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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Dec 9th 2017

Murder conviction stands

More Countries agree w/ Trump about Jerusalem

9th Circuit Court Judge

Former Democrat

Trump to be in Mississippi

Air force bombs suspected drug labs

Trump in Mississippi

Casey Anthony

Leaking James O'Keefe donor list

The donor list

Transgender Olympics

Arizona Cops murder in hotel

Media meltdown over Trump's tweets

Google's lie of removing videos



Chicago - abusing a disabled person 0 jail time

The Pope Slams Trump over Declaring Jerusalem = Capital

Terrance Williams

Lindsey Vonn injured

Glee Club (Navy) Singing in the snow - Nat'l Anthem

Forgery - Gloria Allred

Handwriting expert turns on Gloria

To Gloria on Twitter

Judge Jeanine - Take Them out in Handcuffs

Germany - allowing for murder

UN Rejects The Capital Claim - Tragic

Child Trafficking