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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Friday February 16, 2018

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The map of the criminals in charge of making sure there is chaos, and that the rest of the money stays rich

Old Julian Tweet when they hacked his computers in the election

New Judge in Sentence demands Mueller investigation evidence

FBI is corrupt - Security Clearances still in the hands of criminals

Revenge Porn Goes into law in NY

Bruce Ohr hiding money

Blocking Julian From Trump

Beware of Useful Idiots Article






Sean Hannity

Comey Needs a new hobby now

Dan Bongino

13 Russians Indicted For Election Interference

Trump cleared by indictments

Q Post

Mueller Indictment is a big fat nothing burger

Trump's lawyers

Obama lied & said "no rigging" but he was involved while lying to the camera

Russians don't care about American politics LOL

Where's the indictment against Soros?

Devin Nunes wrote in 2014 about Russia

Florida Shooting

94% Shooters are democrats
Julian Assange

Q Post

Hilllary Clinton chimes in  (gearing towards gun control) in next election

Jeff Sessions Orders Investigation

FBI says it failed to act on a tip, that is important

Judge Jeanine
FBI should do their jobs instead of looking for headlines

FBI failed to act when they knew, it's not gun control, it's people control & those that don't protect

2 of the indicted got visa's by John Kerry

Trump visits FL Shooting victims

Alabama Passes Stand Your Ground Law & allows to carry guns in churches etc

Shooting suspect was on NRA grant

Trump emphasizes mental illness

VA Official Resigns after charging airline ticket for his wife

Democrat Arrested For Jewelry Scam

Planned Parenthood Sues Trump

Twisted Liberals & sick people

60 Illegals arrested

Arnold Schwartzneiger aid arrested for human trafficking

This seems recycled, wonder why they are bringing this up now?

1st Transgender breastfeeding

Trump did he have an affair?  I doubt it