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Monday, February 12, 2018

February 13, 2018

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Ummm so glad people other than me do not like the photo  LOL

 Artist that did the paintings did severed heads as well

 Picture is photoshopped

OMG TOO Funny check this one out

x rated one, OMG beyond funny

Obama painter is perverse and puts sperm into the paint

Trump's new budget cuts funding for public television

Erasing Obama and his new portrait

Names of people killed in a plane crash

Ruth Ginsberg - On her way out?

Hillary Arrest?

Set Up trap by the dems I'm guessing

True Pundit

DNC Letter to FRame Trump revealed

Comey Told Congress that FBI agents he did not think Flynn lied

Sex Offenders being let out of Jail in California

Susan Rice last year on the record

This will bite her now, OUCH

Minnesota Win For REpublicans

Trump Termination Letter to James Comey = Total Takedown

Departure of rats -- FBI

Anti Trump judge ruling on the wall near California

Whistle blower retaliation

Trump calls a press conference to talk about his dad

beyond belief rape

Trumpdate thread on twitter


Julian's Feb 6 ruling

hidden agenda



Sick Judge that wrote ridiculous ruling

CNN  lying about Trump


Probing McCabe for money he received from Clintons

food stamps


nj resigns

Justice Ginsberg comments = innappropriate

historic map, prior to the USA becoming a country and we invaded the land that was owned by Indians

pastor caught w/ man bound and gagged???? WHAT?

second Judge tries to block ending DACA and they cannot

General Flynn forced into false charges

White powder being delivered

Trump's 4th quarter salary donated to Dept of Transportation

Senator Warren

old photo of Barack and Michael

Philadelphia's Secret police

Q Update SG Report

Sean Hannity

You Are Free TV
Excellent Narrative

American Intelligence Media
The Barack Painting , Susan Rice

Obama aide busted

Trump Approval Ratings Go Up