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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Wednesday April 11, 2018


Staying Healthy, what Monstanto & others are doing to our foods - important

Q and QAnon

Form to fill out to the Justice Dept



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Wow, they gave me my own BOT,  LOL  This is where you get connected on my old blog 

Syria message to Trump


Dershowitz - Mueller laundering for another prosecutor

Obama holdover approved the raid

FBI raid, looking for Hollywood Access tape

Fake news,  Trump is working just as before, look at this headline

Democrats Suing for records of visitors, not done in the past 

Border Partrol Agent charged w/ killing mom and child
they were in a relationship 

Mark saying they do not target conservatives

Facebook is a spy op, Q

Facebook Day 2, what it means

What they are doing to Trump on Facebook

Facebook Fallout  Day 2

Facebook Under Fire

Facebook confirms he's working w/ Mueller 

Facebook as Ex Obama staffers in key senior positions 

Facebook - Zuckerberg had to bring notes to tell him what was good about Facebook 

Facebook - has met w/ Mueller

Facebook cross tracking

Facebook lawsuit

Facebook censoring conservatives - so caught

Facebook censors conservatives, but never Planned Parenthood

How to download what google has on you and what they have access to

 Detroit - toxic chemicals in drinking water

Decorated Veteran walking alone in Victory Parade - hard to see this, we are a cold nation


Michael Cohen - naturally upset and feeling violated, everyone would say the same thing 

House will pursue contempt charges if documents are not received by Thursday 

Gun Law protection

Devin Nunes on Laura Ingraham
going to impeach Christopher Wray & Rosenstein

Matt Gaetz on what Trump should do

Alan Dershowitz

Trump on Twitter and Sebastian Gorka

Trump Raid is over the top, Mike Huckabee

John Bolton cleaning house - homeland security adviser Bossert

War Makes Money
US has killed more than 20 million in wars & keeps it hidden

Mexican Lawyer accused of drug trafficking w/ federal case filed in March

How is it that Hillary gets a pass, even now?

Mariah Carey deals w/ being bipolar

Speaker Ryan done in January

Paul Ryan Speech 

Football players pray w/ Trump

Old article on Obama and his legacy of lawnessless

California fire - homeless camp

McCabe - Neighbors w/ Hillary - Wow 
Inspector general report

Queens Judge - rude

Hillary needs to be locked up, here's a great meme

We are under surveillance - wake up everyone
WE ARE being stalked by CIA    - everyone needs to watch this

CIA - Pay attention
Jerome Corsi explains all internet

Is Snowden A double agent? 

Emery University going to give money to illegals, full tuition to US residents

Rosenstein finally gives documents to Nunes

Louisiana - Sodomy, and Bestiality  

Haiti, richest man's building set ablaze 

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