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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sunday February 18, 2018 Headlines

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They banned Anti School from live streams

Soros assets seized in UK in a fake Migration Group

Domestic Terrorism Bill of 2018 = Congress.Gov
Should apply to the current criminals in gov't

ISIS flag put onto Utah School

Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro's son? could be

James Munder - what they have hidden in money

Hillary's Election Influence w/ foreign governments

 Trump plans to defund Planned Parenthood

Carnival Cruise Ship Violence and Danger on a vacation, are you kidding me?

Deep State let those kids be murdered but won't let the bigger criminals be jailed

McDonald's Sick Secrets

Broward County Sheriff & Hillary Connection

Florida child trafficking

More on the fake narrative of FL - Gilberti  Rick Scott

Janet Yellen resigned from the Fed
4th person to resign

Rush Limbaugh on illegals

Sally Yates on Travel Ban

Trump on Russia story

Judicial Watch Sues Samatha Power

Trump takes to Twitter, and they hate it, he's brilliant

Robert DeNiro caught in sex trafficking

Prosecutors Hid Evidence In Ted Stevens case & he died
was this a hit?  My guess, is that yes it was

Maxine Waters tied to Russia

President Trump, the calm before the storm

Florida - pedo state look at this

FL School shooting closeup, - shows where the cameras are and are not

Student saying multiple shooters

Liberals Attack Trump for going to FL school

Las Vegas Sex Trafficking - Cops & Prosecutor caught

McCabe destroyed evidence, altered 302 report on Mike Flynn