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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Monday April 9, 2018


Staying Healthy, what Monstanto & others are doing to our foods - important

Q and QAnon


Today's News Stories & Links

 Are You Smarter Than An Ape?

Washington Times - Speeding up the cases against Clinton

USA will sell submarine technology to Taiwan

 Texas sending 250 Troops to border on Monday

Earnings Up under Trump 

 Prisoner of War Day - President Trump

 S. Carolina man arrested & released wants to EAT a child - no bail or bond, no GPS

Having the rich pay their fair share of taxes

Do not fill out any of this, these are people that stalk you just like Facebook

China bans exports to N. Korea to prevent making of nuclear weapons 

Pentagon is NOT going to send air strikes on Syria - statement 

 Finally a user suspended for threatening the President, they need to do this to everyone that talks this way

Lightening strikes a woman in FL and she dies, others injured

Train Stranded carrying sewage 

S Korea Ex President Charged w corruption 

Washington Post deletes article of Mueller Witness Being A Pedophile 

Texas Hit W/ Lawsuit on illegal voters 

Supreme Court lagging on deciding cases, liberal judges are not happy 5/4 on the decision making

Household chemicals causing weight gain, this was intended by big pharma of course

Homeland Security now stalking the truth tellers

Trump Memo ending catch and release 

Mark Zuckerberg to testify in Congress and apologize 

Mark Zuckerberg testimony to Congress

The Last Refuge Thread on DOJ Jeff Sessions conduction investigation into FBI and other crimnals 

Did Joe Biden have secret surgery to help his pedophilia issues? 

False Flag awakening - a must read 

Hillary now blaming election loss on the newspapers, you mean the ones that trashed Trump? 

Iran threatening war

Antonio Sabato running for Congress

FBI tells Tom Fitton the Strzok Page info w/ take 3 years to produce (stalling for statutes of limitations) etc


Mark Zuckerberg thinks he's king

Facebook whistleblower says our data may be stored in Russia 

Class Action Lawsuit against facebook 

New Q References Facebook & Twitter 

Was All of that Data gathered in waste????  Of course it was 

Google browser also spying 100% - it's built in 



Revenge After Missing Their Subpoena deadline, Mueller & Rosenstein abuse their power & issue a search warrant on Trump's attorney
Michael Cohen 

Mueller Meltdown - seized attorney documents w/ Warrant 

They raid Trump's Attorney's office - saying it's over Stormy Daniels, WOW 

Trump denounces raid on his attorney's office 

List of people who should be raided 

Trump has stated he wants to break up the bad FBI characters and then the raid

Remember, the FBI missed their deadline 

GOP says Rosenstein must turn over Documents or face impeachment 
7:00 PM  Trump responds to raid --  is in shock whole new level of abuse 

Levin = Time for Sessions to step aside

Suggestions for Trump on What to do now 

So, were there Russians hiding in 's office? No. If I we're here's what I'd do: 1. Fire AG Sessions - put in Giuliani 2. Fire Director Wray - put in Sen Cotton 3. Encourage 2nd special counsel to investigate Mueller/Rosenstein


Bad meets worse - Bayer Buys Monstanto 

Tampering w/ cows & genetic alterations now they want to be unmonitored,  & Monsanto to take over, this is frightening for people that eat meat.

Budget Trillion Dollar deficit over time 

19 Illegals smuggled in a horse trailer crashes in CA 

Democratic Danger - Trying to make everyone in the party be gender neutral, including unborn children, no longer accepted to give out the sex gender of your child while in the womb, they want the narrative to be a neutral gender - beyond fathom 

House Votes on trying to only approve a balanced budget

High School teacher (male) had sex w/ student, still working as a teacher, and faces jail if convicted

Mexico knows the trafficking is over w/ troops at the border

Nebraska defunds planned parenthood

Mitch McConnell threatens weekend work if they don't appoint nominations 

Del Blasio aides arrested for illegal weapons in NY

 Howard University missing money

Students do a pro life walk out, this is HUGE

Trump nominating pro life Judges in open positions, huge

Alzheimer's gene nuetralised in brain - first time
they are finally showing the cures, many of these have been hidden so they could make money on  big pharma and let people suffer in all types of diseases 

MK Ultra still alive 

Cosby Trial woman is topless, ridiculous scene 

Boston Marathon - transgender can run as women and have unfair advantage 

America pay steep price for ignoring crimes under Bush 

 Black Lives Matter page on Facebook is a hoax - FBI 

Suggestions for Trump on What to do now 

Rescinding some of the omnibus bill 

Loretta Lynch on Comey 

93 Count indictment for Backpage Founders - HUGE 

California Senator wants to server our rights to knowledge about vaccine harmful effects

China going to lower tariffs 

Woman decapitated her boyfriend 

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