82