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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Saturday April 14, 2018


Staying Healthy, what Monstanto & others are doing to our foods - important

Q and QAnon

Form to fill out to the Justice Dept

Anti Trump Times LOL



Sessions - have border backs and says to prosecute all illegal crossings

Teacher protest Kentucky

Alan Dershowitz says Trump Hollywood tape was done illegally 

Are bad actors trying to start WW? 

America has been at war 226 out of 239 years since 1776 

Q - no war 

Before and after Syria strikes

Kim Dot Com 

Catholic Church revokes funds for a church promoting abortions 

Alex Jones loses it over the air strikes 

Syria strikes could have been aimed at sex trafficking tunnels, 

NY Post - severe damage to chemical weapons, no casualties


Susan Rice saying no more chemical weapons in 2014, wow, liar 

Mattis - strikes are a 1 time shot - my guess meaning they hit the tunnels 

Obama's shocking resume of dropping bombs, thousands of them 26,171 in 2016

ISIS used chemical arms at least 52 times 

What Obama sent terrorists, $$$$ Trump sent Military

Assad interview after attacks, body language analyzed

Huge victory for 9/11 survivors, Saudia Arabia being held accountable

Man burns himself to death in NY over fossel fuels?  WHAT?  So Tragic, I cannot imagine, left suicide note for police near his body

Paul Ryan wants to help DACA in his last months - not budget, ending Obamacare, etc

Chicago dirty schools?  What, is this really a school?  Wow, Frightening

Tom Fitton - on compromised Hillary investigation

Pure video laughter making fun of Comey McCabe & Mueller

McCabe in bigger trouble than before, and not all info has been released 

Democrats unhappy that FBI director Comey turned to gutter talk  

Democrats threatening to protest if Trump fires Mueller 

Huge Thread on twitter about the raid, no emails from Trump but Michael Cohen might have other problems, or else this is more witch hunt 

Michael Cohen - likely going to plead the 5th for Stormy Daniels payment

Trump called Cohen after finding out he was in criminal trouble unrelated to Trump 

Interview not likely now

Mueller loses all support after raid

McCabe - he could be in bigger trouble since IG report shows massive problems and crimes

Through the Looking Glass - Michael Sean Brown

Mueller planning to end special counsel without interviewing Trump 

Look at the tunnels left behind????? Syria

Listeria, bacteria found in damaged meat or milk is life threatening 


Nurse arrested for stealing babies in home deliveries

Jack at Twitter - from an Anon

Sex Trafficking Act - after Backpage arrests and indictments 

Bringing in migrants - the plot, open borders 

Facebook is the most invasive file site created, meant to destroy you from the inside out, take everything about you, and use it against you.  Listen to Julian, take your life OFF the internet and keep it private

Facebook - Organ donor page is erased, and Zuck and his wife were involved in that and she is Chinese  - scary page here dug up by SGT report

Facebook is maxed out on donations according to Sheryl Sandberg COO

Ted Cruz asks Facebook to move to a "red state" LOL 

The irony even after Facebook is known to be taking your private data, people just keep putting it all on the internet 

Facebook censoring conservatives

Chick Filet In NY 

CNN - Ohare Aiport no one watching at all

Trump strikes deal on marijuana blockade for some people, allowing people to be nominated 

Energy imports fell to their lowest in 35 years, 

Prophecy claims April 23 rapture is coming 

Look at what happens to our trash????

Christian Cheerleader discriminated against = files lawsuit

Obamacare - May 2018  everyone over 60 will have 30% of their Social Security given to illegals  WOW

Justin Trudean - total phony

FDA bans direct sales of caffeine due to 1 teaspoon = 20=28 cups of coffee

They MURDERED the Whistleblower in Washington DC that revealed they were releasing GMO mosquitos in FL and Texas and she made a petition that had over 190,000 signatures  This is so frightening  they will kill anyone trying to save people,

Trump nominates first black woman

Starbucks had 2 men arrested after they were denied access to use the bathroom since they were not buying anything WOW

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