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Monday, April 9, 2018

Tuesday April 10, 2018


Staying Healthy, what Monstanto & others are doing to our foods - important

Q and QAnon

Form to fill out to the Justice Dept


Fox News Raided in England

Raid Over sports rights

Trump Executive Order reducing poverty and money to illegals

Daily News

China lowers tariffs, works w/ Trump, stocks soar

Trump - calls out the humiliation on our country of what FBI did

Trump Attorney Finds Samantha Powers did more unmasking

Does Trump go to fire anyone, I pray he does

Trump Raid
Alan Dershowitz

Mueller out of control

Sara Carter reveals the stall in turning over documents

Dems trying to hold on to illegal voting despite what Trump is doing
Trump donation which is 88 times lower than Clinton foundation donations is being investigated by Mueller 

Jim Jordon on the double standard

Holding Wray & Rosenstein in contempt of congress

Lou Dobbs - The Definition of Corruption

Lou Dobbs - More corruption

Idiotic CNN reporter asking if Trump is going to resign

Fugitive found dead

Off the Wall tweet from Maxine Waters on Trump's mom being exhumed WHAT?


4 Questions Facebook should have to answer

Facebook song

Capital Hill Facebook protest - huge

46 of 55 House Members received money from Facebook

Facebook contributions

Edward Snowden tweet LOL

Mark Zuckerberg hearing
Mr. Blumenthal goes after Mark !!!!!!!!!!!
Lack of integrity on privacy 

Facebook are liable for the content

Mark Zuckerberg & his connections to the elites due to his "power" on Facebook
Look who is at the table

Wikileaks show emails of Zuckerberg trying to "shape" Facebook for Democrats

James Woods 

 Nancy Pelosi gave $500,000 to Facebook
Facebook gave large sums of money to people that will question him this week 

Someone sat behind Mark Zuckerberg & fed him lines
Mark Zuckerberg hacked emails

Zuckerberg testimony - not under oath ????? OMG they are pathetic

Explanation of Q and the Q drops for Anons,
PPL keep asking why Q so cryptic? Info drop is meant for Anons. Q already know the answers. Q leaks so Anons find evidence that'll be admissible in court without having to reveal how military intel acquired said info.

Military photo is in Q messages, asking look who is in this picture

Fake Hillary sex tape was made 250,000 saw, not the one they have

Trump postpones trip - John Bolton

Freedom Watch, (prior owner to Judicial Watch)

Michael Cohen sent cease and desist letter to Stormy Daniels, but it has been ignored 

Stormy Going to give a composite of man who threatened her

This little girl made a dress just like Melania at the inauguration


Twitter caught censoring conservatives

Jack Dorsey on Twitter personally targeting accounts
Anthony Scaramucci - Says Roseanne show is just what we need right now

LA painting their streets white at $40,000 a mile

YouTube ads are hardcore porn now - beyond belief 

Teacher talking about the kids having no respect in school

Michael Anton leaving Whitehouse

Neil Gorsuch - amazing Judge

Richardson police dept - cop has worked 25,000 hours of volunteer work, meaning being a cop without getting paid for those hours

Statistics on PizzaGate, Pedogate a 32Billion dollar a year industry

 Spirit Cooking procedure

Bank of America - won't support 2nd Amendment

80 People Died from bootleg alcohol tainted w/ insect repellent

Parkland School in FL OPTS OUT of armed teachers or guards

Tarmac meeting Loretta Lynch is confessing more

Del Blasio scandals breaking

Sen Warren wasted more money

Trump and his troops at the border

Wikileaks on Hillary scandal and Syria

John Bolton and his strengths

Malaysia proposes jail time for fake news

Arizona State Supreme Court Does not allow illegals to get state funds for Tuition

TN Holding vigils for illegals caught by ICE

Couple in Ireland gets killed on horse drawn carriage

Obama knew about Benghazi  of course, so did Hillary,

Military Crashes 

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