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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

February 14, 2018

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land owned by federal government

Barack painting

Snopes is owned by Soros a total hack site lying to America

Church tips the fired waitress

Food stamp replacement program

Flu vaccine - does not help elderly

Obama's sealed records

Joy Reid Show gets canceled,

Shaun White dragged the American Flag

Dossier Corruption = new names

Federal court judge sentence

Genius, going after Nancy Pelosi CRUMBS ACT to keep the bonuses tax free

Confessions as they crumble

Get Ruth Ginsberg out, she is a pedo

Wind at the Olympics

ice lawyer arrested

tax cuts turning the economy around

Bradford Files - LOL

Arrests of FBI

Florida school shooting

Facebook - why are they not liable for even allowing those accounts to be up in the first place?

domestic violence

Still going after Scott Baio to make the first story appear credible

Fake Hack???? Of course

Tax savings from 1 day are enough to cover the expense of the wall

Protecting Flynn

Over 100,000 voters switch to vote Trump in PA - VERY HUGE

Trump approval ratings go up

Susan Rice's Memo to herself - HUGE FLAG

David Brock Money Spent On line to cover for hillary

Operation Disclosure
Stating that Obama is not real, but microchipped, and from Switzerland

Obama Overhold VA secretary tampers w/ books to pay for wife's trip to Europe

Agenda Of Evil
Hillary Files - excellent

Olympics are so disgusting, they are not even about the sport, the best, the winners, they are a political tool for the left and for pedogate, they can't stand that Mike Pence is there, and represents the Constitution, the Flag, and the USA

The "budget" signed gives money to planned parenthood in full