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Monday, February 12, 2018

Boston Marriott Hotel - Newton MA

I worked at the Boston Marriott Hotel from 2004 - 2007.   I was a daytime bartender.

That place was a cesspool of criminals, and Marriott made sure that everyone there was blackmailed into position and could not leave.

They even abused the visa program where interns came to learn about the hotel from other countries for about 12-18 months, and those people were so abused, they stopped coming.

Marriott was so badly and criminally run, that once you started, they tried to get you to steal money, so they could put a mark on your record, and keep renewing it.

The managers liked to keep 1 - 2 warnings on you and then keep renewing them, so that you lived in fear and also knew if you left, you could not use that place as a reference.

There was money to be made full time without stealing at about $50,000 or so a year.  The staff that stole, made more than that, and also wrote up fake bills for customers, and put on drinks and food that was never even ordered on bills to bump up the check.

The staff stole and stole and pour high end liquor and charged for low end liquor many times, and also added extra gratuity.  It was a really sad place, and the staff were ruthless, jealous, and cruel towards other staff.

They had it set up so that the day bartender was the most abused while the night bartenders made more money and left the stock barren for the day bartender.

When I built up the day bar, the staff was so jealous, that one of the worst waiters wanted my job, and he drank on the job, stole money, and was a jerk, eventually he was fired.  The day boss, was so mean to me, and instead of giving me a busboy, they tried to divide the bar, and it never worked, but he was fired for unlawfully firing me, his boss was fired, and the GM that tried to give me a room key was transferred to another hotel.

When I sued the Marriott, in Superior Court, they had a "deal" with Federal Court, unlawfully moved the case there, and then proceeded to make sure I never got paid for what they did.

Judge Young even stated on the first hearing the Mr. Marriott would not be happy, but he saw that I was owed damages.  Judge Young, then forced the case go to mediation, where they bullied into very low settlements, and I was ripped off big time, and then added the sexual harassment because of that, and sued again.

Marriott's attorney Seafarth Shaw, defaulted them and never filed an answer.  Judge Young refused to issue a default ruling, instead he unlawfully dismissed the defaulted case, and then went after me for telling the truth about it.