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Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday May 11, 2018

Obama's gun running

Stormy Daniels attorney still vague about who is paying legal fees

Stormy Arrested 

Oxford groomers being jailed

Ruebick's cubes being solved while juggling

California judges try to remove 2nd amendment 

Even CNN admitting blue states are losing ground 

Comey's troubles worse than expected

Pamela Anderson asks Kayne West to help Julian

Pimps sentenced to 26 years in prison 

Ex Congressman 3rd conviction 

France & Iran agree to business deal

 Wikileaks now banned from visitors and phone calls

Sara Palin praises Wikileaks

Donald Trump tries to lower drug prices

Trump's accomplishments in the deep state

Where is Awan, he was found guilty

Minister blesses planned parenthood, what????

2020 Slogan - Keep America Great

Woman arrested for sending 65,000 texts after a first date

US imposes sanctions on Iran 

WHo is Q ????