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Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday April 13, 2018


Staying Healthy, what Monstanto & others are doing to our foods - important

Q and QAnon

Form to fill out to the Justice Dept

Anti Trump Times LOL

VP rushing to hotel

Press pool in Lima with Vice President Pence is rushing back to the hotel unexpectedly. White House is telling the press pool that’s here in Washington to gather.



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Twitter  shadowbanning me,

Future proves past codes not sure what they mean


Sean Hannity and chemical weapons

Friday the 13th

Message from Trump

Message from Trump: The witchhunt has never been about me. Let me be clear. Their target is you. The swamp doesn't want you to take your country back, and they'll fight to the end to stop you. That's why I need you now to sustain our movement... SUPPORT

6.3 Million new jobs


32 us EMBASSY workers fired over sharing porn

Closing Backpage saved millions of kids from rape, HUGE

Seattle pedogate

Judge charged w/ trading sex for traffic offenses

Backpage pleads guilty on 93 count indictment

Remember Robert Mueller gave this pedo and trafficker an award

NY Millionaire charged w/ raping women and models in his mansion, case filed a while ago


Former Puerto Rico sentenced for bribery

Liberal Judge allowing illegals to sue, this will be reversed eventually,

Morgan Freeman - the best way to restore the faith in American people is to jail Hillary

The reason they need to release the Hillary video is so that the Democrats are done, and all those that have been continuing to violate this country are called as such.

Trump has our backs

Trump it was my great honor to fire Comey

Rosenstein nukes Comey - ouch 

Trump tweet after the partial release of the IG report, naming McCabe crimes

Sara Huckabee trashes Comey Book

Breaking - Articles of impeachment have been drafted (but not yet filed) For McCabe

DOJ just issued the McCabe report - which is a total disaster. He LIED! LIED! LIED! McCabe was totally controlled by Comey - McCabe is Comey!! No collusion, all made up by this den of thieves and lowlifes!

DOJ report

Washington Examiner calling McCabe McDirty

Trump tweet, back in June, about McCabe, investigating him after McCabe told Trump to Fire Comey

IG Letter to Grassley

IG Report will be released in May

3 investigations on going

There now THREE separate OIG investigations - (1) the McCabe probe (released today) (2) the 'election review' (the big Kahuna) (scheduled for a May release) and (3) the FISC review (release date unknown).

IG report - just about McCabe so far, more to come

Comey Not telling Trump about the Dossier - Oops

Trey Gowdy

Comey's book exerpts - Jack Posobiec

Trump calls Comey a slime ball & he is correct, Comey is a Coward

Comey getting in deeper - failing to prosecute Hillary

James Comey should never be allowed to write this girly book, "bedroom talk" about the Whitehouse, it's beyond fathom that he has done this

Gregg Jarrett read Comey book - says its fiction and Comey is in trouble

Lou Dobbs - Rosenstein and his resume, he talked Sessions into recusing himself, he told Trump to fire Comey and then he appoints special counsel and then allows for the raid,

Ted Cruz Goes after Comey

Judicial Watch, protecting Trump

Democrats unhinged at what this is doing to the FBI and their credibility

Comey and others are losing it,  McCabe threatening to sue Trump

Chris Farrell


Nunes working on impeachment

Hearing Friday on the Raid in NY court

Trump assigns a 120 task force to handle the post office, and the fact that Amazon is bankrupting it, this is MASSIVE

Liberals Mad that school won't allow for prom king and king  wow

Alan Dershowitz on Trump Raid & Rosenstein

The Michael Cohen raid was to get opposition research for midterms

Speculation on the raid, saying it was to set them up, w/ HRC codes in Cohen's files

CNN on Rosenstein - Plan to replace

Michael Cohen and the raid

Michael Cohen may have recordings  NY is 1 sided recording state

Daily UK stating that Mueller may be wrapping up, no interview from Trump, 
I pray this is true

Mounting pressure to fire Rosenstein

Joe DiGenova on Fox,  Rosenstein is a witness in the case, he cannot supervise it,

Chicago police taking blood alcohol tests at the ER if people refuse a breathalyzer when pulled over for DUI

Only 25% of students in high school can do grade level math, and lowered reading levels

Editor of food science was on Monsanto's Payroll at $400 a hour wow, so sickening


Senator telling Facebook to fire person that sold our data

Chuck Schumer's daughter works at Facebook and guess what else?

Must answer questions, favorite answer, my team will get back to you

Facebook lying on the record - Edward Snowden

Facebook allowed to mine data - Obama campaign directed them

Facebook now doing a survey on memes - collecting political data in the meantime, do not fill this out

Chuck Schumer got paid by Facebook

China engaged in massive theft of USA technology

Tennessee defunds Planned Parenthood

Florida teacher arrested for leaving gun in a bathroom, a drunk man got it and fired it, was also charged

Kim DotCom - LOL

USA had to ban dog and cat meat, because China sells and exports this, so disgusting

Wells Fargo to pay $1 Billion to settle loan abuses

Joe Biden - Looking for anyone that can beat Trump, good luck w/ that

Rand Paul on why Strzok & Page still have clearances

Poisoned spy's had their door handles sprayed prior to poison

Apple ordered to pay 1/2 billion in patent violations


Trump pardons Scooter Libby

Jerome Corsi - explaining the pardons

Scooter Libby pardon

Stormy Daniels tramp - poll shows no one cares

Nicolas Cruz parkland shooter inheritance

Democrat arrested for rushing the stage - also uninvited

Corrupt Judge rules against holding funds against those that have sanctuary cities, it's going to be appealed, but the ruled against DOJ

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