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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday April 12, 2018


Staying Healthy, what Monstanto & others are doing to our foods - important

Q and QAnon

Form to fill out to the Justice Dept

Anti Trump Times LOL



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 Yarmouth MA - Police Officer killed while serving a warrant

MA suspect had 111 prior offenses

 Trump finally getting credit for economy  (not Obama, took them long enough)

Trump on Fox - Draining the Swamp 

Trump may pardon Scooter Libby

Trump - after Mueller raid - strike 3 

Mueller set up innocent people in Boston for the Whitey Bulger coverup, and 2 died in prison, while innocent

Trying to start a war w/ Russia, for NWO,  will not work 

Meme made of Zuckerberg as Star Trek

Zuckerberg lies to Congress,  Snowden and Q drops after he testifys, telling exactly where Facebook came from

Senator Confronts Facebook about Obama era and not being politically bias, nor his staff

Facebook dumped stock before this hearing, insider trading? 

The Disney princess who actually had an abortion, and was beyond distraught over it

Unemployment drops to 44 year low

Facebook reinstates Diamond and Silk 

Facebook sending a doctor onto your Facebook accounts, this on CNBC 

Billionaire offered school 25 million 
Washington post only lets you see story if you subscribe, I do not, here's the link

Rod Rosenstein at Whitehouse today

Rosenstein canceled plans and had to go to Whitehouse

CNN - this report is from Q 

FBI Director Comey made $6 Million off Lockheed, all connected to the Clinton's 


Mattis canceling NY trip tonight 

Missouri Governor and impeachment grounds 

Tennessee moves to defund PP  Planned Parenthood 

NFL star charged in domestic assault 

Sara Huckabee gets top 10 most admired and beat out Sen Warren, who is #13 

9 Places in California vote out Sanctuary cities

EMT failed to get to a call, the child died, & she is sentenced to jail for neglect 

Attorney General freezes aid for illegals 

Police are so sick, they arrest a man for his right to take video , and then they kill his dog

Rat poison found in fake pot

ACLU only protects the views of leftists and makes excuses for conservatives, meaning there is no protection of the Constitution for 2/3 of the country 

Democrats trying to set up only conservative press to be investigated, it was denied, but they are not even trying to have "fake news" investigated, just conservative news, 

Senator Warren Bernie Sanders, file paperwork w/ FCC to silence conservatives

Democrats re-using toilet paper and calling it family cloth, goes so low that it's hard to write this stuff up

Trump he hears us, and has our backs 

Trump cutting loop holes that allow illegals to stay here longer

Overcoming the Enemy Q
 Twitter link


Backpage pleads guilty to human trafficking 

Backpage got an award from Mueller ?  Are you kidding ?  
So were they awarded to hide the crime of trafficking?????   WOW

What Hillary did that made the NY cops so ill - she skinned a child alive w/ Huma and drank the blood,  OMG  First I heard of this

I knew is was bad, but this is too much to take,  I will not be able to watch this

update on what was on the laptop

Bogus sex tape was put out and then taken down, they are still tracking who did it, it was not the real tape 

Loretta Lynch Tarmac meeting was Bill Clinton offering her the AG job if Hillary won, and they lied to cover it up, that's why Loretta was trying to let Hillary off for her crimes, so she could assure her own position as AG still under Hillary 
Jason Chaffetz on Tarmac meeting, as more leaks out, it's more suspicious, and appearing to show the crimes

Bill Clinton ditched secret service and flew to Epstein Island 26 times

EPSTEIN ISLAND HAS BEEN ON FIRE, now the dome is destroyed,

Justin Trudeau buddy from UN arrested on Pedogate

UN pedogate arrest huge

John Boehner now supporting marijuana and trying to get people off opoiods

Steele Dossier - Infancy Stage, Not Verified, this is what they were hiding

Nunes memo

They hid the name of the country and the name of the person, but I believe it will come to light

Illinois wanting to indoctrinate students w/ LGBT agenda

Girl being bullied at school, makes a video plea

Contaminated water supplies

Jerry Brown going to have to work w/ Trump and the National Guard

Trump signs law regarding sex trafficking

Trump considering bill that would drug test for food stamps

Trump launches Post Office Investigation as Amazon announces new shipping plan

Trump only going to rejoin TTP if deal is SIGNIFICANTLY better

Trump knows that Page & Strzok still have security clearances, so why do they? 

Disney - figurines full of Meth - beyond fathom

Mom at border w/ 5 kids in car, caught w/ 231 pounds of drugs inside car, side doors, panels, etc

new bicycle helps you climb buildings - amazing UK

Trump nominates a constitutional judge, also one that did not sue Trump University

My Pillow - true supporter of Trump and MAGA

Golf Course Crash Kills 6

Malia Obama suspended from Harvard for wanting "a world without whites" by the time she's 30, ouch,  like daughter, like father

What they can find on you and is not private[source]=TDC%20&utm_medium=Display&traffic[medium]=Display&utm_campaign=Flag&traffic[campaign]=:Flag&utm_term=&traffic[term]=&utm_content=&traffic[content]=&s1=Flag&s2=&s3=&s4=&s5=&traffic[funnel]=tf&traffic

Mueller asks Virginia judge to subpoena 35 witnesses in Manafort trial

Judicial Watch sues for records

Democrats threatening Pruit

Obama harvested 190 million users data for 2012 election - wow, MSM silent

Seth Rich murder, they are hiding the body cams here is the list of how long they have to preserve the body cam footage depending on the type of crime

Treasury holds spending accountable for staff calling into question military travel costs

Can our brains be replaced by a machine?

Harvard Poll, young people Trust Trump more than the media - wow, huge

Us Corporations showing unheardof profits from these times, huge increase

Lying Comey Video

Racist cop is fired

First footage of border being guarded

Rumors are that Alan Dershowitz may join Trump

Trump considering renegotiating TTP if it benefits USA and farmers

John Goodman says Roseanne helped him kick addiction

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