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Friday, February 16, 2018

February 17, 2018 Saturday

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Love Roseanne

Donald Trump, the registered name of Make America Great Again

ICE Director wants to lock up Jerry Brown

California Republicans on the list for 2018

GOV: SOS: SEN: CONGRESS: CA-39 CA-48 CA-43 CA-26 CA-41 CA-08 CA-09

Nancy Pelosi Letter to Democrats

Joe Walsh - rightly telling democrats if they use the failed Clinton agenda, they will lose in 2018

Taking on store gun robbers, owner gets the gun


Hillary Trying to "Pick" Donald Trump way back because she thought she could beat him

 Clintons supposingly return stolen Whitehouse  items

When Hillary is arrested by Health Ranger

Massachusetts Judge Lisa A Grant allowed illegal to be set free after he killed 2 doctors

Donald Trump Jr Letter, - horrible letter mailed from Boston

Chuck Schumer's Illegal Immigration speeches of the past

Lions Kill Suspected Poacher

The Bush Article - NWO Drugging People & Playing On Mental Disorders

Mike Pence rebuttal to Joy Behar of the View

John Kelly On Security Clearances
TRUTH, THE FBI hates TRUMP  Why?  They are part of the dark side

FBI = The Swamp they are w/ Hillary

The DNC fund raises hours after the shooting, beyond sickening

FL Shooting text messages between 2 brothers

Hillary Clinton Tweet on 230 School shootings since 2012

Gun Owner Facts

USA Gun Violence compared to other countries

 May 2017
UN Agency helped N. Korea w/ nerve gas request

Is the earth flat?

Florida Judge arrested in corrupt sting  Judge Rossman  seeking prostitute

PA couple starved children, who were eating paint on the walls to stay alive

another fake story about Trump affair - total BS

Obama was warned in 2014, & did nothing

Whole Foods - hiding the secrets about GMO's

Poison Papers, telling the secrets about Monsanto etc